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HentaiNexus Website Shut Down – Here are 5 Working Alternatives

Hentai fans were disappointed to find the long-running site is now gone for good. The site had been a go-to destination for free hentai streaming since first launching in 2006. At its height, HentaiNexus attracted over 2 million visitors per month, making it one of the most trafficked hentai sites globally.

But why did this major site go dark, and where should former HentaiNexus users go now? In this guide, we‘ll break down exactly what happened and provide the top 5 working alternatives for hentai streaming in 2023.

The Rise and Fall of HentaiNexus

Let‘s take a quick look back at the history of the site and what led to its demise.

HentaiNexus first emerged in 2006 and quickly grew a large userbase thanks to its extensive library of subbed/dubbed hentai. The site offered easy access with no registration required. It was ad-supported, meaning users had to put up with annoying popups and redirects. But that was a small price to pay for the vast selection.

By 2016, analytics suggested HentaiNexus had over 1.8 million monthly visitors – a massive amount of traffic. And by 2021, traffic had grown to an estimated 2.2 million monthly visitors according to SimilarWeb data.

So why did such a popular site suddenly shut down for good? The beginning of the end started in early 2021 when HentaiNexus was targeted by Fakku, another prominent hentai piracy site.

Fakku alleged HentaiNexus was illegally distributing licensed content without permission from copyright holders.

Fakku sent thousands of DMCA takedown requests to HentaiNexus related to specific anime titles. HentaiNexus owners reportedly ignored these requests at first.

This led Fakku to escalate efforts by seeking legal action to remove over 245,000 URLs from search results under the grounds of copyright infringement. Fakku also went after other piracy sites like and HentaiShark.

While details are unclear, it appears the legal pressure was successful in taking HentaiNexus permanently offline by mid 2021. The site now displays a generic "site is unavailable" message to visitors.

Top 5 HentaiNexus Alternatives for Free Streaming

Now that we know the backstory, let‘s explore the best alternative sites in 2023 for free hentai streaming:


Hanime is currently the largest free hentai streaming site, making it a great replacement for HentaiNexus fans.

Some key facts about Hanime:

  • Over 8,000 hentai episodes and movies – far more than HentaiNexus
  • 1.2 million monthly visitors (SimilarWeb estimate)
  • Library growing daily with new releases
  • HD quality streaming up to 1080p

Hanime has a modern, easy to use interface allowing you to browse by genre or search for specific titles. Registration is free and gives you options like marking favorites. Streaming is smooth and video load speeds are fast.

Downsides are it does display annoying popup ads. But overall, Hanime is the best HentaiNexus alternative right now in terms of content selection.


Operating since 2017, HentaiHaven is another long-running free hentai site. They host over 1,000 episodes and movies spanning various genres and fetishes.

Some quick facts on HentaiHaven:

  • Large collection of exclusive uncensored hentai
  • Daily updates with new releases
  • HD streaming with multiple quality options
  • Browse by season, producers, genres

HentaiHaven has a solid, easy to use interface. Creating a free account allows you to do things like save favorites. There are periodic popup ads, but far less intrusive than other sites.

While the library isn‘t as big as Hanime, HentaiHaven remains a top site for free hentai streaming.


Relative newcomer Hentaigasm launched in 2020 but has quickly grown its library to over 500 hentai videos.

Some key details:

  • Focus exclusively on hentai (no anime/manga)
  • Primarily subbed videos from top studios
  • Daily updates with latest releases
  • Stream or download in HD

Hentaigasm is ad-supported, although ads are limited to periodic popunders. The site is nicely organized by tags and studios. Registration provides options to bookmark favorites or subscribe for new video alerts.

While the library is still expanding, Hentaigasm deserves a spot as a rising HentaiNexus alternative site.


In addition to hentai videos, former HentaiNexus visitors may enjoy reading hentai manga and doujinshi online. MyHentaiComics hosts a huge library of English-translated adult comics.

Key details:

  • Over 25,000 hentai comics available
  • Primarily English translations
  • Download comics as PDFs or read online
  • Updated with 100s of new comics monthly

MyHentaiComics has a straightforward interface allowing you to search for specific comics or browse by recently added, popular this week, etc. Accounts are optional.

Downsides are annoying popup and redirect ads. But for reading a massive amount of hentai comics free, MyHentaiComics is a great destination.


While nHentai has a relatively small video selection, it deserves a mention for hosting over 3 million hentai doujinshi, manga, and image galleries.

Quick facts:

  • Read hentai doujins online for free
  • Primarily English translations
  • Minimal annoying ads
  • Simple reader makes reading easy

The nHentai homepage highlights recently added doujins. Use tags or searches to find exactly what you‘re looking for. Creating an account lets you track favorites.

For a huge English hentai comic and doujinshi selection, nHentai is worth visiting.

Pros and Cons Compared

Here‘s a quick overview comparing the pros and cons of each HentaiNexus alternative:

Site Pros Cons
Hanime Massive library, great interface Annoying popup ads
HentaiHaven Large selection, daily updates Smaller library than Hanime
Hentaigasm Focus on hentai, fast load speeds Expanding library, new site
MyHentaiComics 25,000+ comics, download as PDF Lots of annoying ads
nHentai 3 million+ doujins/galleries Very limited video section

Protect Your Privacy With a VPN

When visiting free hentai sites, using a VPN is highly recommended to keep your activity private and secure.

Without a VPN, your internet service provider can see which sites you access and could throttle speeds. This is a particular issue when using image and video streaming sites which consume a lot of bandwidth.

Further, your personal IP address is visible to site owners when accessing their content. This opens up risks of hacking, doxing, and surveillance by parties you don‘t trust.

A VPN encrypts your connection and hides your IP address, for full privacy protection. Studies show 85% of VPNs do not log user activity, meaning they have no records of what sites you visit.

For safe anonymous browsing on free hentai sites, VPNs like NordVPN and Surfshark are excellent choices. They provide fast speeds for HD streaming, have strict no logs policies, and work seamlessly across devices.

Time to Find Your New Hentai Home

While no site can fully replace the massive library HentaiNexus offered, this guide provides the top 5 alternatives that come close in 2023. Hanime and HentaiHaven currently lead in terms of selection and features.

Maintaining your privacy is also crucial when using free hentai sites. Make sure to use a secure VPN connection like NordVPN to keep your browsing history completely hidden.

HentaiNexus may be gone, but the hentai must go on. With this list of sites, you‘ll have no problem continuing to enjoy free hentai content. Bookmark this page and check back as I‘ll keep the list updated with any major changes in the future.

Let me know if you have any other favorite sites I should check out! Just trying to help all my fellow hentai lovers find new places to get their fix. Enjoy and happy fapping my friends.


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