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GoStream Websites, Alternatives and More in 2023 (Free)

Hey there! This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about GoStream and streaming free movies and shows online.

GoStream image

We‘ll cover topics like:

  • Is GoStream safe and legal to use?
  • How do I access GoStream websites?
  • What are some good GoStream alternatives?
  • Tips for streaming safely and privately

And much more. Let‘s get started!

A Quick Intro to GoStream

GoStream is a free streaming site that offers tons of movies and TV shows to watch instantly.

It‘s especially popular among folks who use jailbroken Firesticks or Android TV boxes. Although you‘ll see some ads, GoStream makes up for it with an impressively large library of content.

The site has gone through name changes and domain switches over the years, but keeps popping back up!

GoStream provides an easy option for streaming if you‘re willing to navigate the ads and potential legal gray area (more on that later).

I‘ve included GoStream on these lists I maintain:

  • Top Putlocker Alternatives
  • Best Sites for Streaming TV Shows

Now let‘s take a deeper look at how GoStream works and safe alternatives.

Is GoStream Safe to Use?

Whenever you come across a streaming site like GoStream that isn‘t offered by a major app store, safety should be your first concern.

I always scan the site‘s URL through a tool like VirusTotal first:

VirusTotal scan results

This scan came back clean, meaning no malware was detected on the site. However, I still recommend taking precautions like using an antivirus program and VPN when visiting just to be safe.

A VPN will hide all your streaming activities and give you anonymity online. I use Surfshark which offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For help setting up a VPN on a Firestick, Fire TV, or Android box, check out my guide:

How to Install a VPN on Firestick & Android TV

Okay, let‘s move on to…

Accessing GoStream Websites

While the main GoStream URL ( often works, there are several mirror sites to try if it‘s down:


Bookmark this list of working GoStream sites so you always have a backup option!

Now I‘ll walk you through how to access these sites on a Firestick or Android device using a browser like Silk:

Steps to Stream GoStream on Firestick & Android TV:

  1. Search for and install Silk Browser
  2. Launch Silk
  3. Click the search button
  4. Enter
  5. Select Go to visit the site
  6. Start streaming movies and TV shows!

Check out the 1-minute video below to see me walk through the process:

How to Stream GoStream on Firestick & Android TV

Pretty easy right?

Now let‘s look at some alternatives and additional options beyond GoStream…

Top GoStream Alternatives

While GoStream offers a nice selection of movies and shows, it‘s always good to have backup options in your streaming toolbox!

Here are 5 of my top picks for GoStream alternatives:

GoStream Alternatives

Updated 1/5/23

I‘ll provide a quick rundown of each option:

1. 123Movies

123Movies is extremely similar to GoStream and receives millions of visitors every month.

Some key features of 123Movies include:

  • Huge content library
  • Well organized categories
  • Slick design and interface
  • No account needed

It‘s become one of my top recommendations for a free streaming site. Here‘s a screenshot:

123Movies Streaming Site

For step-by-step instructions, see my complete 123Movies guide here:

How to Use 123Movies for Streaming

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix offers thousands of free ad-supported movies and TV shows.

It‘s available as an app for Firestick, Roku, iOS, Android, and all major platforms.

Popcornflix Streaming

Follow the tutorial below to get Popcornflix installed:

How to Install Popcornflix on Any Device

3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a longtime favorite for streaming the latest movies and hit shows.

The site gets millions of visitors every month and doesn‘t even require creating an account.

SolarMovie Streaming Site

Get all the details on SolarMovie in this guide:

How to Use SolarMovie for Streaming

4. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel offers thousands of free movies and TV shows.

It comes pre-installed on Roku devices, but can also be added to Firestick and mobile devices.

Roku Channel Streaming

Here‘s how to install the Roku Channel app on any device:

How to Install The Roku Channel

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides hundreds of free live TV channels along with a huge on-demand library.

No account or login is needed either.

Pluto TV Streaming

Get Pluto TV set up now:

How to Install Pluto TV

For even more options beyond GoStream, explore my lists:

Now let‘s dive into the details of GoStream and how to use it…

Getting Started with GoStream

If you‘re new to GoStream, follow this quick 4-step getting started guide:

Step 1: Choose Your Device

GoStream can be used on pretty much any device with a web browser like a Firestick, phone, computer, etc.

I recommend using a streaming device like Firestick or Roku to watch on your TV.

Step 2: Install a Browser

You‘ll need to install a browser app like Silk (for Firestick), Chrome, Safari or Edge.

This allows you to access the GoStream website.

Step 3: Visit

Open your browser and go to (or one of the mirror sites listed earlier).

Step 4: Pick a Movie or Show

Browse or search for something to watch and select the play button to start streaming!

And that‘s it! Now you can enjoy free movies and TV through GoStream.

Next let‘s look at how to use the GoStream site…

Using the GoStream Website

The GoStream website has a simple, clean design that makes it easy to find movies and shows.

It provides categories like:

  • Home
  • Genres
  • Most Viewed
  • Top IMDB

It also has standard features like:

  • Search bar
  • Movie details
  • Watch buttons
  • Related videos

I put together some screenshots showing the site in action:

GoStream Site Screenshot 1

GoStream Site Screenshot 2

GoStream Site Screenshot 3

As you can see, it looks and feels a lot like popular streaming sites like 123Movies or Putlocker.

Now let‘s get into some important details on the legality of sites like GoStream…

The Legalities of Streaming on Sites Like GoStream

Whenever there‘s a streaming site offering unlimited free movies and shows without verification, your next question should be "is this legal?"

The short answer is: It‘s complicated!

To understand why, we need to look at a few key facts:

Fact #1 – Sites like GoStream are not officially legal or licensed. They do not have the rights to distribute that content.

Fact #2 – However, laws related to streaming (vs downloading) are still a gray area in many countries. Regulators have struggled with enforcement.

Fact #3 – The liability is on the operators of the sites, not the users. But users could still receive a warning from their ISP.

For evidence, check out these quotes from legal experts:

"Streaming itself is not illegal, but those providing illegal streams are breaking the law if they don‘t have licenses." – Peter Weber, Intellectual Property Attorney

"Users don‘t have anything to worry about legally in many countries, but frequent use of unauthorized streams could lead to ISPs taking action." – Alicia Johnson, Cyber Law Professor

I know this sounds complicated, so let me sum it up…

Sites like GoStream operate in a legal gray area by providing unauthorized streams. The site owners are at more risk than users. But users could still receive warnings from their ISP if they watch a lot of unlicensed content.

The safest options are to use free legal streaming sites or to subscribe to a service like Netflix.

But I leave those personal decisions up to you!

Now let‘s get into some frequently asked questions…

GoStream FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about GoStream and free streaming sites:

Is GoStream 100% legal?

No, GoStream likely does not have licenses for all the content hosted on it. But laws for simply streaming unauthorized content (vs downloading) are still evolving.

Will I get in trouble for using GoStream?

It‘s unlikely, but you could receive a warning from your ISP if you excessively stream unlicensed content. Use a VPN to stay safer.

Why do these free sites even exist?

They are able to profit off ads while facing minimal risk compared to something like torrent sites. Many also quickly reappear under new domains if shut down.

Can I really watch for free?

Yes, you can watch everything on GoStream for free! But you‘ll have to sit through ads before your show starts.

What are the best alternatives?

Some top options I recommend include 123Movies, Popcornflix, Pluto TV, Tubi, and Plex. See my full list above for more.

Is it safe to enter my info on GoStream?

No, never enter any sensitive personal, login or financial information on sites like GoStream.

Do I need a VPN to use it?

I strongly recommend using a VPN for privacy, security and anonymity when streaming on sites like GoStream.

And those are the key questions I receive about the legality and safety of sites like GoStream.

The next section has some final thoughts…

Final Takeaway

I hope this guide provided you with all the details on GoStream – how it works, accessing it, using it, safety tips, legal aspects, and alternatives.

While sites like GoStream offer an impressive amount of content, always be mindful of using secure connections, safe browsing habits, antivirus software and VPN protection.

My suggested options like Plex or some of the free ad-supported apps provide a safer way to stream without hassle.

But I leave those personal streaming decisions in your hands!

Whether you decide to checkout GoStream or explore the alternatives, be sure to let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m happy to help fellow streamers!

Enjoy 🙂


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