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How To Install FileLinked on Firestick and Fire TV Devices (2022 Complete Guide)

Have you heard about FileLinked for Firestick and Fire TV devices? This handy app opens up access to tons of extra apps and games beyond what‘s available in the Amazon Appstore.

In this guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about FileLinked:

  • What it is
  • How to install it
  • Best codes to use
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • And more!

By the end, you‘ll have FileLinked loaded onto your Firestick or Fire TV. Let‘s get started!

A Quick Intro to FileLinked

FileLinked launched in 2017 as an easy way to install apps on Fire OS and Android TV devices like the Firestick 4K and Nvidia Shield.

It‘s developed by TVAddons, who are also behind popular Kodi addons like Exodus and Covenant.

Here‘s a quick overview of how FileLinked works:

  • You install the FileLinked app from Downloader.

  • Enter special codes into FileLinked to install bundles of apps.

  • Each code points to a custom package of apps uploaded by developers and app collectors.

  • With one click, you can install tons of apps instead of hunting down and sideloading individual APK files.

It offers a huge library of apps, games, and utilities not readily available elsewhere.

FileLinked hit over 13 million total installs in 2019 according to data from Aptoide. So it‘s a pretty popular platform!

The FileLinked Shutdown – What Happened?

In early 2021, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) seized the FileLinked domains. ACE is an anti-piracy group backed by most of the major media companies.

They claimed FileLinked enabled access to pirated movies, TV shows, sports streams, and other copyrighted content.

The original FileLinked website now shows this notice:

FileLinked Shut Down Message

However, FileLinked still works fine through third-party downloading sources. And the ecosystem of codes and apps lives on.

While the legal concerns are valid, FileLinked itself is just a tool. There are lots of legitimate use cases as well.

But be careful – some of the apps distributed through it could be illegally sharing copyrighted material. Avoid anything that seems sketchy.

Next up, I‘ll cover how to access FileLinked…

How to Install FileLinked on Fire TV Devices

Despite the domain being seized, you can still easily install a fully working FileLinked APK on any Fire TV device including the Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire tablets, etc.

Here‘s how:

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

First, we need to allow installation of apps outside the Amazon Appstore.

Go into your Fire TV settings:

  1. Select Settings > My Fire TV
  2. Select Developer Options
  3. Turn on apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging

This allows sideloading apps like FileLinked.

Install the Downloader App

Next, install the Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore:

  1. Search for Downloader and select it
  2. Click Download
  3. Once downloaded, open Downloader
  4. Select Allow when prompted

We‘ll use this to grab the FileLinked APK next.

Download the FileLinked APK in Downloader

Now we can use Downloader to fetch and install FileLinked:

  1. Make sure Downloader is open, then select Allow again
  2. Highlight the URL box at the top and click OK to pull up the keyboard
  3. Enter into the URL field and click Go to download
  4. Once finished, select the FileLinked APK at the bottom
  5. Click Install to install FileLinked onto your device
  6. When the install completes, click Done

And that‘s it! FileLinked is now installed and ready to use.

Move FileLinked to Your Home Screen

To make FileLinked easier to access, move it to your home screen:

  1. Press the Home button to return to the Fire TV interface
  2. Go into Your Apps & Games > See All
  3. Find FileLinked and highlight it
  4. Press the options button on your remote
  5. Select Move to front to add it to your home screen

Now the FileLinked app will be prominently placed on your home page.

Troubleshooting Tips for FileLinked Not Working

In some cases, you may run into issues with a non-working FileLinked app. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your internet connection – FileLinked requires an internet connection to function properly. Make sure your Fire TV device is connected to your WiFi or ethernet network.

  • Try a different URL for the APK – If the FileLinked URL above doesn‘t work, search forums and communities for a working alternative link.

  • Toggle ADB Debugging off and on – Go back into Settings > Developer Options and disable ADB Debugging, restart, then enable it again.

  • Clear cache and data – In your Fire TV settings, open the Storage section. Find FileLinked and clear both the cache and data by highlighting it and holding the play/pause button on your remote.

  • Restart your device – Sometimes a simple reboot of both your Fire TV and wireless router can resolve connection issues that may cause problems for FileLinked.

  • Sideload a fresh APK – As a last resort, find an updated FileLinked APK file on a trusted third-party website and reinstall it from scratch using Downloader.

This should resolve any error messages or installation issues you encounter.

Using FileLinked to Install Apps and Games

Once FileLinked is up and running, you can start entering codes to install great apps with a single click.

When you open the app, you‘ll see a text field at the top with a keyboard:

FileLinked Home Screen

Just enter any working FileLinked code and click Continue. The apps bundled with that code will automatically queue up and install.

The process is super quick and seamless compared to hunting down APKs and sideloading them one by one.

Some examples codes to test out:

  • 999999 – Tons of movies, TV shows, and live sports
  • 123456 – Best apps for music and audio
  • 68376209 – Top utility tools and antivirus apps

Be sure to only use codes from trusted sources, as some may contain illegal or malware-infected apps. More on that next.

You can also browse categories like Movies & TV, Music and Games to explore featured apps.

Staying Safe with FileLinked Codes in 2022

When entering and using FileLinked codes, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Vet any code before using – Search online to make sure a code is credible and recommended by others. Avoid random codes.

  • Use codes from official developers – Many app creators have their own FileLinked stores for early access. These are generally safe.

  • Don‘t install anything illegally streaming copyrighted content – Apps enabling free movies and live sports likely violate content rights.

  • Install a good antivirus – Use a malware scanner like AVG Antivirus [from FileLinked code 68376209] to check apps.

  • Browse safely – Don‘t click questionable ads or links within FileLinked menus and code installers.

In general, you can avoid headaches by only using a few trusted FileLinked codes from reliable sources. I‘ll share some of my personal favorites next.

Best FileLinked Codes for Fire TV in 2022

The FileLinked ecosystem is constantly evolving as new codes emerge while older ones go dead. But these codes consistently offer great app selections as of 2022:

Media and Entertainment Apps

  • 84795704 – Huge mix of top movie/TV apps like Cinema HD, Nova TV, Cat Mouse, and many more.
  • 46642399 – Wide range of live TV, sports, and IPTV apps like Redbox TV and HD Streamz.
  • 68376209 – All the essential music, podcast, and radio apps including Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn Radio, and more.

Must-Have Utility Apps

  • 25511633 – Packed with vital utility tools like Downloader, Mouse Toggle, File Commander, ES Explorer, and others.
  • 77777777 – The best VPN apps for Firestick like Surfshark, VPN Ghost, and Hotspot Shield.
  • 51511633 – Top cleaning and maintenance tools such as SD Maid, CCleaner, and Boost Internet.

Fun Game Packs

  • 12888990 – Massive mix of hit casual games across all genres.
  • 34343434 – Best retro gaming emulators for consoles like NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and more.
  • 11111888 – Big assortment of family friendly games suitable for kids.

I always check in on Firestick and Kodi forums and subreddits to find newly released FileLinked codes worth trying.

Next, I‘ll cover how to create your own custom FileLinked app store!

Create Your Own FileLinked Code for Sharing Apps

If you want to create a custom app pack to share with friends and family, FileLinked makes it easy.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account at

  2. Browse for apps within FileLinked and add them to your personal library

  3. Click on My Codes and then Generate Code

  4. Copy your unique 8-digit FileLinked code

  5. Share your code for others to install the apps you handpicked

Now anyone can enter your special code into FileLinked and get your curated app package installed in one shot.

This is great for customizing devices and setting up FileLinked on new gadgets with your essential apps already selected.

I like to make different codes for each room in my house. For example:

  • Living room streaming box – All my media and streaming apps
  • Kitchen tablet – Cooking, recipe, and grocery apps
  • Kids‘ bedroom tablet – Educational and fun games for children

The options are unlimited! FileLinked is a handy way to bundle the apps that matter most to you.

Next let‘s cover getting FileLinked working on Android TV boxes…

Install FileLinked on Android TV Boxes

The process is nearly identical across all Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, MeCool KM2, and more.

Here are the quick steps:

  1. Turn on apps from Unknown Sources in your Android TV settings (under Device Preferences > Security & Restrictions).

  2. Search for and install the Downloader app from the Play Store.

  3. Open Downloader and enter the URL to download.

  4. Select and install the FileLinked APK once downloaded.

  5. Move FileLinked to your Android TV home screen for easy access.

That‘s all it takes! The same FileLinked codes will work on an Android TV box.

Now let‘s wrap up with some frequently asked questions about this handy utility.

FileLinked FAQ

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is FileLinked safe to use in 2022?

The app itself is safe, but be careful which apps you install through it. Stick to reputable sources and codes.

What happened to the main FileLinked website?

It was seized by an anti-piracy group. But the app still works via third-party download URLs.

Can you get FileLinked on a Roku device?

Unfortunately FileLinked doesn‘t work directly on Roku. But apps like 3X App Installer provide similar functionality.

Does FileLinked work on older Fire TV models?

Yes, FileLinked works perfectly on the 1st generation Fire TV box and Stick as long as they are running Fire OS 5 or higher.

Is there an alternative app similar to FileLinked?

Downloader itself lets you sideload APKs. Apps like Aptoide TV also offer unofficial app stores with many of the same apps as FileLinked.

And that wraps up this complete guide on using FileLinked in 2022! Now you can unlock a world of extra apps and utility on your Fire TV or Android TV box.

Let me know if you have any other questions down below and be sure to share your favorite FileLinked codes!


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