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HomeFlix Kodi Build for Kodi 19.5 Matrix (Firestick/Android)

Hey there! Are you looking to upgrade your Kodi streaming experience? If so, you‘ll definitely want to check out the HomeFlix Kodi Build for Matrix 19.

In this guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know about HomeFlix – one of the most popular and feature-packed Kodi builds available today. We‘ll cover:

  • An overview of HomeFlix and why it‘s so highly rated
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • How to integrate Real-Debrid for premium streaming
  • A deep dive into all of HomeFlix‘s features
  • How it compares to other top builds
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And more!

By the end, you‘ll have a complete understanding of how to unleash the full potential of HomeFlix on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, or whatever device you use for Kodi.

Let‘s get started!

Why Choose the HomeFlix Kodi Build?

With over 40 million active Kodi users worldwide, Kodi builds are becoming more and more popular. [1]

Builds offer an all-in-one streaming solution that bundles tons of addons, tools, and customization options into one installation. This saves you the hassle of tracking down and configuring addons individually.

According to Kodi build developers, the HomeFlix build stands out for its:

  • Huge content selection – 1000s of movies, shows, sports, and more
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface design
  • Powerful scraping tools for finding high-quality streams
  • Constant updates in the background
  • Options for Real-Debrid and Trakt integration

Users especially praise HomeFlix for its simplicity compared to many other bloated Kodi builds. Everything is clean and organized for a smooth streaming experience.

But don‘t just take my word for it – with a 4.8/5 rating, HomeFlix sits at the top of many Kodi build best-of lists! [2]

Next, let‘s take a look at how to safely install HomeFlix on your device.

Is HomeFlix Safe to Install?

As HomeFlix isn‘t distributed through Kodi‘s official repository, some degree of caution is warranted. Kodi even displays warnings about granting unknown third-party addons access to data on your device.

To evaluate the HomeFlix repository‘s safety, I ran the URL through VirusTotal – a highly trusted malware scanning platform used by security professionals.

HomeFlix VirusTotal Scan

VirusTotal uses over 70 different antivirus engines to analyze files for anything suspicious. As you can see, it gave the HomeFlix repository a clean bill of health with zero detections.

However, no scan can catch everything. I still recommend taking some basic precautions like using a VPN while streaming and avoiding piracy. A VPN prevents Kodi addons/builds from accessing personal data on your device.

Alright, let‘s get HomeFlix installed!

Installing the HomeFlix Kodi Build

Here are the simple steps to get HomeFlix running on your Kodi setup:

1. Reset Kodi to Default Settings

It‘s good practice to reset Kodi before installing any new build. This clears out any old addons or settings that could cause conflicts.

Choose the reset guide for your device:

2. Enable Unknown Sources

Open Kodi Settings > System > Addons and turn on Unknown Sources. This allows installation of third-party repositories.

3. Add the HomeFlix Repository

Go to File Manager > Add Source and enter:

Name the source "HomeFlix" then go back to Addons menu.

4. Install the Repository ZIP File

Under Install from Zip, select the file you just added. Wait for the successful install notification.

5. Install the Funswizard Program Addon

Go to Install from Repository > funstersplace Repository > Program addons. Install Funswizard.

6. Launch Funswizard > Select HomeFlix Build

Within Funswizard, browse to the Build Menu and select HomeFlix. Follow the prompts to install it!

Once complete, close and relaunch Kodi to start using your new HomeFlix build! The whole process only takes a few minutes.

Next, let‘s look at integrating Real-Debrid to take streaming to the next level.

Unlock Premium Streaming with Real-Debrid

While HomeFlix works great right off the bat, you can amplify streaming quality and reliability by linking a Real-Debrid account.

Real-Debrid unlocks high-bandwidth CDN streams, premium hoster links, and cached torrents for insane speeds. Supported addons like Seren, The Crew, and Venom absolutely thrive with Real-Debrid enabled.

Over 30 million Kodi users are already using Real-Debrid – and for good reason:

Real-Debrid Infographic

With minimal buffering and crystal clear 4K, Real-Debrid is a must-have for any serious media center.

Here are the simple steps to enable it within HomeFlix:

  1. Open HomeFlix Tools
  2. Go to ResolveURL Settings
  3. Select Universal Resolvers > Real-Debrid
  4. Note down the authorization code
  5. Visit and enter the code
  6. Return to HomeFlix and enjoy premium streaming!

The entire authorization process takes just a minute. Now let‘s explore all of the great features packed into the HomeFlix build.

HomeFlix Kodi Build Features and Overview

HomeFlix doesn‘t hold the #1 build spot for no reason. Let‘s check out some of the standout features:

Movies and TV Shows Menus

The centerpieces of HomeFlix are the Movies and TV Shows menus.

Both provide endless content sorted into handy categories like Most Popular, Trending Now, Genres, and more:

HomeFlix Movies Menu

I love having so many curated sections that make discovering new movies a cinch. For TV Shows, options like Latest Episodes and Next Airing make it easy to keep up with your favorites.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu unlocks some powerful customization options:

Button Mapper – Remap any button on your remote
Notifications – Enable alerts for new releases or updates
Quick Links – Quick access to common utilities
Tweaks – Fine tune performance and appearance

Tools like these really elevate HomeFlix over more basic builds. You have tons of ways to tailor the experience to your needs.

Automatic Updates

This is a huge one. HomeFlix actually updates itself automatically in the background!

So addons get refreshed, scrapers improve, and new features get added over time without you lifting a finger. It‘s a true set-it-and-forget-it build.

Minimalist Design

Many Kodi builds go overboard with flashy, confusing designs. HomeFlix smartly opts for a clean and unintimidating layout:

HomeFlix Interface

Everything is neatly organized with a focus on simplicity. If you want a build that gets out of the way and just works, HomeFlix is tough to beat.

Room for Improvement

No build is completely perfect though. HomeFlix has a few limitations:

  • No free live TV options installed by default
  • Lacks Plex or official addons like Netflix
  • Large build size requires decent device storage

But overall, most users seem to agree the pros far outweigh any cons!

Next, let‘s address the tricky question around Kodi build legality.

Is HomeFlix Legal to Use?

Whether third-party Kodi builds like HomeFlix are "legal" is a nuanced topic. The builds themselves are perfectly legal to install and use. However, some provide access to pirated streams which enters illegal territory.

Where does HomeFlix fall? It certainly facilitates access to copyrighted movies and shows from unofficial sources. But the build doesn‘t directly host or distribute pirated content itself.

In the end, users bear responsibility for any media accessed illegally. Privacy measures like VPNs are recommended just to be safe. For 100% legal Kodi use, stick to official addons like PlutoTV or Plex.

The Kodi ecosystem as a whole sits in a legal gray zone. But with common sense precautions, users generally don‘t run into trouble.

Now let‘s compare HomeFlix to some other popular Kodi build options.

How HomeFlix Compares to Other Top Kodi Builds

HomeFlix shines as an all-around build, but many alternatives exist with their own standout features. Here‘s a quick comparison:

Build Pros Cons
HomeFlix Beautiful design, tons of content, automatic updates No live TV, lacks some official addons
Xenon Lightning fast speeds, great for lower-powered devices Smaller content selection, less frequently updated
Misfit Mod Lite Lightweight and zippy, improved connectivity tools Fewer tools and customization options
Titanium Massive content selection across 45+ addons, constant development Very large build size, interface can be overwhelming
No Limits Magic Focus on live TV streaming from around the world Light on movie/TV show on demand content

As you can see, HomeFlix strikes a great balance across the board. But checking out alternatives can let you find a build catered to your needs. The best part is they are all free to install and test drive!

Frequently Asked HomeFlix Questions

Here are answers to some common questions surrounding HomeFlix:

What devices can I install HomeFlix on?

HomeFlix works great on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV boxes, Windows PCs, and more. Any device running Kodi 19 Matrix is supported.

Is a Real-Debrid account required?

Real-Debrid is optional, but highly recommended. It unlocks higher quality streams from debrid-supported addons like Seren and The Crew.

What‘s the difference between a Kodi addon and build?

An addon provides specific functionality, like a section just for movies or live sports. Builds bundle together tons of the best addons, tools, and customization options that are pre-configured and ready to stream.

Is HomeFlix beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! The simple menus and automatic updates make HomeFlix a fantastic build for Kodi beginners. Yet it still offers the depth and features advanced users crave.

How do I get support or contact the developer?

The Funstersplace forum linked on the homepage is the best place to get support or provide feedback directly to the HomeFlix developer.

And that wraps up this look at getting the most out of HomeFlix Kodi Build! Let me know if you have any other questions. Have fun and happy streaming!


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