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Install Genocide Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

The Genocide Kodi addon provides access to a huge library of movies, TV shows, documentaries and more. However, this popular 3rd party addon also comes with some major caveats users should understand.

This guide will walk you through installing Genocide on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device running Kodi 19 Matrix. We’ll also examine exactly what types of content Genocide offers plus the potential risks and legality issues users may face.

Genocide Kodi Addon

Here‘s what we‘ll cover in this addon installation guide:

  • Is Genocide Safe to Use?
  • Step-by-Step Installation Walkthrough
  • Inside the Content Library
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Trakt and Account Syncing
  • Legality Concerns
  • Alternatives like The Oath
  • FAQs and Troubleshooting

So let‘s get started!

Is the Genocide Addon Safe?

The Genocide Kodi addon is not found in the official Kodi repository. That means this addon has not been verified or approved by the Kodi team. Installation requires enabling unknown sources which comes with significant security risks.

I scanned the repository URL ( using VirusTotal and it came back clean without any malware detected:

VirusTotal Scan of Repository

However malicious code could still exist within newer versions of the addon itself. It‘s impossible to guarantee the safety of any third party addon. So caution is advised.

For privacy and protection, I strongly suggest connecting to a VPN like Surfshark anytime you use unverified addons like Genocide. This will encrypt all traffic and hide your IP address from snooping.

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Now let‘s move on to getting Genocide installed…

How to Install Genocide Kodi Addon

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for installing the Genocide addon on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box running Kodi 19 Matrix:

  1. Open Kodi and click the gear icon ⚙️ to access Settings
  2. Navigate to System > Add-ons
  3. Enable Unknown Sources to allow installs from outside the repo
  4. Go back to System and open File Manager
  5. Click Add Source > None
  6. Enter and name it "ChainsRepo"
  7. Return to Add-ons menu
  8. Select Install from Zip > ChainsRepo
  9. Install
  10. Go to Install from Repository > Chains Repository
  11. Open the Video Add-ons category
  12. Select the Genocide addon and install

Once installed, you‘ll get a notification that the Genocide addon was successfully added. It will now be available in your addons listing.

Let‘s take a closer look at what this popular third party video addon has to offer.

Inside the Genocide Kodi Addon

After launching Genocide you‘ll see it provides a simple, no-frills interface. Movies, TV shows, and documentaries are divided into their own sections.

Genocide Addon Interface

You‘ll also find genres, search, new releases, and more. However you won‘t find much here until you configure Real-Debrid.

Integrating Real-Debrid

To unlock high quality streams from Genocide, you absolutely must integrate Real-Debrid. This is a premium service that debrids filehoster links to give you faster streaming speeds and 1080p+ sources.

Here‘s how to set up Real-Debrid within the addon:

  1. In Genocide, go to Tools
  2. Select Real-Debrid
  3. Choose Authorize My Account
  4. Visit the URL shown on a computer and generate a code
  5. Enter the code back in Kodi to link your accounts

I suggest the 4-month Real-Debrid plan which comes out to just a few dollars per month. Well worth it for the best Kodi experience!

Additional Features

Along with Real-Debrid integration, Genocide also allows you to connect your Trakt account. This synchronizes everything you watch across devices and keeps track of watch history, playlists, favorites and more.

The addon settings are also where you‘ll find important options like cached torrents and downloads if you want local playback. Overall the configuration offered here is fairly limited compared to other Kodi addons.

Now let‘s dive into the controversial stuff.

Is the Genocide Addon Legal?

Here is the giant elephant in the room when it comes to addons like Genocide – the legality question.

Genocide streams a huge selection of movies and TV shows, likely without any authorization from studios and networks. Downloading or streaming this copyrighted content is illegal in most regions.

While the addon itself may be legal, use of this addon for piracy could get you in legal trouble. Streaming something you already own may fall under fair use, but that is still a gray area.

My recommendation is to exercise extreme caution when using third party addons like Genocide. Only access content in the public domain or offered legally by the creator. VPN usage is also strongly advised.

For guaranteed legal free streaming, check out services like Tubi, Pluto TV, Freevee, The Roku Channel and more instead.

Safer Kodi Addon Alternatives

If you‘re looking for addons similar to Genocide but from more trustworthy developers, here are a few to consider:

  • The Oath – All-in-one powerhouse for free movies, shows, live TV
  • Velvet – Focused on high quality streams from verified scrapers
  • Crew – Lighter addon great for older devices
  • Venom – Feature-packed with lots of customization options

I suggest reading up on which Kodi addons are safe and legal in 2022 before installing. Many popular options like Exodus Redux and Rising Tides have since been discontinued.

The TROYPOINT Best Working Kodi Addons list is a great place to start your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions users have about the Genocide Kodi addon:

Is this addon legal to use?

The addon itself is legal but it likely provides access to pirated content which may violate copyright law in your region.

Does this addon have malware or viruses?

The repository scans came back clean but malicious code could be present. Use a VPN and proceed with caution.

Will this work on my Firestick and Kodi version?

Genocide works with all Fire TV models and Android hardware provided you are running Kodi 19 Matrix or newer.

Do I really need Real-Debrid for this addon?

Absolutely! Real-Debrid unlocks way more high quality streams from filehosters and torrents. It‘s a must have.

Any alternative addons you recommend?

For similar content but likely safer, I‘d go with The Crew, The Oath, Venom or Shadow. Lots of great options are available.

Well that wraps up this guide on installing Genocide and what you can expect. I hope this answers all your questions about this popular but controversial Kodi addon. As always be smart and stay safe out there!


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