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The Ultimate Guide to FuboTV‘s 7-Day Free Trial

Are you looking for a way to test out FuboTV‘s live streaming service before committing? If so, FuboTV‘s 7-day free trial is a great option that gives you full access to try the service on your devices.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain everything you need to know to take advantage of FuboTV‘s free trial. You‘ll learn all about:

  • What‘s included with the FuboTV free trial
  • Step-by-step instructions for signing up
  • Tips for getting the most out of the 7 days
  • How to cancel before you‘re charged

Plus, we‘ll provide details on FuboTV‘s plans, channel lineup, features, streaming quality, and more to help you evaluate if it‘s the right live TV streaming service for you. Let‘s dive in!

What is FuboTV? A Brief Background

Before we get into the free trial details, let‘s quickly cover what FuboTV is. FuboTV is a popular live TV streaming service that started out with a strong focus on sports programming. It was originally launched in 2015 as a soccer streaming platform.

Over time, FuboTV has expanded its content lineup and features to become a well-rounded alternative to cable TV. In addition to sports, FuboTV now includes popular entertainment, news, and lifestyle channels to appeal to a broader audience.

As of 2022, FuboTV reports having over 1.1 million subscribers who streamed over 1 billion hours on the service in 2021. The company continues growing quickly as more cord-cutters look to replace traditional pay TV.

FuboTV competes directly against other live TV streaming giants like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and Sling TV. It‘s able to differentiate itself by still having a slightly heavier emphasis on sports along with a 4K streaming tier.

Next, let‘s explore exactly what you‘ll get access to with a FuboTV free trial membership.

What‘s Included with FuboTV‘s Free Trial

FuboTV‘s free trial grants you full access to the entire FuboTV service for 7 days. Here are all the details of what‘s included:


  • 7 days free access from when you sign up


  • Full FuboTV programming – up to 176+ channels depending on package
  • 65+ sports channels – ESPN, FS1, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network
  • 30+ news channels – Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CBS News
  • 50+ entertainment channels – HGTV, Food Network, MTV, Disney Channel
  • 30+ local channels (availability varies) – ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox


  • Cloud DVR with 250 hours storage for recordings
  • Lookback feature to watch shows aired in last 72 hours
  • Families Share profiles and streams
  • Access to On Demand library
  • Stream on unlimited devices – phones, tablets, TVs, etc

Video Quality:

  • Up to 4K resolution and HDR on supported channels
  • Consistent HD quality with minimal buffering

You get the full FuboTV experience as if you were a paying subscriber. Take advantage of the free trial to watch live channels, record shows, and test features on all your devices.

Now let‘s walk through how to get signed up.

Step-by-Step: How to Sign Up for FuboTV‘s Free Trial

Signing up for FuboTV‘s free trial only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to – Click "Start Free Trial"

  2. Select Your Base Package – Choose from Fubo Starter, Pro or Elite

  3. Customize With Add-Ons (Optional) – Such as Sports Plus, Premium Channels, Cloud DVR Plus

  4. Enter Billing Info – Required for the trial but you won‘t be charged

  5. Start Streaming! – Access FuboTV immediately on all your devices

We‘ll elaborate on each step so you know what to expect during signup:

Choose Your Plan

FuboTV offers three base plans to choose from during signup:

Package Price/mo Channels
Fubo Starter $69.99 124 channels
Fubo Pro $79.99 134 channels
Fubo Elite $99.99 176 channels

The Starter plan makes the most sense for testing out the free trial. But you can change packages later if you decide to subscribe.

All plans include major sports, news, entertainment and local channels. Elite has the most additional sports, lifestyle and international channels.

Customize Your Package with Add-Ons

Next, you‘ll have the option to augment your base package with add-ons. Popular options include:

  • Sports Plus with NFL RedZone – $11/month
  • Adventure Plus – $5/month
  • Hollywood Plus – $6/month
  • Showtime – $7/month
  • Epix – $6/month
  • Cloud DVR Plus Upgrade – $6/month

Add-ons allow you to further customize FuboTV‘s content selection. You can try them risk-free during the trial and remove them later.

Enter Payment Details

To activate the 7-day trial, you‘ll need to provide a valid payment method upfront. FuboTV accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Don‘t worry, you will NOT get charged until the trial is over. FuboTV will send multiple reminders as your trial nears the 7 day mark.

Start Streaming on All Your Devices

Once signed up, you can immediately start watching FuboTV on all supported devices like:

  • Streaming players – Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast
  • Smart TVs – Samsung, LG, Vizio
  • Mobile – iOS, Android
  • Web browsers

Now the free trial is ready to use. Next we‘ll cover tips for evaluating the service during your 7 days.

Tips for Making the Most of FuboTV‘s Free Trial

How can you maximize the 7 days to properly test out FuboTV? Here are some recommendations:

  • Stream on all devices – Check performance on mobile, computers, streaming players, smart TVs.

  • Compare channel lineup – Test out the sports, news, entertainment and local channels you care about most.

  • Check streaming quality – Evaluate video resolution and buffering experience in your home.

  • Test out features – Use the Cloud DVR, set recordings, pause/rewind live TV.

  • Sample video-on-demand – Watch movies, shows, and programs from the available on-demand library.

  • Customize add-ons – Mix and match add-ons like Sports Plus, HBO, Showtime to find the optimal combination.

  • Evaluate away-from-home streaming – Try accessing FuboTV outside your home to see how it works.

  • Compare local channel availability – See how it compares to cable or other streaming providers in your city.

  • Consider sharing with family – Add Family Share profiles for others to stream simultaneously.

Taking advantage of the full 7-day trial gives you the best opportunity to kick the tires on FuboTV before subscribing long-term.

How to Cancel FuboTV Before You Are Charged

If you decide FuboTV isn‘t the right streaming service for you, cancelling is quick and easy. Here‘s how to cancel and avoid being charged at the end of the trial:

  1. Go to and click your profile picture > My Account.

  2. Select Manage Subscription.

  3. Click Cancel Subscription.

  4. Confirm cancellation reason and submit.

As long as you cancel before the 7th day, you will not be charged any fees. FuboTV will send reminders as your trial comes to an end. But be sure to cancel yourself if you don‘t want to continue.

Now you have all the key details about starting and canceling FuboTV‘s 7-day free trial! Sign up to enjoy live sports, news, shows, movies and more. Take your time evaluating the channel lineup, streaming quality, and features to determine if FuboTV is the right live TV streaming service for you.


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