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Flixanity Streaming Site Shut Down by ACE – What Happened?

Flixanity website screenshot

The free streaming site Flixanity, once massively popular around the world, has met its demise at the hands of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). For streamers long reliant on Flixanity‘s seemingly endless supply of movies and shows, this development poses a major question: What are the viable and legal options now?

First, let‘s examine what exactly happened with the shutdown of this streaming giant. Flixanity first launched in 2015 and experienced rapid growth, soon becoming a go-to destination for cord-cutters seeking the latest films and television series. At its peak, it boasted millions of monthly visitors across an expanding network of domains.

However, this free access to copyrighted material also put a massive target on Flixanity‘s back. ACE, a coalition of powerful entertainment companies and associations formed to fight online piracy, had Flixanity in its crosshairs. After extended demands that Flixanity cease operations went unheeded, ACE obtained orders to disable its 29 active domains.

"Flixanity was a popular streaming site that had been operating since 2015 through various domains,” stated ACE. “In recent years, the operation was expanded to include several domains that bear names similar to other popular pirate brands to attract more visitors. Over the last year, traffic to the Flixanity-connected sites had grown tenfold with 29 active domains connected to the service.”

Flixanity website screenshot

Since forming in 2017, ACE has shut down over 200 illegal streaming services and seized thousands of infringing domains. But their work seems never done, as sites like Flixanity continue popping up to meet surging demand for free movies and shows.

The Flixanity saga further illustrates the high stakes game of whack-a-mole between anti-piracy groups and streaming sites dancing just outside legal boundaries. Flixanity‘s operators certainly knew the risks but bet big on their ability to profit while evading enforcement. That gamble ultimately didn‘t pay off once ACE came knocking.

However, ACE‘s powers are limited, as evidenced by mirror site still functioning even after the main domains went dark. Streaming sites based overseas or utilizing various technical workarounds can often drag out their survival despite legal threats.

For streamers left without their Flixanity fix, numerous legitimate alternatives now exist…

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