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How to Install FlixVision on Firestick & Android TV for Free Streaming

FlixVision has quickly become one of the most talked about streaming APKs for Firestick and Android TV. With its huge catalog of free movies, shows, live TV, and more, it‘s easy to see the appeal!

However, FlixVision is not available in any official app stores. You have to install it directly as an APK file. This raises some important questions around FlixVision‘s safety, legality, and reliability.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know to get FlixVision installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV device. I‘ll also provide some tips to help you stream safely and steer clear of any problems.

Let‘s get started!

Overview of FlixVision APK

First, what exactly is FlixVision and how does it work?

FlixVision is a media player app that offers free streaming of movies, TV shows, live channels, sports and more. It‘s available as an Android APK package that can be installed on several devices, including:

  • Firestick (all models)
  • Fire TV (all models)
  • Android smart TVs
  • Android phones & tablets
  • Android boxes like MECOOL, Xiaomi, etc.

It provides easy access to a huge library of media through "scraped" links from various streaming sites and services. These aren‘t official licensed sources, which raises some questions about the legality of the streams (more on that later).

The app itself is free and easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface:

FlixVision App Interface

Some key features and categories include:

  • Movies – Extensive selection of movies, including latest cinema releases in HD.
  • TV Shows – Binge watch full seasons of popular shows.
  • Live TV – Access to live TV channels across sports, news, entertainment and more.
  • Anime – Top anime series ready for on-demand streaming.

FlixVision has already grown quickly in the months since its release. In fact, it‘s been installed on over 5 million devices according to estimates.

But with this meteoric growth, there are some important downsides to consider as well before installing FlixVision.

Is FlixVision Safe and Legal to Use?

Whenever installing apps outside of official app stores like the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore, extra precautions are needed. FlixVision has become popular on jailbroken Firesticks and rooted Android devices.

Since FlixVision is not properly audited or verified by any app store, there are 3 main risks to consider:

1. Malware and Viruses

There is potential for hacked or modded apps like FlixVision to contain malware, spyware or other viruses. Reputable app stores like Google Play thoroughly vet the code of every app for any security flaws.

FlixVision does not undergo this same scrutiny. However, I scanned the latest version in VirusTotal and it came back clean:

VirusTotal Scan of FlixVision

Still, scanning an APK alone cannot detect all possible threats. It‘s a best practice to use a VPN when accessing untrusted apps for an extra layer of security.

2. Link Reliability and Quality

Since FlixVision essentially scrapes streams from around the web, link quality and reliability can be hit-or-miss. In my testing, some movies played fine in 1080p HD while others only in lower quality or failed to load.

The Live TV section yielded the most sources that did not work properly. But again, performance can vary for users depending on the selected content.

3. Legality of Content

The biggest concern around apps like FlixVision is the source and legality of the content they provide access to.

FlixVision is not officially available in app stores, meaning it has not gone through licensing approval processes that verified apps are required to. Therefore, much of the movies, shows and live TV provided likely violate copyright law.

According to research from MUSO, over 50% of Americans stream copyright-infringing content at least occasionally through apps like FlixVision.

While FlixVision hosts no content itself, users ultimately bear responsibility for any streams accessed through it. There is risk of letters/penalties from ISPs for copyright infringement. Use discretion and caution when streaming.

For fully legal options, check out our list of Best Free Movie Apps.

How to Install FlixVision APK on Firestick and Android TV

Now that you understand the basics, let‘s walk through installing FlixVision on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV devices.

Step 1) Download and Enable "Downloader" App

First, we need an easy way to download the APK file onto our streaming device. For this, we‘ll use the free Downloader app:

  • On Firestick / Fire TV – Download Downloader from the Amazon Appstore.
  • On Android TV – Download Downloader from the Google Play Store.

Once Downloader is installed, head into Settings > Apps and enable "Unknown Sources":

Enable Unknown Sources

This allows installation of APKs from outside sources.

Step 2) Connect a VPN

Next, it‘s highly recommended to connect a trusted VPN app before proceeding. This will encrypt your connection and hide your streaming activity from your ISP.

I recommend Surfshark VPN which works great on Firestick and Android.

Surfshark VPN App

With Surfshark connected, you can download and stream anonymously.

Step 3) Open Downloader and Download FlixVision APK

Now open the Downloader app and enter the following URL to download the latest APK:

Select "Download" when prompted. The APK will begin downloading onto your device.

Downloading FlixVision APK

Once finished, you‘ll get a "Download Complete" message. Select OK to automatically begin the installation process.

Step 4) Install FlixVision APK

After downloading, Downloader will display the install prompt for FlixVision:

Install FlixVision APK

Go ahead and select "Install" to finish the installation process.

And that‘s it! FlixVision should now be installed on your Firestick / Android TV and ready to open. You‘ll find it in your Apps menu.

Tips for Using FlixVision on Firestick / Android TV

Here are some quick tips to get the most out of FlixVision and avoid any issues:

  • Fully close/force stop the app after each use. This will clear cached files and links.
  • Try multiple links if one fails or is low quality. Streaming reliability varies.
  • Turn on subtitles if the default language is not your native language.
  • Use a VPN at all times for privacy and security when streaming.
  • For the best experience, use on a Firestick 4K or Fire TV Cube which are fastest.
  • Don‘t hesitate to clear app cache in device settings to fix any glitches.

And most importantly – use good judgement when streaming! Avoid any illegal usage of copyrighted content.

Top Alternatives to FlixVision

While FlixVision offers a ton of free content, issues around reliability, quality and legality remain.

Here are some of the top verified apps I recommend as alternatives:

App Content Price Devices
Plex Movies, TV, Live TV, Music Free / Paid Firestick, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs
PlutoTV Live TV, Movies, Sports, News Free Firestick, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs
Tubi Movies, TV Shows Free (AVOD) Firestick, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs
Stremio Movies, TV, Live TV, Addons Free / Paid Firestick, Android TV, Windows, Mac, Linux

These are all legal apps from verified developers available in official app stores. While they may offer less content overall compared to FlixVision, streaming reliability and quality is much better.

Final Thoughts on FlixVision for Firestick and Android TV

I hope this guide has provided everything you need to know to safely install and start using FlixVision on your streaming device.

While FlixVision does provide free access to an impressive library of movies, shows and live TV, issues around link reliability, quality, and legality remain. Use discretion when streaming.

My recommendation is to test it out for yourself, but also have some verified legal apps installed like Plex or PlutoTV for a better overall experience.

No matter what streaming apps you use, protect yourself with a trusted VPN like Surfshark. Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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