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How Do You Unblock Someone On PoF

Plenty Of Fish (POF) is an online dating site that allows you to send a message to initiate a conversation. Besides this, other users can also send you a message to start conversations with you.

When you have a lot of followers on POF, and when someone sends you a message, you don’t like to reply as you are already having another conversation. In some instances, they may bother you; however, you can ignore them or even block them.

When you do this, they will go to your Plenty of Fish block list, where you can stop them from sending you a message until you are ready to chat with them. (Read more 10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps)

Here you can find out more about being blocked on PoF, how you unblock PoF users, and how to block someone on PoF, so can send or receive messages or give them your name, email.

How Does Blocking on PoF Work?

You can find a few reasons why you wish to block someone on Plenty of Fish. The site has the concerns of safety and security of the users at heart and includes tools for users to use should anyone make them feel uncomfortable.

Likewise, anyone seen breaking the Terms of Service can face a block from other users. In use, this means users can ‘Block’ users and ‘Report’ any user they feel has a bad behavior.

  1. In the PoF App
  2. Open the app and log into your account
  3. Open the conversation with the person you wish to block
  4. Click on the three vertical dots to the top right of the screen
  5. In the drop-down, select the fourth option to:
  6. ‘Block this Person’ on iOS devices
  7. ‘Block User’ on Android devices
  8. If using the PoF web page, join the conversation with the person who is messaging you. Select the horizontal ellipsis to the right-hand side of the page just located above the other member’s profile images. Click ‘Block Member.’

How Do You Know If Someone Blocks You?

If you find you are blocked, or you have blocked them, certain things will happen.

Once you are blocked, if you are an upgraded member, you can search for their profile and can use the ‘username search’ yet, you won’t be able to contact them.

If you have been blocked, you will find your messages with the person who blocked you will be permanently deleted.

A user who has blocked you can unblock you at any time they wish. All they need to do is log into their profile on Plenty of Fish and navigate to their ‘Blocked Users’ list and unblock a user on Plenty of Fish.

How Can I Unblock Someone?

When you wish to unblock someone on PoF, it is good to see how you block user on Pof first, as you go through the same steps.

Here’s how to block someone on PoF

Block Someone on Plenty of Fish

  1. Log in to your PoF account
  2. Go to your PoF inbox.
  3. Open any conversation with the user you wish to block
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the messages to the bottom of the page
  5. Click the ‘Block User’ link you see in your thread (situated next to the reply box)

Plenty of Fish blocked users can’t message, although they can search for your profile using the PoF search, but they won’t have your email address.

Report Someone on Plenty of Fish

If you wish to report someone, you can do so using these simple instructions. It is the worst thing to do when you report someone, so you do need to think carefully.

  1. Go to the profile of the Plenty of Fish user
  2. Please scroll down to the bottom of their POF profile.
  3. At the bottom of their profile, you will see the ‘Report User’ link.
  4. Click on ‘Report User’ link and you are done.

How to Unblock Someone on PoF

  1. Open the PoF app
  2. Navigate to your inbox. Open any conversation in the PoF inbox
  3. Select ‘Users I Blocked’ to the right side of your page
  4. Click on ‘Unblock User’ to the side of the username of the user you wish to unblock.

You can now easily go onto PoF, view profile, and they can do the same before you start to chat on Plenty of Fish and even swap email address with the PoF unblock user.


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