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25 Best Free IPTV Apps and Websites for Live TV (2023)

Cutting the cord on traditional cable TV is becoming increasingly popular, with millions of households now opting for streaming and IPTV instead. According to recent surveys, over 33 million U.S. households have canceled cable or satellite TV subscriptions as of 2022.

Several key factors are fueling this trend:

  • Rising cable costs – Average prices now over $100/month
  • Flexible streaming options without long contracts
  • Streaming device growth – Over 80 million Americans own a Roku, Firestick, etc.
  • Declining live TV viewership among young consumers

As more consumers ditch cable, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) apps are rising to meet the demand for affordable live TV streaming. IPTV delivers live TV channels over an internet connection rather than through cable or satellite providers.

Both free and paid IPTV services now offer robust channel lineups spanning sports, news, movies, and more. But free IPTV apps come with some distinct advantages:

  • No subscription or contract required
  • Wide device support – Firestick, iOS, Android, computer
  • Tons of channel options from various sources
  • Ability to test streaming before paying for premium IPTV

However, there are also some downsides to consider with free IPTV streaming:

  • Streams prone to buffering at lower quality
  • Questionable legality of unauthorized apps
  • Privacy/safety risks without using a VPN

Keeping those factors in mind, below we’ve compiled the top 25 free IPTV apps and websites available in 2023.

Best Free IPTV Apps

Based on channel selection, stream quality, and reliability, these 10 apps deliver some of the best free IPTV streaming experiences:

App Highlight Downside
LiveNet TV 800+ channels App not in major app stores
Pluto TV Owned by ViacomCBS Limited channel lineup
The TV App Ad-free streaming Web navigation difficult

Below we take a deeper look at the top free IPTV apps:

1. LiveNet TV – 4.3/5 Stars

With over 5 million downloads and counting, LiveNet TV is currently the most popular free IPTV app. It earns high marks for its channel selection, delivering over 800 live channels spanning:

  • Sports – NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Cricket
  • News – CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg
  • Cooking – Food Network, Hallmark Channel
  • Kids – Cartoon Network, Disney
  • Music – MTV, VH1
  • Religious
  • International

Supported features include:

  • Chromecast streaming
  • External video players like MX, XMTV
  • Daily new channel updates
  • Favorite channels and notifications

In user reviews, LiveNet TV scores points for its clean interface, extensive channel options, and solid stability. Downsides cited include some regional restrictions on channels.

But for a free ad-supported IPTV app, LiveNet TV sets the standard in channel selection and streaming quality.

2. Pluto TV – 4.1/5 Stars

As a free IPTV service now owned by ViacomCBS, Pluto TV taps into major content libraries to deliver over 250 live channels.

Covering categories like news, sports, tech, comedy, the content spans:

  • Viacom networks – Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount
  • Sports – NFL Channel, MLB Channel, PGA Tour
  • News – NBC News, CNN, Bloomberg
  • Movies – Starr Trek, Mission Impossible, Shrek

Supported devices include Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, and Chromecast. Given the backing of ViacomCBS, channel selection and reliability are Pluto TV‘s major strengths.

However, it is ad-supported, unlike some competitors on this list. But overall Pluto TV earns its reputation as a top free IPTV option.

3. The TV App – 4.0/5 Stars

Offering completely ad-free streaming, The TV App provides live channels and on-demand movies/shows.

It can be accessed directly through, or via a Kodi addon. The website is difficult to navigate on some devices, making the Kodi integration ideal for streaming boxes.

Channel selection includes:

  • News – Cheddar, Newsmax
  • Sports – Stadium Sports, Fight Sports
  • Entertainment – Buzzr, Classic Arts Showcase
  • Kids – The Pet Collective, Kid Genius
  • Music – California Music Channel

With smooth streaming and an ad-free experience, The TV App satisfies cord cutters looking for free IPTV — especially Kodi users.

More Top Free IPTV Apps

Expanding beyond the top 3, here are 7 more excellent free IPTV apps to consider:

4. TVTap – 3.8/5 Stars


  • Simple categorized interface
  • Integrates external players like MX
  • Decent channel lineup


  • Requires sideloading onto devices
  • Prone to buffering

5. SportsFire – 4.2/5 Stars


  • Top free IPTV option for live sports
  • Easy to navigate schedule of events
  • Streams across NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer


  • Primarily US/Canada sports focused

6. Samsung TV Plus – 4.5/5 Stars


  • 145+ channels ad-free
  • Integrated into Samsung smart TVs
  • News, sports, movies, entertainment


  • Only works directly on Samsung TVs

7. Peacock TV – 4.0/5 Stars


  • Backed by NBCUniversal
  • Tons of NBCU content like WWE
  • Sky Sports and NBC News channels


  • Limited channel selection on free tier

8. Swift Streamz – 3.5/5 Stars


  • International channels
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Decent channel lineup


  • Prone to buffering
  • Moderate ad load

9. Xumo TV – 4.1/5 Stars


  • 190+ channels from major networks
  • Available on all major devices
  • Large on-demand library


  • Limited regional channel options

10. Plex – 4.0/5 Stars


  • Backed by trusted platform
  • 85+ free live TV channels
  • 14,000+ free movies & shows


  • Requires Plex Media Server setup

More Great Free IPTV Sources

Beyond dedicated IPTV apps, there are also many free live TV websites and Kodi addons worth considering:


Top destination for free sports streaming across NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more.


Website offering 75+ live US channels, including major broadcast networks. Requires desktop/mobile browser.


Long-running sports streaming site covering NFL, NBA, Soccer, UFC, Golf, and more. Streams prone to ads.


Focuses on free soccer/football streams from leagues worldwide including EPL, MLS, and Bundesliga.


Provides 60+ popular US live TV channels. Only works reliably with Surfshark or NordVPN.

The Loop

Kodi addon for live sports and entertainment from around the world. Decent stream reliability.

cCloud TV

Veteran Kodi addon offering a wide range of live TV content across sports, news, movies and more.

Using Free IPTV Safely and Legally

While free IPTV apps open up a world of streaming content, there are some risks in terms of privacy, safety and legality.

Cybersecurity experts caution that some free IPTV apps aren‘t found in major app stores. This means they haven‘t been vetted, and could potentially log and sell your streaming data or browsing history.

To keep your streaming activity safe and private, experts recommend always using a trusted VPN like Surfshark or NordVPN when accessing free IPTV apps or sites.

A VPN encrypts all of your network data and hides your IP address. This prevents snooping ISPs or apps from tracking what you stream.

Legally, free IPTV apps also operate in a gray area. According to attorney Thomas Malone:

"The legality of free IPTV is questionable. Apps that simply compile links likely fall into the same category as pirate streaming sites."

Malone advises not providing payment or login info to any unauthorized free IPTV apps or services to avoid potential liability under piracy laws.

In summary, free IPTV provides awesome streaming perks, but also warrants caution around privacy and legality without paying for licensed services.

Free IPTV apps can deliver plenty of streaming entertainment, but paid IPTV services do offer advantages in certain areas:

Cost $5-$20/month Free
Video Quality Mostly HD SD/HD mix
Reliability Good Fair
Buffering Minimal Frequent
Channel Selection Extensive Limited

Paid IPTV services also offer better lineup customization, 24/7 customer support, multiscreen options and more regional channels.

But for just getting started with streaming live TV, free IPTV apps provide all the basics.

The Bottom Line on Free IPTV

As cord cutting continues to accelerate, free IPTV apps are filling the demand for live TV streaming on the cheap. While paid services do offer more stability and features, the 25 apps in this guide deliver enough variety for most light streamers.

Just be sure to follow our tips on using a VPN for privacy, avoiding shady apps, and limiting any financial info shared. Staying safe with free IPTV is crucial.

We hope this breakdown gave you the information needed to dive into streaming live TV on your Firestick, smartphone and other devices. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!


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