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How to Install Funs Halloween Kodi Build on Firestick, Android, and More

Looking for the ultimate guide to installing the popular Funs Halloween Kodi build? You‘ve come to the right place my friend!

In this comprehensive walkthrough, I‘ll be showing you step-by-step how to install Funs Halloween on any device like Firestick, Fire TV, Android, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

By the end, you‘ll have this awesome Halloween-themed Kodi build ready to start streaming piles of movies, shows, and even live sports.

But first, let‘s clear up whether this build is even legal and safe to use…

Is Funs Halloween Kodi Build Legal and Safe?

Whenever I come across a new Kodi build like Funs Halloween, the lawyer inside me starts asking questions:

  • Is this thing even legal to install and use?
  • Will it get me in trouble with my ISP or the law?
  • Does it contain any viruses, malware or other threats?

I get it – you want to stay on the right side of the law and protect your devices. So let‘s break down the legality and safety of the Funs Halloween build.


Installing third-party Kodi builds like Funs Halloween itself is not illegal. These builds simply make it easier to access streaming add-ons that pull in content.

However, some of those add-ons may deliver copyright-infringing streams. Since Funs Halloween is distributed through an independent repository, it is not verified as an official legal add-on.

So in summary – the build itself won‘t get you in legal trouble, but elements of what you stream through it could be considered piracy. You have to be responsible for avoiding illegal streams.


I scanned the Funs Halloween repository URL through VirusTotal, a site that checks for malicious threats. Here are the results:

Virus Total Scan Results Showing No Threats Detected

VirusTotal did not detect anything dangerous in the repository, so Funs Halloween appears safe from a malware perspective.

However, since this is an unverified third-party build, I still recommend taking precautions like using a VPN. This will encrypt your streaming activity from prying eyes. More on that soon!

The bottom line – take responsibility, use common sense, and you can safely enjoy all that Funs Halloween has to offer. Now, let‘s get it installed!

Complete Guide to Installing Funs Halloween Kodi Build

One of the great things about Kodi builds is that they bundle tons of amazing add-ons into one easy installation.

The process of getting Funs Halloween up and running takes less than 5 minutes thanks to the detailed guide below.

I‘ll be demonstrating on a Fire TV Stick 4K, but these steps work on any device like Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, computer and more.

Step 1: Open Kodi on your device

Step 2: Click the Settings icon

Step 3: Go to System section

Step 4: Turn on Unknown Sources under Add-ons tab

  • This allows installation of unverified third-party add-ons and builds.

Step 5: Read the scary warning message and click Yes

  • Kodi warns that third-party builds can access data on your device. This is why I recommend using a VPN which we‘ll cover soon.

Step 6: Return back to the System menu

Step 7: Select File Manager

Step 8: Click Add Source

Step 9: Click

Step 10: Enter

  • This is the URL for the Chains repository which hosts Funs Halloween

Step 11: Name the media source "ChainsRepo"

Step 12: Go back to Add-ons section

Step 13: Choose Install from zip file

Step 14: Select "ChainsRepo"

Step 15: Install

Step 16: Wait for the Add-on enabled notification

Step 17: Return to Install from repository

Step 18: Choose Chains Repository

Step 19: Select Program Add-ons

Step 20: Click on Funswizard

Step 21: Install Funswizard

Step 22: Open Funswizard add-on

Step 23: Go to Build Menu

Step 24: Select Funs Halloween

Step 25: Click Continue to install build

Step 26: Be patient as the build downloads and extracts

And that‘s it! The Funs Halloween build will now be enabled in Kodi ready for your Halloween streaming pleasure. Pretty easy right?

Now let‘s explore what makes this build so popular by taking a tour of the interface.

Overview of Funs Halloween Kodi Build Interface

Once installed, you‘ll see the Funs Halloween splash screen followed by the main interface. It greets you with an ominous dark theme perfect for Halloween.

Funs Halloween Kodi Build Main Interface

Movies Section

Like any good build, Funs Halloween makes it easy to access tons of movies. The Movies section is neatly organized with categories like:

  • Latest Releases – New movie arrivals
  • Genre – Action, comedy, thriller and more
  • Most Popular
  • Highly Rated
  • 4K Movies – Ultra HD streams
  • And more!

You have multiple add-ons to choose from which all deliver streams fast thanks to debrid integration which we‘ll cover soon.

TV Shows Section

Binge watch countless TV shows with the TV Shows area. It offers many of the same categories as the Movies section:

  • Latest TV Shows – Recently aired episodes
  • Genres – Drama, reality, sci-fi and more
  • Most Popular
  • Trending Now
  • Highly Rated

With the power of Real-Debrid, you can watch shows in crisp 1080p or even 4K quality. Keep reading to learn how to enable debrid.

Horror Section

Get your freaky fix of horror movies and shows in the aptly named Horror section.

  • Scary Movies – Terrifying films perfect for Halloween season
  • Horror TV Shows – Binge classic horror series
  • Halloween Favorites – View popular Halloween-themed entertainment

I may sleep with one eye open after streaming horror content from this build!

Sports Section

Cheer on your favorite teams with live sports and replays accessible from the Sports section. Offerings include:

  • Live Sports – Various sports channels
  • Sports Replays – Catch up on recent games
  • Upcoming Games – Schedule of what‘s on deck
  • Sports Shows/News – Related programs and commentary

With a premium debrid service, you can enjoy sports in HD, Full HD or even 4K quality. Keep reading to enable this.

Additional Sections

To round out its offerings, Funs Halloween includes these bonus sections:

  • Favs – Integrate Trakt to sync your media favorites
  • Add-ons – All installed add-ons neatly organized
  • Settings – Configuration options for the build
  • Wizard – Useful tools to tweak Funs Halloween
  • Exit – Safely close out of Kodi

As you can see, this build has a little something for all your streaming needs this Halloween season.

Next let‘s look at how to take it to the next level with Real-Debrid.

Integrating Real-Debrid for Higher Quality Streams

Streaming quality from third-party Kodi addons and builds can be hit or miss. To boost streaming speeds and unlock better HD quality links, I recommend integrating Real-Debrid.

Real-Debrid is an inexpensive premium service that grants access to higher quality debrid streams that are faster and more reliable.

The steps to add Real-Debrid to the Funs Halloween build are:

  1. In Kodi, go to Add-ons > My Add-ons > Video add-ons

  2. Open any addon like The Crew, Seren, Venom etc.

  3. Go to Tools or Settings in that particular add-on

  4. Enable Real-Debrid by entering your account info

And that‘s it! Real-Debrid will now be enabled in all supporting add-ons included in Funs Halloween.

The small monthly cost for Real-Debrid is well worth it in my opinion. The difference in streaming speeds and quality is night and day.

Okay, so at this point you‘ve got Funs Halloween installed and enhanced with Real-Debrid. Let‘s talk about one last recommended step – using a VPN.

Staying Secure with a VPN

A quality VPN like IPVanish is strongly recommended anytime you use third-party Kodi builds like Funs Halloween.

Here are some key benefits a VPN provides:

  • Encrypts Your Activity – Prevent your ISP or government from spying on what you stream.

  • Masks Your Location – Avoid annoying geo-restrictions by appearing in a different country.

  • Adds Privacy – Third-party builds can access device data without a VPN.

  • Increases Speeds – VPN connections tend to be faster than ISP routing.

IPVanish in particular is my top choice for Kodi and streaming because it offers:

  • Apps for all devices – Firestick, Android, Windows, etc.
  • Fast connection speeds for HD streaming
  • Zero traffic logs and no monitoring

Right now, IPVanish has a big discount exclusively for my readers that brings the monthly price down to just a few bucks.

Take advantage of this limited time deal to stay protected with IPVanish!

IPVanish VPN Deal

Okay, you should now be fully set up with Funs Halloween, Real-Debrid, and a VPN for the ultimate streaming experience. Let‘s wrap up with some frequently asked questions.

Funs Halloween Kodi Build FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about this popular Halloween-themed build:

Is Funs Halloween safe for Firestick, Android, etc?

Yes, Funs Halloween itself contains no viruses or malware threats based on VirusTotal scans. However, take precautions like using a VPN when streaming.

Does Funs Halloween work on all Kodi devices?

Yep, this build works great on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes, NVIDIA Shield as well as Windows, Mac, Linux computers and more.

What‘s the best debrid service to use?

Real-Debrid is my top recommendation. It‘s affordable, has fast CDN speeds, and provides high quality debrid links to addons like those bundled with Funs Halloween.

How often is Funs Halloween updated?

From what I‘ve seen, this build receives fairly frequent updates to fix issues and add new content. It‘s actively maintained.

What are some alternatives?

Some other popular Halloween builds include Xanax, Halloween Fantazy, and TerrorDrome. But Funs Halloween is my personal favorite.

Well my friend, that wraps up this epic guide on everything you need to know about the Funs Halloween Kodi build. I hope you found it helpful and enjoy endless scary streaming this Halloween!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Stay safe out there!


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