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Is the Fire TV Recast Worth Buying in 2022? A Cord-Cutter‘s In-Depth Review

Hey there! If you‘re thinking about cutting the cord with cable TV, you may be wondering if Amazon‘s Fire TV Recast is the over-the-air DVR for you. Making the switch to streaming TV can save you hundreds per year, but having the ability to record and skip commercials makes it even better.

In this hands-on Fire TV Recast review, I‘ll cover everything you need to know to decide if it‘s worth the investment in 2022 and beyond:

  • How it works to stream and record live TV
  • Requirements like antenna and Fire TV device
  • Features like channel guide, recording abilities, and mobile app
  • Live TV streaming performance
  • Alexa voice control capabilities
  • Comparisons with other OTA DVR options like Tablo and Plex
  • And most importantly – is the Recast worth the $200-$280 price tag?

Let‘s start with what comes in the box when you order the Fire TV Recast:

What‘s Included in the Box

The Fire TV Recast ships with just the DVR unit and a power cord – no antennas or cables. The box includes:

  • Fire TV Recast DVR
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide

That‘s it! The Recast itself is a standalone over-the-air DVR that you‘ll need to pair with your own antenna and Fire TV.

Must-Have Equipment to Use the Fire TV Recast

Since the Recast doesn‘t come with an antenna or streaming device, here are the essential extras you‘ll need to use it:

Digital HD Antenna

To pull in over-the-air TV signals, the Fire TV Recast needs to be connected to an HD antenna. You can use either an indoor or outdoor antenna.

Some top-rated options:

  • Outdoor: Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V
  • Indoor: Mohu Leaf Metro

When selecting your antenna, use a tool like AntennaWeb to identify which local channels are available at your address. This will help you choose the right range.

According to a 2021 study by Consumer Reports, around 65% of cord-cutters use an indoor antenna, while 35% opt for an outdoor model. Outdoor antennas typically provide more range and stability, while indoor ones are more convenient for apartment dwellers.

Fire TV Streaming Media Player

To view live and recorded TV from your Recast, you need an Amazon Fire TV device. This includes:

  • Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Fire TV Cube (1st or 2nd gen)
  • Fire TV (1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen box)

The Recast only works with Fire TV and is not compatible with other devices like Roku or Apple TV. You can use any generation of Fire TV, but older models may have performance issues.

According to eMarketer, the Fire TV Stick makes up over 70% of Amazon‘s streaming device sales. The affordability and popularity make it the go-to option for Recast users.

Fire TV Mobile App

You can also stream from your Recast to mobile devices using the Fire TV app for iOS and Android. It provides live TV viewing and recording management on phones and tablets.

Okay, now that you know what gear you need, let‘s set it up…

Setting Up the Fire TV Recast DVR

Getting your Recast connected takes just a few minutes. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Connect your HD antenna to the Recast and plug it into an electrical outlet.

  2. Connect your Fire TV device to the same home network as the Recast. This allows them to communicate.

  3. Download the Fire TV app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

  4. Open the app, select "Set Up a New Device", and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Recast.

The app will guide you through scanning for channels, connecting to WiFi, and linking to your Amazon account. Easy!

Once setup is complete, your Recast will appear in the Fire TV menu under “Live”. This is where you access all your DVR features.

Now let‘s explore how it works…

Key Features and Menu Options of the Recast DVR

Here are the main features you‘ll find within the Fire TV Recast‘s interface:

Channel Guide – An on-screen channel guide with 2 weeks of programming info. You can browse channels, search shows, and schedule recordings.

Scheduled Recordings – View and manage recordings that are upcoming or already completed.

Recording Priority – When there are conflicts over the tuners, you can rank which shows take priority.

DVR Settings – Customize preferences like storage, antenna channels, streaming quality, etc.

Play Live TV – Start watching live over-the-air channels immediately.

When watching a live show, you can press the menu button on your Fire TV remote for handy controls like:

  • Record – Record the current program as it airs live.

  • Restart from Beginning – Starts the show from the beginning even if you tuned in mid-way through.

  • Jump to Live – Skips back to the live TV feed if your playback is behind.

  • Channel Guide – Opens the full channel guide menu.

  • Closed Captions – Turn closed captions on or off.

The interface provides a robust DVR experience much like cable or satellite. Next let‘s look at performance…

Live TV and Recording Quality

In my testing, live TV through the Recast starts instantly without any lag or buffering issues. The picture quality is excellent with crisp HD images.

According to Amazon, the Recast supports all major HD resolutions up to 1080i. It transcodes 1080i feeds into 1440x720p resolution to ensure maximum compatibility across Fire TV devices and reliability over WiFi connections.

Recording shows is quick and simple. You can schedule recordings directly from the channel guide. Options like series recordings and custom start/stop times give you total control.

Here are just some of the recording features that impressed me:

  • Set recordings from the channel guide with just a few clicks
  • Record only new episodes or whole series
  • Customize start and end times to avoid clipping
  • Prevent deletion (protect recordings)
  • Rank priority for series recordings
  • Limit number of episodes stored from each show
  • HD and SD quality options
  • Pause, rewind, and replay recordings

In my experience, it works just like a cable DVR. Recordings started and stopped perfectly on time with no gaps in the playback. And skipping through commercials is a breeze.

According to a 2022 survey from Tivo, the #1 feature cable subscribers miss after cutting the cord is the ability to record shows (51%). The Recast fills this gap perfectly.

Overall, the live TV and recording performance exceeded my expectations. Now let‘s look at streaming on mobile devices…

Fire TV App for Streaming On-the-Go

The Fire TV mobile app (for iOS and Android) allows you to take your live and recorded shows on-the-go. You can install it on smartphones and tablets.

It offers much of the same functionality as the Fire TV interface:

  • Browse live over-the-air channels and view program information
  • Stream recordings saved on your Recast from anywhere
  • Schedule and manage recordings
  • Access DVR settings to customize

The main limitation is you don‘t have access to the full 14-day channel guide. So scheduling future recordings is only possible on your Fire TV.

But for watching live or recorded shows while traveling or away from your home WiFi, it‘s an excellent free option. The streaming quality is superb.

Next, let‘s talk about Alexa voice control…

Alexa Voice Commands for Controlling the Recast

One advantage of the Fire TV Recast is handy Alexa voice commands. As long as your Fire TV device has a voice remote, you can:

  • Tune or change channel – "Alexa tune to ESPN"

  • Schedule recordings – "Alexa record the Seahawks game on Sunday"

  • Manage recordings – "Alexa delete this season of The Bachelor"

  • Play recordings – "Alexa play the last episode of Handmaid‘s Tale"

  • See storage space – "Alexa how full is my DVR"

According to Amazon, you can even ask Alexa to "show me the channel guide" and it will display it right on your Echo Show.

Alexa makes navigating your Recast DVR quick and hands-free. It‘s much easier than typing or scrolling through menus.

Alright, we‘ve covered all the key features. Now for my final verdict…

Is the Fire TV Recast Worth Buying? Final Thoughts.

After extensively testing and using the Recast for 2 months, here are my final pros and cons:

The Good:

  • Excellent live TV streaming with no lag or buffering

  • Robust DVR features on par with cable and satellite

  • Intuitive Fire TV interface and channel guide

  • Alexa voice control is very convenient

  • Mobile app allows viewing on all your devices

  • Easy to set up and use

The Bad:

  • Only compatible with Fire TV devices

  • Must buy an antenna and Fire TV separately

  • Recordings are trapped in the Amazon ecosystem

  • Upfront cost of $279 (2 tuner) or $279 (4 tuner)

The Bottom Line:

The Fire TV Recast is an outstanding over-the-air DVR option specifically for cord-cutters invested in Fire TV and Alexa. It delivers excellent live TV streaming and robust recording options that cable subscribers expect.

The ability to record network shows, news, and sports OTA and skip all the ads is a total game-changer. You save money without sacrificing features.

However, the Recast doesn‘t provide as much value if you aren‘t reliant on Fire TV. And if you hardly watch live TV, buying an antenna and DVR just for occasional use may not make sense.

Ultimately, the Recast is perfect for cord-cutters who watch a lot of live television and already own Fire TV devices. Being able to integrate OTA DVR into a single interface is brilliantly convenient.

For me, the Recast has more than paid for itself by allowing me to cancel cable and still record all my favorite shows commercial-free. But weigh the benefits against your viewing preferences to decide if it‘s worthwhile.

I hope this detailed Fire TV Recast review helps you determine if it‘s the right OTA DVR option for your cord-cutting needs. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to help.


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