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The Extremely Popular FEN Kodi Addon Will No Longer Receive Development – What This Means for Users

The widely used FEN Kodi addon will cease ongoing development and updates, according to a recent announcement from the developer. This news comes as a disappointment to the thousands of cord-cutters who relied on FEN as their go-to source for free movies, shows, and more.

FEN Kodi closed announcement

FEN gained a huge following over the years for its high quality streams, well-organized media libraries, and abundant sources, especially when paired with Real-Debrid. In fact, it became the #1 recommended addon for Real-Debrid users, topping many lists of best Kodi addons.

But why exactly was FEN so popular and beloved by Kodi enthusiasts? Let‘s take a closer look at its history and key features:

The Background Behind FEN – A Brief History

FEN first appeared in the Kodi addon scene in early 2019, created by developer "Tikipeter." While a relatively new addon, it quickly rose to prominence due to its slick design and abundant high-quality sources.

Within just a couple years, FEN amassed over 800,000 downloads across its versions and established itself as a staple in the Kodi community.

FEN download stats

Tikipeter himself was already an experienced Kodi addon developer before launching FEN, known for repos like tknorris and LambdaScrapers. Given his reputation, it‘s no surprise FEN was so thoughtfully engineered right from the start.

Some key milestones in FEN‘s development history:

  • March 2019 – Initial release
  • May 2019 – Added Real-Debrid and Trakt integration
  • October 2019 – Complete rewrite and redesign launched
  • February 2020 – Version 2.0 released with new features
  • May 2021 – UX improvements, bug fixes and module updates

As you can see, FEN received regular updates over its lifespan adding new features and fixes. But it managed to maintain that simple and intuitive interface throughout.

What Made FEN Stand Out in the Crowded World of Kodi Addons

With so many Kodi addon options out there for free streaming, what allowed FEN to stand out from the pack and earn such a passionate user base?

Abundant high-quality sources – FEN scraped many popular torrent sites through resolvers like Real-Debrid and Premiumize, as well as hosters like EasyNews. This opened up tons of 1080p full HD streams.

Intuitive design – The addon had a clean, visually appealing interface that made finding and playing content seamless. Sections for Movies, Shows, My Lists, and more.

Reliability – Sources played smoothly and FEN received regular updates to squash bugs. Few other addons matched its stability.

Fast scraping and playback – Thanks to Python 3, streams started almost instantly compared to slower addons.

Customization – Users could toggle autoplay, sort order, default player, and more options.

When paired with Real-Debrid authorization, FEN became virtually unstoppable for finding high quality streams from cached torrents.

It simplified an often complex Kodi process – finding working links – into an easy-to-use addon. This made it especially popular for Kodi newcomers.

While competitors like Seren and The Crew offered similar scrapers, they lacked FEN‘s intuitive UX. Others had bloated menus or slower playback. FEN checked all the boxes.

Why Shut Down FEN Now? Assessing the Potential Reasons

Tikipeter‘s announcement gave no details on precisely why development would cease permanently. But looking at the broader Kodi landscape, we can make some educated guesses.

Time commitment – Maintaining an addon with such a massive user base is extremely time consuming. Perhaps the dev simply wanted to move on.

Code rot – As Kodi evolves, addons require constant changes. Rewriting old code becomes tiring.

Legal pressures – Addon devs often face threats from ISPs, studios, etc. This may have played a role.

User turnover – The surge in new Kodi users leads to "flavor of the month" addons rising and falling quickly.

Competitive pressures – Seren, The Crew and others replicated many of FEN‘s features and sources. Standing out gets harder.

Of course, without an explicit reason from Tikipeter, any motives are purely speculative. But the longevity challenges facing third-party Kodi addons are undeniable.

Maintaining an addon‘s relevance through updates, balancing legal risk, and keeping pace with a fragmented landscape is non-trivial. It‘s tiring even for experienced devs.

Analyzing the Potential Fallout and Impact of This Loss

Given FEN‘s massive user base, its shut down leaves a sizable void in the Kodi ecosystem. While the exact number is unknown, it‘s safe to say hundreds of thousands of cord-cutters relied on FEN for content.

In the short term, those with FEN installed will likely still use it until scrapers and metadata break down. But its lack of updates means the addon will become obsolete fairly quickly.

The shut down also cuts off a major source of traffic for debrid services and file hosts. FEN was one of the most popular gateways for streaming torrents cached on Real-Debrid and Premiumize.

In fact, some file hosts like EasyNews reportedly considered blocking FEN entirely due to excessive scraping.

Looking more broadly, the loss of FEN also represents the ongoing challenge of instability in the third-party addon ecosystem. No addon lasts forever these days. The days of long-lived staples like Exodus seem to be over.

For Kodi power users this addon turnover is inevitable. But for newcomers just embracing cord-cutting, it can be jarring and off-putting. This churn likely slows mainstream adoption of Kodi itself.

Migrating to FEN Alternatives – Key Options to Consider

If you relied on FEN heavily, the sudden loss of support can be disruptive. But fear not – there are several capable alternatives to replace it. Here are some of the top options to consider:


One of the closest FEN replacements is Twilight. Created by developer rtcomputers, Twilight mirrors FEN‘s interface and rescrapes many of its key torrent sources through Real-Debrid.

In fact, Twilight can be considered a FEN "replica" or "resurrection" designed specifically for disheartened FEN users.

The setup process is virtually identical. Install Twilight, authorize Real-Debrid, configure providers like CocoScrapers, and you have a working FEN alternative.

Twilight lacks some of FEN‘s advanced features like cached torrent management. But its core functionality mirrors FEN very closely.

The Oath

Another suitable replacement is The Oath. Also oriented around Real-Debrid, The Oath scrapes torrent sites along with hosters like Rapidgator.

The Oath has been around for a while but received a big update recently. It now has a playlists section for TV shows, along with Kids, Fitness and other content categories.

While not a mirror of FEN, The Oath delivers similar high quality streams from debrid. It‘s quick too thanks to the latest web scrapers.


Seren has been a popular FEN alternative for a while thanks to its similar focus on Real-Debrid. It offers torrent and hoster scraping along with nice features like recommended lists.

The setup is more complex than FEN, requiring installing extra providers like a4kScrapers. But Seren delivers an equivalent streaming experience once configured properly.

More Notable Mentions

Here are a few other top-notch Kodi addons to consider as replacements:

  • The Crew – All-in-one addon good for movies, shows, sports and more.
  • Venom – Another Exodus fork with plaground of content.
  • Scrubs v2 – Great for shows with solid file host scraping.

And for Live TV streaming, check out addons like The Promise or Charlie‘s Kodi Repository.

Making the Switch – Key Setup Tips for New Addons

When moving from FEN to another addon, be prepared for some slight setup differences. Here are some key pointers:

  • Make sure to authorize Real-Debrid again in the new addon‘s settings. This links your account for resolving cached torrents.

  • You‘ll likely need to re-configure scrapers like a4kScrapers or CocoScrapers. These provide metadata and sources.

  • Browse the new addon‘s menus and settings to find video player options, default sort order, timeout lengths, etc. Customize it to your preferences.

  • If you see broken sources or scraping issues, you may need to toggle certain scrapers on/off until it improves.

  • Consider resetting the addon (typically in Tools menu) if you have function issues. This clears the cache and resets everything.

Addon Pros Cons
Seren Mature & full-featured, customizable Complex setup, slower updates
The Crew Intuitive menus, lively community support Jack of all trades, master of none
Scrubs v2 Focus on shows, great metadata Needs Real-Debrid to maximize
The Oath Lightning fast scraping, great for movies Less content organization
Twilight Nearly identical to FEN, easy migration Currently fewer tools/features than FEN

Don‘t Panic – Take This as an Opportunity to Explore New Possibilities

I know it‘s disheartening to see FEN abandoned after relying on it for so long. But look at this as an opportunity to branch out and see what other addons have to offer!

Testing new interfaces and features is a great way to further customize your viewing experience. And expanding beyond just one addon reduces disruption when issues like this arise.

The Kodi ecosystem will keep evolving with or without FEN. Great new addons emerge all the time to replace outdated ones. And competition breeds innovation.

So explore some FEN alternatives suggested above and discover new possibilities rather than mourning this loss. You might just find something you like even better!

I‘d love to hear your thoughts on FEN shutting down. Were you a longtime user like me? What replacement addon are you moving to? Let me know in the comments below!

And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on the ever-changing Kodi landscape. I‘ll highlight new addons and options worth trying as they emerge!


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