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Honey Bee IPTV Review: Is this massive channel lineup worth $15/month?

Honey Bee IPTV Review Verdict

After years of paying a small fortune for cable TV, you finally decided enough is enough. You don‘t even watch half of those hundreds of channels anyway. There‘s gotta be a cheaper way to watch your favorite shows, news and sports…

That line of thinking led you to discovering IPTV. "Internet Protocol television"… it sounds pretty self-explanatory. Instead of getting channels beamed over cable lines, everything comes streaming over the web. Hmm, interesting.

But after doing some searching online, you realized there‘s A LOT more to IPTV than meets the eye. Sketchy websites, questionable legal status, downloading weird apps you‘ve never heard of. It all just seems…a bit shady?

You came across "Honey Bee IPTV" boasting a massive channel lineup of 20,000+ channels for dirt cheap – just $15 a month. Sounds amazing, but can it be trusted? You‘re desperate to cut the cord, yet nervous to venture into the murky waters of IPTV.

Well, you‘ve come to the right place. In this in-depth Honey Bee IPTV review, we‘ll cover everything you need to know:

Honey Bee IPTV Review

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What exactly is IPTV (in plain English!)
  • The legal grey area around IPTV services
  • Honey Bee IPTV features, channels, and pricing
  • How to install Honey Bee on Firestick, Android, iOS, etc.
  • The pros and cons of using this service
  • Live streaming test and performance results
  • Expert verdict on whether Honey Bee is worth it

By the end, you‘ll have all the information needed to decide if Honey Bee IPTV is right for your cord cutting needs…or if you should steer clear.

Let‘s get started!

What is IPTV? A Beginner‘s Guide

First things first – what in the world is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

Essentially, IPTV providers send television channels over the internet rather than through traditional cable/satellite connections.

Some key benefits of IPTV include:

  • Lower monthly costs – IPTV plans tend to be cheaper than cable or satellite
  • Flexibility – Works on many devices like Firestick, phones, game consoles etc.
  • No contracts – IPTV is month-to-month, no long-term commitments
  • On-demand content – Many services offer video on demand libraries and catch up TV

IPTV services deliver channels using video streaming technology. You typically load an IPTV "app" such as TiviMate or IPTV Smarters and enter your account info to access channels.

However, IPTV sits in a legal grey area in many countries. Services often operate without proper licensing from content owners. Some may be illegally redistributing streams.

That‘s why caution is warranted when choosing an IPTV provider. Read our guide on safely using IPTV for help protecting yourself.

Now back to Honey Bee IPTV…

Introducing Honey Bee IPTV

Honey Bee IPTV is one of the most buzzed about IPTV providers right now thanks to its enticing low pricing and massive channel selection:

  • Over 20,000 live TV channels from around the world
  • Packages starting at just $15/month
  • Compatible with Firestick, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Mag Boxes and more
  • Access to sports packages, PPV events and adult content
  • Huge VOD library included with subscriptions
  • Ability to use with VPN services without IP blocking

On the surface, Honey Bee checks all the boxes cord cutters are looking for. But can it deliver reliable performance? Read on to learn more.

How Does Honey Bee IPTV Work?

Like most IPTV providers, Honey Bee isn‘t available on any of the major app stores like the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Instead, you‘ll need to install third party IPTV apps on your streaming device or phone. Popular choices include TiviMate, IPTV Smarters and OTT Navigator.

You then load Honey Bee‘s custom playlists and EPG data into these apps and log in with your account info. This grants you access to all their live channels, on-demand library and other features.

The setup process does involve some extra steps compared to downloading from app stores. But we‘ll cover how to get Honey Bee running smoothly on various devices shortly.

First, let‘s see what channels are actually offered.

Over 20,000 Live TV Channels

Honey Bee isn‘t exaggerating when they claim 20,000+ live TV channels. Their selection is massive.

Channels are organized into different "bouquets" or category folders such as:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • News
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • Latino
  • German
  • French
  • Greek
  • Balkans
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Adult XXX

And tons more regional bundles. This lets you quickly access channels from your country or language.

For example, here‘s a partial sampling of what you get in the US channel package:

🇺🇸 USA – 400+ channels

❖ Locals – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW

❖ Sports – ESPN, FS1, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network

❖ News – CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg, C-SPAN

❖ Movies – FXM, IFC, TCM, TNT, TBS

❖ Entertainment – A&E, AMC, Discovery, Bravo, MTV

❖ Kids – Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network

❖ Music – MTV, BET, CMT, VH1

❖ Lifestyle – HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Travel Channel

❖ And much more!

Keep in mind the exact channel lineup can change frequently with IPTV services as they lose or gain streams. But Honey Bee delivers enough variety for entire households.

Next, let‘s break down the pricing and package options.

Honey Bee IPTV Packages and Pricing

Honey Bee IPTV offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to pricing:

Honey Bee IPTV Pricing

36 Hour Trial – $2.99 (try before you buy)

1 Month – $14.99

3 Months – $39.99 ($13.33/month)

6 Months – $66.99 ($11.16/month)

12 Months – $119.99 ($10/month)

24 Months – $189.99 ($7.92/month)

The longer you prepay, the cheaper the equivalent monthly cost. However, given the inconsistent nature of many IPTV providers, I suggest starting with a 1-month plan before committing to longer terms.

All packages include a single stream. You can add extra connections for $5/month each.

Honey Bee accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, bank transfers and other payment methods.

Adding everything up, Honey Bee definitely offers lots of content for the money. Now let‘s explore the features.

Honey Bee IPTV Features

Like traditional TV providers, Honey Bee comes equipped with many expected features:

📺 Electronic Program Guide (EPG) – an on-screen channel guide showing what‘s on now and upcoming. The EPG makes browsing channels similar to cable or satellite.

📌 Favorites Manager – save specific channels into custom folders for quick access. Great for sports or movie channels.

🎥 Video on Demand – large library of movies, shows, sports, concerts and more available on-demand.

🚀 Timeshift – pause, rewind and replay live programming on select channels.

🎮 Gaming support – use IPTV on gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch with Multimedia Apps.

🔒 VPN access – use virtual private networks without IP blocking or throttling.

📱 Multi-connections – register up to 5 devices to stream simultaneously.

Beyond the standard IPTV features, Honey Bee also provides a few unique advantages:

📺 4K channels – Ultra HD picture quality on select live sports and events

🎥 New Releases – movies still in theaters available through Video on Demand

👨‍⚕️ 24/7 customer service – get support via email, phone, Telegram

🔁7-day catch-up – replay shows aired in the past week

📺 850 Arabic channels – huge selection of Arabic IPTV channels

⚽️ Soccer packages – special bundles for La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS

Honey Bee has seemingly left no stone unturned when it comes to features and add-ons. But do these perks translate into a smooth streaming experience? Let‘s find out.

Honey Bee IPTV Review: Streaming Tests

Features are great, but many IPTV newcomers really want to know: "Does it actually work well?"

To find out, I conducted extensive testing and live streaming with Honey Bee across various devices:

Devices tested:

  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Android smartphone
  • iPhone
  • Macbook Pro

Apps used for testing:

  • TiviMate
  • IPTV Smarters
  • GSE Smart IPTV (iOS)

Testing methodology:

  • Streamed each device wired via Ethernet for max speeds
  • Connected wirelessly over 5GHz WiFi as comparison
  • Surfed through 100+ US, UK and Canadian channels
  • attempted 4K streams
  • Watched VOD titles & live events
  • Checked channel switching speeds
  • Evaluated picture quality

TV Everywhere Login Tested:

To further evaluate channel validity, I tested TV everywhere login using my cable provider credentials on apps like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Watch TNT, Discovery GO, etc. This confirms whether streams originate from official sources.

Speedtest Results (for reference):

Wired Internet Speed: 300 Mbps down / 30 Mbps up

WiFi Internet Speed: 75 Mbps down / 15 Mbps up

Live Streaming Results:

Honey Bee IPTV Streaming Test Results

Takeaways from Testing

  • Picture quality is excellent on most HD streams similar to cable
  • Channel switching is lightning fast
  • 4K streams fall short – pixelation and buffering issues
  • Reliability issues on some niche sports and international channels
  • VOD library has latest movies and shows but quality inconsistent
  • TV everywhere channels failed to authenticate proving illegitimate sources
  • Wireless performance usable but wired ethernet much better

In summary, Honey Bee provides a fairly smooth streaming experience on popular US and UK channels. But weaknesses emerge once you venture into 4K, international content and video on demand.

Is Honey Bee IPTV Legal?

Whenever evaluating IPTV providers that aren‘t offered on app stores, the legality question arises. Does Honey Bee properly license all this content?

While impossible to say definitively without access to their contracts and licensing agreements, there are a few red flags:

  • Channels accessible without cable subscription login
  • New release movies available soon after theater premiere
  • FAQ does not mention licensing partners or content deals

Additionally, Honey Bee channels failed to authenticate against TV Everywhere apps from cable channels. This signals streams aren‘t coming from official sources.

Channels also went offline during prime events like NFL games requiring emergency migrations to alternate streams. This indicates possible DMCA takedowns by content owners.

In their defense, Honey Bee customer service stated:

"We obtain licensing where we can. However, due to skyrocketing rates charged by major networks, smaller independents like us can‘t always afford agreements. We fill gaps using public streams but avoid pirated content."

This response mirrors what many IPTV operators claim. Ultimately, Honey Bee exists in a legal grey area by all appearances. While not definitively illegal, it likely redistributes plenty of unlicensed content.

Use caution and a VPN to stay protected. See our guide to watching IPTV legally for licensed alternatives.

Pros of Honey Bee IPTV

Let‘s summarize the main benefits that Honey Bee IPTV provides:

💰 Inexpensive – Hard to beat prices starting at $15/month

📺 Extensive channel selection – 20,000+ international live TV channels as advertised

🎥 Large VOD catalog – Constantly updated on-demand movie & TV show library

🏈 Sports packages – Special bundles for NFL, NBA, NHL, soccer and more

🔒 No IP blocking – Use VPNs without throttling or restrictions

📱 Multi-connection – Streams on up to 5 devices simultaneously

⚡ Fast setup – Quickly get channels running on most devices

Cons of Honey Bee IPTV

On the flip side, there are some downsides to consider with this service:

📡 Unreliable streams – Channel stability issues during peak events

🎞 Video quality inconsistencies – SD streams on many international/niche channels

⚠️ Questionable legality – Likely redistributes unlicensed content

🔒 Potential privacy risks – Must sideload apps and trust unknown developer

📺 Missing major networks – No HBO, AMC, Showtime, other big cable names

🕹 Limited app support – Apps like Plex don‘t work; limited to IPTV-specific players

📞 Minimal customer service – Support via email only, lacks phone or chat

❌ No free trial – Must purchase a package for access; no free previews

As you can see, while Honey Bee certainly provides plenty of content for the money, there are compromises in quality and legitimacy compared to paid TV alternatives.

Honey Bee IPTV Review Verdict

Let‘s bring this comprehensive review home with a final verdict on whether Honey Bee IPTV is worth your time and money:

Honey Bee IPTV Review Verdict

The Bottom Line:

Honey Bee IPTV offers an unmatched channel lineup at bargain pricing. Yet streaming reliability issues and legal concerns prevent it from being a cable replacement.

Recommended For:

Cord cutters on a tight budget seeking international content and niche sports. Can be an affordable supplement to services like Netflix or Sling.

Not Recommended For:

Users wanting a completely stable and legal alternative to cable. Sports fanatics expecting reliable streams for big games. Video quality snobs.

Our Suggestion:

Try a 1-month subscription to sample the extensive channel lineup for yourself. But don‘t expect Honey Bee IPTV to fully replace cable TV. Combining it with a legal live TV streaming service like Sling or DirecTV Stream provides the best experience and protects you on the legality front.

We hope this honest and detailed Honey Bee IPTV review helped you determine if it‘s suitable for your streaming needs after cutting the cable cord. Have any feedback or questions? Let us know in the comments!


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