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Fox Sports App – How to Install on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, and More

If you want to stream live sports, highlights and analysis directly on your streaming device, then the Fox Sports app is a must-have. This guide will show you how to download and install the Fox Sports app on popular platforms like Firestick/Fire TV and Roku.

With just a few steps, you can start watching top sports leagues and competitions through the Fox Sports app. Let‘s dive in and get Fox Sports ready to use on your favorite media players.

What Exactly is the Fox Sports App?

The Fox Sports app allows cordcutters to stream live sports and on-demand sports content without the need for cable. It‘s available on various streaming devices and platforms including:

  • Fire TV Stick and Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One
  • iOS and Android mobile devices

With the Fox Sports app installed, you gain access to live games, highlights and analysis from leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer and more. Here‘s an overview of key features available within the app:

Live Games

The Fox Sports app provides live streams for sports like NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, soccer, college sports and motor sports. You can watch local team broadcasts based on your region. An internet connection of at least 3-5 Mbps is recommended for smooth streaming.

Highlights and Replays

Don‘t have time to watch full games? Catch up with highlight packs, top plays and condensed game replays on-demand. Relive amazing goals, touchdowns, slam dunks and more.

News and Analysis

Stay on top of trades, injuries, roster moves and more with 24/7 news coverage. Watch expert analysis from top former players and insiders.

Shows and Original Series

From irreverent comedy like The HERD to heated debate programs like Undisputed, the Fox Sports app has exclusive sports talk shows, radio programs and docuseries you won‘t find elsewhere.


Customize the app around your favorite sports, teams and leagues. Enable notifications so you never miss big plays, scores and moments.

The Fox Sports app provides a single hub to follow multiple sports – from Football to Baseball to Soccer and more. It‘s a must-have for any sports super fan!

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Fox Sports App on Fire TV & Firestick

Want to add Fox Sports to your Firestick, Fire TV Cube or other Fire TV model? Here is a simple walkthrough to install the Fox Sports app:

1. Find Fox Sports App in Fire TV Search

From the Home screen, use the search magnifying icon to search for "Fox Sports". This will display the Fox Sports app in the search results.

Alternatively, you can find the app under Categories > Sports.

Fox Sports app on Firestick search

2. Select the Fox Sports App

Choose the app from the search results. This will open the Fox Sports app page on Amazon‘s Appstore.

Fox Sports App on Firestick

3. Download and Install

Select "Get" to begin downloading and installing the Fox Sports app on your Fire TV.

The app is absolutely free so you can click Get without paying anything.

Get Fox Sports App on Firestick

The download and installation process typically takes less than a minute. Once complete, you‘ll find the Fox Sports app ready to use from the Fire TV Home screen or Apps Menu.

4. Log In to Unlock Full Features

Launch the newly installed Fox Sports app. You‘ll be prompted to create or sign in to a Fox Sports account.

Registering for a free account unlocks live streaming access along with full app features.

Fox Sports App Login

Once logged in, you can start watching live games, highlights and sports shows!

That‘s all it takes to get Fox Sports on your Firestick or Fire TV. Enjoy an amazing sports streaming experience!

How to Download Fox Sports App on Roku

Roku offers an official Fox Sports channel that makes it easy to access live games and highlights. Here are the steps to add it:

1. Open Roku Channel Store

From your Roku home screen, go to Streaming Channels. This will open the Roku Channel Store.

2. Search for Fox Sports

In the Channel Store search bar, type in "Fox Sports" and press Search.

Fox Sports App on Roku

3. Select Fox Sports Channel

The search results will display the official Fox Sports Roku Channel. Select this option to open the channel‘s page.

4. Click Add Channel

On the Fox Sports Roku Channel page, click Add Channel to begin installing it.

Add Fox Sports channel on Roku

The channel will download quickly. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish adding it to your Roku.

5. Access Fox Sports Channel

Once installed, you can access the Fox Sports channel directly from the Roku home screen.

Launch the channel and login with your Fox Sports account to unlock full access. Enjoy live sports streaming at home!

And that‘s all you need to do add the Fox Sports channel on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV.

Key Features of the Fox Sports App Explored

Now that you know how to install Fox Sports on Firestick/Fire TV and Roku, let‘s explore some of the top features that make this app so useful for sports fans.

Live Streaming of Top Sports

The number one appeal of the Fox Sports app is live streaming access to top sports leagues and events. Here are some of the popular sports you can watch:

  • NFL Football – Catch live local and national NFL games each week during the regular season and playoffs. Stream Sunday night, Thursday night and Monday night football.

  • MLB Baseball – Tune into live local and national MLB baseball games over the course of the long 162-game season and postseason.

  • NBA Basketball – Stream live out-of-market NBA games from teams across the league. Watch NBA playoffs and Finals.

  • NHL Hockey – Watch live NHL action including Stanley Cup playoff and championship games.

  • Soccer – Major leagues worldwide like the Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League and World Cup.

  • College Sports – NCAA football and basketball including power conferences like the SEC, Big 10 and ACC.

  • Motor Sports – From NASCAR to Formula 1 racing, high-octane auto/motor sports.

No matter your favorite sport, you‘ll be able to live stream top games and events. An internet connection of at least 3-5 Mbps is recommended for smooth streaming.

Highlights and News on Demand

Don‘t have time to watch full games? Just want to see the big moments?

The Fox Sports app makes it easy to catch highlights and top plays from across multiple sports. Condensed game replays allow you to stream full games in under 30 minutes.

Stay on top of roster moves, trades, injuries and more with 24/7 breaking news coverage. Set alerts so you never miss key updates on your favorite team or league.

Original Shows and Podcasts

In addition to live sports and highlights, the Fox Sports app offers exclusive sports talk shows, radio programs and podcasts.

Popular programs like Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Speak for Yourself and more. Listen to top personalities debate the hottest topics and give their unfiltered opinions.

Fox Sports Radio provides 24/7 national sports talk programming. Stream at home or on the go.


Tailor the Fox Sports experience to your preferences. Follow favorite leagues, teams and even players for quick access whenever you use the app.

Enable notifications to get alerted anytime your team is playing, scores or makes a big play. Set reminders for upcoming games so you never miss the action.

How to Use MultiView on Fire TV

One of the best features of the Fox Sports app on Fire TV is multi-view mode. This allows you to watch two live streams simultaneously side-by-side.

Multiview is perfect for keeping an eye on two big games at once or watching your fantasy players in multiple matchups.

To use it, simply open two simultaneous streams in the Fox Sports app. Press the down direction button on your remote and select "MultiView". Then select the two streams you want to display.

Fox Sports multiview on Fire TV

Adjust the volume and fullscreen each stream as needed. With multiview, you‘ll never miss pivotal moments!

Troubleshooting Fox Sports App Problems

Although the Fox Sports app typically works well, you may occasionally run into issues. Here are some common problems and fixes:

Can‘t Login

  • Double check your username/password credentials
  • Reset your password if forgotten
  • Delete and reinstall the latest version of the app
  • Ensure your Fox Sports account is active

App Buffering/Lagging

  • Check internet speeds – minimum 3-5 Mbps recommended
  • Reset router if connection is unstable
  • Restart streaming device
  • Lower video quality in app settings

Fox Sports Not Working

  • Update the app to latest version
  • Reinstall the Fox Sports app
  • Clear app cache and data
  • Make sure location/region is set correctly

Error Messages

  • Note the specific error and lookup solution
  • Uninstall and reinstall a fresh version of the app
  • Contact Fox Sports support for troubleshooting help

Crashing or Freezing

  • Close background apps and restart device
  • Update streaming device software/firmware
  • Delete and reinstall Fox Sports app
  • Free up storage space on device

Following basic troubleshooting like app reinstalls, cache clearing and software updates typically resolves most issues with Fox Sports.

Fox Sports App Viewing Requirements and Limitations

While the Fox Sports app makes it easier than ever to stream sports online, there are some requirements and limitations to be aware of:

  • Fox Sports Account – A free account is required for live streaming. You can signup easily on the Fox Sports website or within the app.

  • Internet Connection – Minimum 3-5 Mbps high speed internet recommended for smooth streaming without buffering.

  • TV Provider Login – Certain live content may require logging into a partnered pay TV provider like Sling or DirecTV.

  • Regional Access – Local live team broadcasts are limited based on geographical region/location.

  • Device Limit – Streams are limited to 2 devices simultaneously per account.

  • Platform Availability – While Fox Sports is available on many devices, it may not be supported by every brand.

  • Contract Disputes – Carriage rights disagreements can occasionally cause programming blackouts.

While limitations exist, the Fox Sports app still provides plentiful live sports and highlights for cordcutters. An Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna can supplement it with additional local broadcast channels.

How Fox Sports Stacks Up Against the Competition

Fox Sports is far from the only sports streaming option available. How does it compare with alternatives like ESPN, NBC Sports and more?

Fox Sports vs ESPN App

The ESPN app arguably has a deeper content library including more original programming like 30 for 30 documentaries, and slightly better coverage of niche sports. However, Fox Sports excels at mainstream sports like NFL, MLB and soccer.

Fox Sports vs NBC Sports App

NBC Sports focuses most heavily on NHL, Premier League soccer, NASCAR and Olympics sports. Fox Sports has a wider range of leagues and competitions. But NBC excels in their specific niches.

Fox Sports vs DAZN

DAZN offers more combat sports coverage including boxing and MMA events. Fox Sports has the upper hand for mainstream North American pro leagues. DAZN costs $19.99 after a free trial while Fox Sports is free.

Fox Sports vs fuboTV

For sheer volume of sports content, live pay TV streaming services like fuboTV are hard to beat. But they come at a cost of $64.99+ monthly. Fox Sports provides great free coverage.

Here is a comparison table summarizing the key strengths of major sports streaming apps:

Fox Sports ESPN NBC Sports DAZN
NFL Football
MLB Baseball
NBA Basketball
NHL Hockey
College Sports
Originals Good Great Okay Minimal
Free/Paid Free Free Free $19.99/month

The ideal solution is to have both Fox Sports and ESPN apps handy to cover the most sports. NBC Sports fills in additional gaps like the NHL and Premier League soccer. Casual fans find most needs met for free with Fox Sports and ESPN apps.

Final Thoughts on Fox Sports App

If you want to ditch cable but still be able to stream live sports, the Fox Sports app is a must-have. It provides free access to extensive live sports and highlights from top leagues.

I hope this guide has shown you how quick and easy it is to install Fox Sports on your Firestick, Fire TV or Roku.

Once you complete the fast setup process, an amazing sports streaming experience awaits. You‘ll be able to watch your favorite teams, players and events live, relive big plays on demand, and stay on top of sports news.

Cut the cable cord confidently knowing the Fox Sports app has you covered for NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA hoops, NHL hockey, soccer, college sports and more. Install it today!


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