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How to Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablet: An In-Depth Guide

Have you ever felt limited by the Amazon Appstore on your Fire tablet? Do you wish you could access popular Google apps and the full Play Store catalog? Well, with just a few simple steps, you can unlock the entire world of Google Play on your Fire HD or other Fire OS tablet.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through how to safely install Google Play Services on Fire tablets. I’ll share step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, advanced modifications, and much more. Let’s get started!

Why Install Google Play on Fire Tablet?

Here are some of the key benefits of adding Google Play to your Fire tablet:

  • Access over 3 million apps, games, books, movies on the Google Play Store rather than just 500,000 in the Amazon Appstore.

  • Install popular Google apps like Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Drive which aren‘t available from Amazon.

  • Take advantage of Google Play Protect security scanning for safer apps.

  • Unlock easier parental controls through Google Family Link.

  • Remotely install apps to your device from the Play Store website.

  • Get more frequent updates and latest versions of apps.

  • Customize your tablet with different launchers and themes.

  • Sideload apps from outside sources including APKMirror.

While the Fire OS experience is decent, installing Google Play really unlocks the full capabilities of your Fire tablet’s hardware. It transforms the device into a more full-featured budget Android tablet.

Now let’s go through the installation process step-by-step…

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

The first step is to enable “Developer options” on your Fire tablet. This unlocks advanced settings we’ll need to allow sideloading Google Play Services.

Here are the steps to enable developer options:

  1. Open Settings and select “Device Options” or “Devices” depending on your Fire OS version.

  2. Tap on “About Fire Tablet”.

  3. Scroll down and rapidly tap the “Serial number” field 7 times.

  4. You’ll see a toast notification saying “You are now a developer!” if successful.

  5. Press back to return to Device Options where you’ll now see a new “Developer Options” menu.

  6. Enter the developer options and make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources“ and "USB Debugging" are enabled.

That’s it! You can now proceed with the installation.

Step 2: Turn On USB Debugging

USB debugging allows your computer to interface with your tablet to install apps and modify the operating system.

To enable it:

  1. Return to the Developer options menu if you aren’t already there.

  2. Find and enable “USB debugging”.

  3. Tap “OK” on the confirmation popup to complete enabling USB debugging.

With this setup, you can now connect your Fire tablet to a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer.

Step 3: Download and Install Fire Toolbox on Your Computer

To actually get Google Play onto your device, we’ll use an app called Fire Toolbox. This handy utility makes it easy to mod Fire tablets with Google Play and other enhancements.

Here’s how to get Fire Toolbox installed on your computer:

  1. On your computer, open your browser and go to XDA Fire Toolbox Page.

  2. Under “Attached Files”, click “” to download.

  3. Extract the ZIP file and open the Fire Toolbox folder.

  4. Double click on “FireToolbox.exe” to launch the app.

  5. Windows Defender may show a warning – just select "Run Anyway" to continue.

Fire Toolbox is now installed and ready to use for modding your tablet!

Step 4: Connect Tablet and Install Google Play Services

With everything prepared, we can now install Google Play:

  1. Connect your Fire tablet to your computer with a USB cable. Allow any connection prompts.

  2. Open Fire Toolbox on your computer. Select the "Google Services" tab.

  3. Check the boxes next to "Google Services Framework" and "Google Play Store".

  4. Click "Execute Selected Tools" to begin installation. Follow on-screen cues.

  5. The process will take several minutes as it installs the necessary files and services.

  6. Your tablet will automatically reboot when complete. Don‘t disconnect it until fully restarted.

After the reboot finishes, Google Play Services is installed and ready for setup!

Step 5: Set Up Google Play Store

The final step is initializing the Play Store:

  1. On your tablet’s home screen, open the Play Store app.

  2. Accept the terms of service on first launch.

  3. Sign in or add your Google account when prompted.

  4. The Play Store will configure your account and payment information.

Once finished, you now have full access to Google Play on your Fire tablet! The Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google apps are ready to enjoy!

Pros and Cons of Google Play on Fire Tablet

Adding Google Play unlocks many benefits, but it’s not perfect. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Access to full Play Store app catalog
  • Get apps and games not available on Amazon Appstore
  • Easier parental controls with Family Link
  • More customization with launchers
  • Increased app compatibility


  • Less Amazon integration and Fire OS optimizations
  • Possible minor performance hits
  • More steps for updates through both stores
  • Can‘t use FreeTime unlimited parental controls

Overall, the huge app catalog advantage generally makes the tradeoffs worthwhile for most users. But weigh the pros and cons based on your own usage.

Troubleshooting Google Play Installation

If you encounter issues getting Google Play working, here are some troubleshooting tips:

USB Debugging not Enabled

Double check that you followed step 1 properly to activate USB debugging in the developer options. This is required for the computer connection.

Problems Connecting Tablet to Computer

  • Try connecting your tablet to another USB port directly on your computer rather than through a hub.

  • Make sure you are using a high-quality data transfer USB cable rather than just a charging cable.

  • Disable and re-enable USB debugging.

  • If using a Mac or Chromebook, you may need to manually allow an RSA key for debugging.

Apps from Unknown Sources Not Enabled

Under Developer Options, make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources” is also enabled. This allows installing outside the official Amazon Appstore.

Connection Too Slow or Unreliable

Slow or unstable connections can disrupt the installation process. Make sure both your computer and tablet are connected to a strong WiFi or ethernet network. Tethering through a phone may not be reliable enough.

Google Play Services Not Installing

Sometimes the Play Services don’t fully install on the first try. Reopen Fire Toolbox and run the “Google Services Framework” and “Google Play Store” tools again.

Play Store Won’t Open After Reboot

If the Play Store app is missing or won’t open after a reboot, disconnect your tablet and run the Google Play Services install again using Fire Toolbox.

Play Store Stuck “Waiting for Download”

This usually indicates a connection issue. Make sure you are online and try force closing the Play Store app. Clear app cache and data as well if needed.

Can’t Sign Into Google Account

  • Double check your password is correct if receiving authentication errors.

  • Make sure your tablet is connected to the internet.

  • Try manually adding your account under Settings if sign-in fails in Play Store.

  • Toggle airplane mode on and off to refresh connections.

Apps Still Showing as Incompatible

Even after installing Google Play Services, some apps may show as incompatible. This is an issue on the app side, not your device. Try searching for an alternate version of the app that supports Fire OS.

Factory Reset If All Else Fails

For any major lingering issues, a full factory reset can clean out any corrupted files or settings. Just be aware this will erase all your local data.

With the above troubleshooting guide, you should be able to solve most common Google Play installation problems. But feel free to ask for help in the comments if your issue persists.

Uninstalling the Play Store

If you change your mind later, you can easily uninstall Google Play Services and revert to the default Fire OS experience.

Here is how to remove Google Play:

  1. On your Fire tablet, open the Settings app.

  2. Go to Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults.

  3. Follow the prompts to confirm the factory reset.

  4. Your tablet will reset back to factory condition without Google Play installed.

Just be aware that a factory reset will erase all your local data, so make sure anything important is backed up first!

Fire OS vs Stock Android Comparison

While Fire tablets run a flavor of Android, Amazon’s Fire OS has notable differences from stock Android you get on Pixel, Samsung, and other tablets.

Here is a quick comparison of some key factors:

Feature Fire OS Stock Android
App Store Access Amazon Appstore only (unless modded) Full Google Play Store
Preloaded Apps Heavy Amazon app focus Google apps focus
OS Customization Very limited ability to customize Extensive theming & launcher options
Parental Controls Amazon FreeTime Google Family Link
Navigation Back, home, and recent apps buttons Gesture or 3-button navigation

As you can see, Fire OS takes some customization cues from Android but has its own closed ecosystem feel intended to drive Amazon content. Adding Google Play starts to make Fire tablets feel closer to stock Android.

Fire Tablet vs Other Budget Android Tablets

It’s also helpful to compare Amazon’s offerings against other affordable Android tablets in the market. Here is a quick rundown of some competitors:

  • Lenovo Tab M8 – Strong budget option with solid performance and metal design.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Quality build with Samsung extras like Knox security.

  • Dragon Touch K10 – Ultra-budget 10-inch tablet great for kids.

  • VOYO i7 Max – Features 4GB RAM and optional LTE connectivity.

Each tablet has pros and cons based on pricing, design, specs, accessories, and software experience. Fire tablets stand out with their deep Alexa integration and kid-friendly FreeTime software.

Adding Google Play helps close the gap though by giving Fire tablets access to the same apps and services as other Android tablets. This makes Fire tablets much more versatile and capable of serving as daily drivers.

Recommended Apps to Install from Google Play

Once you have access to the full Google Play Store, here are some top-rated apps I recommend downloading:

  • TiviMate – Best app for live TV streaming with IPTV providers.

  • Nova Launcher – Custom launcher to enhance the home screen experience.

  • MX Player – Powerful video player with support for many codecs.

  • AccuWeather – Reliable weather information with scrolling widgets.

  • Plex – Stream your media library from other Plex devices.

  • Microsoft Office – Full suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

  • YouTube Kids – Safe YouTube experience tailored for children.

  • ZOOM Cloud Meetings – Easy video conferencing through your tablet.

The key is exploring categories that interest you most. Check out top charts for games, entertainment, productivity, and education apps. The options are endless with over 3 million apps available!

Securing Your Tablet with Parental Controls

If setting up a Fire tablet for a child, make sure to configure parental controls to keep them safe:

  • Enable Google Family Link using your Google account to set screen time limits, app restrictions, and content filters based on age.

  • Pin your child’s device to only allow installing apps you approve in the Play Store.

  • Set up a restricted child profile that blocks inappropriate apps and content.

  • Use Google Play Instant without a dedicated account to try games.

  • Explore kid-friendly apps like YouTube Kids, PBS Kids, Disney+, and many more educational options.

Proper parental controls take full advantage of the kid-optimization features in Android and Google Play for a great tablet experience.

Expert Tips for Advanced Modifications

For power users wanting to take customization even further, you can try these expert modifications:

  • Switch your Fire tablet to a custom Android ROM for a more stock experience and increased performance through overclocking.

  • Sideload apps from outside the Play Store to test cutting-edge or geographically restricted apps. Just beware of security risks with uncontrolled APK files.

  • Change animation speeds, icons, fonts and more aspects of the user interface with Fire Toolbox tweaks.

  • Replace Fire OS navigation buttons with more flexible gestures like Android 10 and above.

  • Update your Fire OS system image early to gain access to the latest features and security updates.

  • Partition your storage to dual boot both Fire OS and custom Android ROMs.

With great power comes great responsibility! Make sure you know what you’re doing before applying advanced mods. But unlocking the full potential of your Fire tablet is part of the fun.


Adding Google Play access is a game-changer in making Amazon Fire tablets far more useful and versatile. I hope this guide has equipped you with everything needed to safely install Google Play Services on your Fire HD or other Fire OS tablet models.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I’m happy to provide tips to get Google Play working smoothly. Go enjoy all your new app possibilities!


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