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What is Flixtor and How to Use this Streaming Service (Flixtor review)

This Flixtor review will take a quick look at the service, and see if it is the best choice, or if other alternatives make better use of your time.

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What is Flixtor?

In the words of the developer, Flixtor is a search engine that is fully automated, and performs hourly scans of other streaming websites and lists the best quality videos. All of this happens with no intervention.

Flixtor delivers high-quality movies and TV shows, but unlike other streaming services, they don’t make use of P2P technology.

The company says you would be uploading in addition to movies being watched, and this is classed as illegal in many countries.

Features of Flixtor streaming website:

  • Watch movies, TV series and cartoons all from one location online
  • Ability to watch many movies trailer
  • Search through over 2 million movie titles
  • Browsing and search filters allow users to choose through specific categories such as date, popularity, and genre as well as the highest number of downloads for that content.

With any service of this nature, many users wonder is Flixtor legal, and is it safe to use. So here we will take a quick look at this.

Is Flixtor Safe to Use?

The site itself is safe because it doesn’t host any files and only offers links to the content it finds. This leads us into the legality of the site.

In some areas, streaming if it is for watching at home is not classed as illegal as long as it isn’t broadcast to a broader audience, and that none of the content is re-uploaded.

But, in many countries, even this streaming is frowned upon because the content is more than likely illegally obtained, especially if the movies and TV shows are recent releases.

This does attract lots of attention from studios, TV channels and the like who continually struggle to get these sites shut down.

At this point, we recommend the use of a VPN when using any streaming site such as this one. Additionally, in the FAQ’s on the website, the company states your ISP could see you are visiting the site, but they wouldn’t be able to see what you looked at, or which Flixtor movies you were watching.

What Devices Does Flixtor Run On?

Flixtor can run on any most browsers, but it works best with Chrome or Opera. When you use the site to watch any of the wide range of movies or TV show, it is as easy as point and click.

You have the screen filled with covers and above these are quick filter options. When you hover over the cover, you have the information icon which gives details on your choice, and on some, you have the option to download rather than stream (this is where you can land in trouble).

Apps are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux which can all be found on GitHub.

The exciting thing is the Flixtor app for Android. This isn’t available for the Play Store but quickly found on the internet.

The VIP version allows Airplay and Chromecast on selected devices, and it is this service which has beaten all the other large streaming services to deliver this feature.

The free version, when used on an Android device, does contain ads, but with the broad range of available content, this is a small price to pay and is no different to watching a TV series in conventional means.

On the desktop, you also have the option to stream or download. AT this point again it is advisable to make use of a VPN if you download any content, even if it is a TV show. The less chance anyone can spy on what you are viewing or doing the better and safer you will be.

Although it hasn’t been around as long as some other sites, it has already faced problems and taken down.

But now it is back, it is the most full-featured streaming app or website you can use. As much as Flixtor took inspiration from Popcorn Time, then others are bound to do the same.

Flixtor Alternatives

Here are a few Flixtor alternatives you can use in case the site or app stops working all of a sudden.

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This site differs from Flixtor because it is owned by Sony, and all the movies are entirely legal. This is ad-subsidized, and you might not find a new release like you can on other sites.

It was created in 2007, so it has seen changes and comes with a slick interface to browse the content they host.


All the movies and shows here well segregated into sections for ease of finding what you
want. Video quality is of a high standard, and it delivers good streaming speeds. Native iOS and Android apps are available as well as being able to watch it on your PC.


This alternative also houses a vast range of varied content and is available as an app you can run on Apple TV, Android, Roku, and other popular streaming devices. You can sign up for a free account, and you can be presented with personalized content which is based on your interests.


All streaming sites are upping their game in the level of services they deliver. Behind the scenes, a lot of the content might come from the same sources.

So, with this in mind, and the fact it is most likely illegal content, all users of these streaming services need a VPN so their connection will be masked.

From your connection, you will be protected and kept private from anyone (Including data retention happy ISP’s). No one can track anything back to you once your connection passes over these VPNs.

The world’s number one VPN provider keeps every customer out of sight when they use a VPN server to connect to streaming websites or download movies when they are available.


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