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Top 5 out of 10 Free Antidetect Browsers [Tested & Compared]

Looking for the best free antidetect browsers in 2023? Want to protect your online identity without breaking the bank? Discover the leading choices that provide optimal security, all for free. Click here to find out more!

Most of the antidetect browsers come with a price tag and can be expensive. While the cost is justifiable for certain use cases, it is not in others. And that is why some of the antidetect browsers offer free plans.

And believe me, these free antidetect browser plans work well. I mean, I have had to use it for some of my tasks in the past. I upgraded when I needed more than the basics. And you can do that too. This article describes the top free antidetect browsers in the market right now.

Most of these free antidetect browsers have paid plans. You can always upgrade to their paid plans anytime you’re ready to enjoy their premium features.

Top Free Antidetect Browsers Compared 2023: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable Online Privacy

Feature Sphere IxBrowser Multilogin Lite GoLogin AdsPower Incogniton X-Browser Ghost Browser
Price Free Free Free Free (3 profiles) Free (2 profiles) Free (10 profiles) Free with Smartproxy subscription Free
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux, Android Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS Windows, macOS
Browser profiles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3 2 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Team collaboration No No No No No Yes No No
Web automation No No No No Yes Yes No No
Browser fingerprint spoofing Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
Support Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

As you can see, the free antidetect browsers offer a variety of features and performance. Sphere, IxBrowser, and Multilogin Lite are all good options if you need a free antidetect browser with a limited number of features. GoLogin, AdsPower, and Incogniton are good options if you need a free antidetect browser with more features. X-Browser is a good option if you are already a Smartproxy user. Ghost Browser is a good option if you need a free antidetect browser with a single window.

It is important to note that free antidetect browsers may not be as secure or reliable as paid antidetect browsers. If you are serious about protecting your privacy and security, you may want to consider a paid antidetect browser.

GoLogin — Our Recommended Free Antidetect Browser

GoLogin is arguably one of the top antidetect browsers. It is our recommended antidetect browser free option. This anti-detect browsing software is paid. However, it does have a free plan that you can use for your activities. What do you get with the GoLogin free plan? Well, you can create 3 browser profiles, each having its own browser fingerprint and environment separate from each others. In fact, with the GoLogin free plan, you get access to all of the GoLogin features except for their profile sharing and team collaboration features.

The features that come with GoLogin include over 50 customizable browser fingerprints. It comes with the ability to manage cookies and set proxies. It even offers you free proxies. When you decide to upgrade to their paid plan, this service is readily one of the cheap options available. Their pricing starts from $50 monthly, and you get a 50% discount for annual payments. As a new user, you have a 7-day free trial, which allows you to create up to 1K browser profiles before being downgraded to 3 profiles as a free user.

AdsPower — Cheapest Antidetect Browser with Free Plan

AdsPower is quite popular for Facebook ads account management. In fact, this antidetect browser started as a Facebook ads browser before it was transformed into a full-fledged antidetect browser. It is one of the antidetect browsers out there you can use without paying a dime. But you’ll have to accept to enjoy only the basics. AdsPower allows free users to create only 2 profiles. You can set browser fingerprints with even mobile browser fingerprints supported.

The true power of AdsPower is unleashed with its paid plan. If you have a few dollars to spare, AdsPower is already cheap. Its base plan starts from $9, and with this, you can create up to 10 profiles. The pricing model is flexible, and you can scale up as you need. Being a paid user, you are given access to the premium features. This includes Facebook automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), team collaboration and profile sharing, as well as automatic proxy matching. It also does support profile storage and recycling, among others.

Incogniton — Most Generous Antidetect Browser

Unlike in the case of the other providers above, Incogniton is quite generous with its free antidetect offer. With this provider, you are allowed to create and manage up to 10 browser profiles for free. This is the highest on the list. This provider is one of the new generational antidetect browsers. It comes with some unique features. One of the features of interest is its “paste as human”,  which emulates human typing to quickly fill forms.

You can create multiple browser profiles and decide whether to store them in the cloud or locally. This free antidetect browser support team collaboration, profile sharing, and data synchronization across devices. You can also create bulk profiles, automate your tasks using Selenium and generate fingerprints automatically. However, most of these features are available only in their paid plans. Their paid plan starts from $30 monthly.

X Browser — Free for Smartproxy Users

The X Browser is completely free with one requirement— you’ll have to be a Smartproxy user. Smartproxy is a premium proxy network offering both residential and datacenter proxies. As their customer with an active subscription, you can use this free antidetect browser. With it, you can create an unlimited number of browser profiles, and each will be unique. This makes it the perfect free antidetect browser for small marketers.

As with other antidetect browsers, X Browser allows you control over the different browser parameters. However, you should only do the tweaking if you know what you’re doing, as failure to tweak the browser fingerprint correctly will make you unique and identifiable. You can purchase proxies from this provider and get the chance to use their free antidetect browser.

Ghost Browser — Single Window Antidetect Browser 

Ghost Browser is another free antidetect browser you can use for managing multiple accounts. Unlike the other antidetect browsers above, Ghost Browser prevents you from a single window. Each tab is a different session, browser environment, and unique fingerprint. This means that you can manage multiple accounts from the same browser window. It does have a powerful proxy option. With this, you can assign a proxy to each tab.

The browser is based on Chromium. With this, you can import all of your browser extensions from Chrome with just a few clicks. Ghost Browser does support grouping of tabs and organizing them to fight tab bloat. This is recommended for those with low-powered systems. It is available for Windows and Mac.


What is an antidetect browser?

An antidetect browser is a type of browser that is designed to protect your privacy and security. It does this by spoofing your browser fingerprint, which is a unique identifier that websites use to track you. This makes it difficult for websites to identify you and track your browsing activity.

What are the benefits of using a free antidetect browser?

There are several benefits to using a free antidetect browser. First, they are free to use. Second, they are easy to set up and use. Third, they offer a basic level of protection for your privacy and security.

What are the drawbacks of using a free antidetect browser?

There are a few drawbacks to using a free antidetect browser. First, they may not offer as many features as paid antidetect browsers. Second, they may not be as secure as paid antidetect browsers. Third, they may not be as reliable as paid antidetect browsers.

What are some of the most popular free antidetect browsers?

Some of the most popular free antidetect browsers include:

  • Sphere
  • IxBrowser
  • Multilogin Lite
  • GoLogin
  • AdsPower
  • Incogniton
  • X-Browser
  • Ghost Browser

How do I choose the best free antidetect browser for me?

When choosing a free antidetect browser, there are a few factors you should consider:

  • Your needs: What features do you need from an antidetect browser?
  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend?
  • Your security needs: How important is security to you?

Once you have considered these factors, you can choose an antidetect browser that meets your needs.

Are free antidetect browsers safe?

Free antidetect browsers can be safe, but it is important to choose a reputable provider. Some free antidetect browsers may not be as secure as paid antidetect browsers. It is important to do your research before choosing a free antidetect browser.

Are these free antidetect browsers available on all platforms?

Most of these browsers are available on multiple platforms, including Windows and Mac. However, it’s best to check the specific browser’s website for detailed information about platform compatibility.


No doubt, we should pay for the marketing software we use, as free marketing software come with its risks. Free antidetect browsers are not an exception.

However, there are instances where you can’t afford to pay for an antidetect browser to use. If you’re in such instances right now, then you can make a choice from the list of free antidetect browsers above.


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