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GoStream Websites, Alternatives and More in 2022 (Free)

This in-depth report on GoStream will provide you with important information that you need to know about this site on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Box.

Is GoStream safe to use? Is GoStream legal? How do I access GoStream? What are the GoStream websites? We will answer those questions and more in this article.

The reason why we ask legal questions is due to the fact that GoStream isn’t available through a verified provider such as Amazon or Google Play. This is sometimes a warning sign.

GoStream is a popular Movie Streaming Website that can be accessed on any web browser.

This site provides tons of Movies and TV Shows across a variety of categories & genres to choose from.

This free streaming site is popular among people who Jailbreak their Firestick or Android TV Boxes.

Although there are ads present on the site, one of the best parts about GoStream is its impressive content library!

This streaming site has gone through several name changes and domain switches in the past but is now functioning again.

For these reasons and more, we have included GoStream within the following TROYPOINT lists:

  • Putlocker Alternatives
  • TV Show Streaming Sites

Table of Contents

  • Is GoStream Safe to Use?
  • GoStream Websites
  • GoStream Alternatives
    • 123Movies
    • Popcornflix
    • SolarMovie
    • Tubi
    • Peacock TV
  • Screenshots
  • Watching GoStream Site on Firestick/Android
  • Watching GoStream Site on PC, Tablet, or Mobile Device
  • GoStream Details & Description
  • Is GoStream Legal?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Which GoStream Websites Work?
    • Is GoStream Legal?
    • Do you Need a VPN for GoStream Websites?
    • What are the Best GoStream Alternatives?
    • What Happens if you get Caught using GoStream Websites?

Is GoStream Safe to Use?

Before I access this, I first want to scan the official website with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

VirusTotal did not find any suspicious files or malware within the URL of this website.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified streaming website.

The best way to do this is with both Antivirus Software and a VPN when using GoStream or other websites.

How to Install Best VPN on Firestick & Android


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GoStream Websites

Although the original site is oftentimes inactive, it’s important to note that there are several GoStream websites (mirrors) available if you find the website isn’t working.

We have compiled a list of working GoStream websites below for your reference.


GoStream Alternatives

Below you will find popular alternatives for GoStream. These are reliable options for streaming free Movies and TV Shows.

I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you posted on the best GoStream alternatives available. This page is updated Weekly.

The following list was last updated on Sat, Nov 5, 2022

1. 123Movies

123Movies is a very similar streaming website to GoStream, as both receive millions of visitors every month.

Some of the best parts about 123Movies include its popularity, content library, categories, interface, genres, and more!

Refer to the link below for more information on 123Movies and accessing this site.

123Movies Details & Information

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has become a popular streaming website/app over the past few years.

Although this service is ad-supported, users have access to thousands of free movies and tv series.

Popcornflix is available as an app for those using the Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, iOS, Chromecast, Android devices, and web browsers.

View our Popcornflix tutorial below for more information and how to start streaming.

How to Install Popcornflix

3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the most popular streaming websites available for watching movies and TV shows online.

This site receives millions of visitors every month, and best of all does not require an account for streaming content!

Check out our article below for more information on SolarMovie.

SolarMovie Details & Information

4. Tubi

Tubi is a popular streaming platform that provides thousands of free movies and tv shows. This is the perfect GoStream alternative.

Due to its ease of use, content library, and buffer-free playback, Tubi can also be found on our page of Best Firestick Apps.

Refer to our Tubi guide below for more information and how to install the application on any device.

How to Install Tubi

5. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming service that launched in the Summer of 2020.

This platform features thousands of movies, tv shows, and even has some live channels!

Creating an account is required to use Peacock TV, but signing up is free.

View our tutorial below for more details on Peacock TV and how to install the app.

How to Install Peacock TV

For more GoStream alternatives, I suggest viewing our popular list of torrent websites below.

Best Torrent Sites


Watching GoStream Site on Firestick/Android

In order to review this streaming site, the first thing we need to do is access it.

In this report, I will be visiting GoStream on a Fire TV Stick 4K using the Silk Browser.

This process also applies to those using Android devices, and Puffin TV is a popular browser for Android TV boxes.

TROYPOINT TIP: I suggest watching the video below for more details on how to stream sites like GoStream using a Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, or any streaming device.

  1. From the Main Menu scroll to hover over the Search icon and type Silk Browser. Then select the suggested search result.

  1. Select the Silk Browser option under Apps & Games.

  1. Click Download.

  1. Wait for the download to be completed.

  1. Click Open to launch the browser if you prefer. For this example, I suggest holding the Home button on your remote.

  1. When this screen appears click the Apps option.

  1. Hover over the Silk Browser and click the Options button (3 horizontal lines). Then select Move.

  1. Move the Silk Browser wherever you prefer and click the OK button on your remote to place it.

  1. Launch the Silk Browser.

  1. Click the Search icon and enter the following URL – and click Go.

  1. If prompted with this screen just select Cancel.

  1. That’s it! You are now able to use GoStream on your Firestick/Fire TV device with the Silk Browser.

  1. If you want to bookmark the GoStream site, click the star icon that says “Add Bookmark.”

  1. For this example, we watched McLintock! which is one of our Best Public Domain Movies.

Enjoy streaming movies using GoStream!

Watching GoStream Site on PC, Tablet, or Mobile Device

Using GoStream on a PC, tablet, or mobile device may be the simplest method of using the site for streaming movies.

All I did was open a browser on my device and enter the following URL –

GoStream Details & Description

As mentioned previously, GoStream offers a few categories to choose from for streaming.

These categories include Home, Genre, Most Viewed, Top IMDB, and Contact.

Some of the different Genres consist of Action, Drama, Anime, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, and more.

If you are experiencing navigation issues when using GoStream, I suggest looking into Firestick Remote Alternatives or an app like Mouse Toggle.

Click the link below to learn more about Mouse Toggle and how to install on a Firestick/Fire TV.

How to Install Mouse Toggle on Firestick/Fire TV

While using the GoStream site is a simple option for streaming movies, we suggest viewing our popular guides below for other options.

If you are looking for Live TV options, check out our list of Best Free IPTV Apps and our IPTV guide below for everything you need to know about Live TV.


Is GoStream Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether these unverified streaming websites hold the proper licensing.

If and when a streaming site is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our Website to reflect that information.

At first glance, it would appear that GoStream is distributing copyrighted works without consent.

You will notice in the example above that we used the free public domain movie, Night of the Living Dead as an example.

Works in the Public Domain are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through streaming websites such as GoStream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which GoStream Websites Work?

Because the original GoStream website is sometimes offline, we provide a list of working GoStream websites and alternatives in this guide.

Is GoStream Legal?

Yes, GoStream is legal if viewing movies and TV shows within the public domain. TROYPOINT does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works.

Do you Need a VPN for GoStream Websites?

TROYPOINT recommends using a VPN when visiting these GoStream websites. This will hide your streaming activities and keep you anonymous online.

What are the Best GoStream Alternatives?

The best GoStream alternatives include 123Movies, Popcornflix, Peacock TV, SolarMovie, and others we include in this list.

What Happens if you get Caught using GoStream Websites?

If you are caught using GoStream websites to watch copyrighted content, you may face legal issues. TROYPOINT recommends only viewing content that falls within the public domain.


Streamr Go

StreamrGo is always about privacy, specifically protecting your privacy online by increasing security and better standard privacy practices.