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How to Install HGTV Kodi Addon: An In-Depth Step-by-Step Guide

Install Super Repo

Do you want to cut the cord and stop paying expensive cable bills just to watch HGTV? Are you a cord-cutter who misses easy access to HGTV‘s amazing home improvement shows?

If so, I‘ve got great news for you!

In this detailed guide, you‘ll learn how to install the HGTV Kodi addon to enjoy unlimited HGTV content without cable.

Let‘s First Understand What Kodi Is

Chances are you may have heard about Kodi already. But if you‘re new to it, here‘s a quick primer:

Kodi is a free, open-source media center software. It allows you to organize and play your personal media collection on any device you own.

With Kodi, you can:

  • Consolidate all your digital content in one place
  • Stream video, audio and photos stored locally or online
  • Watch live TV channels and online streams
  • Access popular streaming apps and services
  • Cast content to your TV via Chromecast or Firestick
  • Sync your media across multiple devices

In simple terms, it‘s an all-in-one entertainment hub for all your movies, shows, music, podcasts, and more!

But the real power of Kodi lies in its plugins called addons. There are thousands of addons that let you do some amazing things:

  • Watch cable TV channels like HGTV without a subscription
  • Stream the latest movies and shows on-demand
  • Listen to any music album or playlist
  • Watch live sports and PPV events
  • Play retro video games and ROMs
  • And lots more!

These addons unlock endless entertainment possibilities. They turn Kodi into a one-stop media playground.

That‘s why Kodi has become so hugely popular worldwide among cord-cutters and streamers. It provides an insanely rich streaming experience.

Why You Should Use a VPN with Kodi

However, before you start streaming your favorite media through Kodi, there‘s one crucial thing to keep in mind:

Using a VPN is highly recommended when using Kodi.

Here‘s why a Virtual Private Network is important:

1. Stay Anonymous and Private

Your internet service provider can see all your online activity by monitoring your IP address. A VPN hides your IP, so your ISP has no clue what you do online.

2. Access Geo-Blocked Content

Many streaming services and addons block access based on your location. A VPN gets around geo-restrictions by routing your traffic through servers in other countries.

3. Enhanced Security from Malware and Hacking

On public WiFi networks you are exposed to all sorts of cyber threats. A VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel that keeps your data safe from prying eyes.

4. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling and ISP Restrictions

ISPs often throttle your connection speeds when detected streaming large videos. A VPN prevents throttling to ensure fastest streaming speeds at all times.

5. Stay Safe from Copyright Notices and Fines

Copyright trolls monitor torrents and streams to catch infringers. A VPN prevents them from seeing your actual IP address and identity.

So in summary, a premium VPN like Surfshark or ExpressVPN is highly recommended for safe and private Kodi streaming.

Is Kodi Legal? How to Use It Safely

Now before we dive into installing the HGTV addon, let‘s briefly discuss the legalities around Kodi:

Kodi itself is 100% legal. The Kodi software and community are not promoting any illegal activity whatsoever.

However, some third-party addons provide access to pirated streams and content. Using such addons to watch copyrighted material without permission is unethical and illegal.

You should only use Kodi and its addons to watch legit content that you already own or have rights to view. For example, if you cancel cable but have a HGTV subscription, it‘s perfectly fine to watch it through the HGTV Kodi addon.

The general rule is – if you aren‘t paying for the content, don‘t stream it.

As long as you use Kodi responsibly, it provides a very legal and useful way to organize and view your personal media collection.

Okay, now that we‘ve got the legal disclaimer out of the way, let‘s move on to the good stuff!

How to Install HGTV Kodi Addon

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to install HGTV on your Kodi:


Before installing any addon, make sure:

  • Kodi is updated to the latest version (19.x Matrix)
  • You have a stable internet connection
  • You‘ve read the Kodi beginner‘s guide if you‘re new

1. Launch Kodi

Fire up Kodi on your device. The addon install process is the same whether you use a Firestick, Android TV, PC, Mac, iPad etc.

![Launch Kodi](https://cdn.

2. Open Settings

In Kodi‘s home screen, click on the gear icon in the top left corner to open Settings.

Kodi Settings

3. Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Settings > System > Addons and check the box next to Unknown Sources.

This allows you to install addons from outside repositories not approved by Kodi.

Enable Unknown Sources

4. Back to Home Screen

Press the backspace key twice to return to Kodi‘s home screen after enabling Unknown Sources.

5. Launch Addon Browser

From the main menu, click on Addons (the 3D box icon) to open the addon browser.

Kodi Addon Browser

6. Install Super Repo

In the addon browser, select Install from zip file > SuperRepo All Repository. This will install the Super Repo addon repository.

Install Super Repo

7. Install HGTV Addon

Go back to Addon browser and select Install from repository > Super Repo All Repository > Video addons

Then choose the HGTV addon and install it.

Install HGTV Addon

8. Launch HGTV Addon

Once installed, you‘ll find the HGTV icon in the Kodi addons menu. Launch it and start streaming!

That‘s it! With just 8 simple steps you can install HGTV on Kodi. The entire process takes under 5 minutes.

How to Use HGTV Addon on Kodi

The HGTV addon interface is clean and intuitive. Here are some tips for getting the most out of it:

Browse by Category

You can browse shows based on categories like Beachfront Properties, Tiny Homes, Outdoor Spaces, Kitchen Crashers etc. This makes finding your favorite show types easy.

HGTV Categories

Use Search Bar

Don‘t remember the show name? No problem! Just use the search bar to find any show or episode.

HGTV Search

Select a Show to See All Seasons

Pick any show like Fixer Upper or Property Virgins and you‘ll see all seasons and episodes neatly organized.

HGTV Show Listing

Stream Away!

Just click on any episode you want to start streaming instantly. No buffering or lag even in HD quality.

So in a nutshell, the HGTV addon interface makes finding and watching your favorite shows a breeze!

Why Cord-Cutters Love Kodi Addons Like HGTV

The global cord-cutting movement away from expensive cable TV continues to pick up steam:

  • Over 6 million US households cut the cord in 2018 alone
  • Another 4.9 million are expected to cancel cable in 2022
  • Adoption is growing at over 20% year-over-year

People are fed up of paying $100+ per month for bloated cable bundles… when most of us just want to watch a few favorite channels!

This is where flexible streaming apps like Kodi shine. With the right addons, you can recreate a cable TV experience – but only with the channels you actually want.

So whether it‘s HGTV, ESPN, Discovery or HBO – you can easily find addons to stream pretty much any channel on Kodi.

No wonder Kodi has exploded from a niche geek project into a wildly popular home entertainment platform with over 40 million active users worldwide!

And the numbers keep rising exponentially as more people move to cheaper and more flexible online streaming.

Troubleshooting Guide for HGTV Kodi Addon

Generally the HGTV addon works flawlessly once correctly installed. But here are some common issues and fixes just in case:

Problem: HGTV Addon Not Working

  • Restart Kodi and try again
  • Disable and re-enable the addon
  • Check for addon updates
  • Uninstall and reinstall the addon

Problem: Addon Not Installing

  • Make sure Unknown Sources are enabled in Kodi settings
  • Try a different repository like Fusion
  • Install the Super Repo first if needed
  • Delete existing HGTV addon before reinstalling

Problem: HGTV Streams Not Loading

  • Check your internet connection
  • Clear the Kodi cache from Settings > System > Cache
  • Enable a VPN in case ISP is throttling or blocking streams
  • Adjust CDN setting in HGTV addon Config

Problem: Error Saying Dependencies Not Met

  • Manually install ResolveURL dependency addon
  • Or install another addon from Super Repo first
  • Reboot device and try installing again

In most cases, simply re-installing the addon or rebooting the device should fix any issues instantly.

Why a VPN is Strongly Recommended for Kodi Streaming

As I explained earlier, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides several important benefits:

1. Encrypted End-to-End Connection

This prevents outsiders like your ISP from monitoring what you do online.

2. Change Your Virtual Location

Access region-locked content by connecting through international servers.

3. No Bandwidth Throttling

Prevent your ISP from slowing down streams by hiding Kodi traffic.

4. Enhanced Privacy & Anonymity

Stay completely anonymous while streaming on public networks.

5. No More Copyright Notices

Hide your IP address from agencies monitoring for illegal streams.

IPVanish and Surfshark are two excellent VPN choices specifically optimized for Kodi.

With unlimited device connections and torrenting allowed, either VPN will protect your privacy while unlocking more Kodi addons.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this detailed guide helped explain exactly how to install the HGTV addon on your Kodi system.

While Kodi itself is 100% legal, make sure to avoid any pirated or copyrighted streams. Use a quality VPN for enhanced privacy.

Now you can cut cable, save money and still enjoy full seasons of Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Beachfront Bargain Hunt and more!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this fantastic HGTV Kodi addon. Stay safe and happy streaming!


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