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Fawesome TV App – How to Install on Firestick for Free Movies (2022)

If you own an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV, you can now install the Fawesome TV app to instantly start streaming thousands of free movies and TV shows.

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to download and install Fawesome TV on your Firestick device. With just a few quick steps, you‘ll have access to a massive library of free on-demand entertainment.

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Below I‘ll provide complete instructions for getting Fawesome TV installed on your Firestick along with additional details about how the app works. Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is Fawesome TV?

Fawesome TV is a free ad-supported streaming app that provides instant access to thousands of free movies and TV shows.

It‘s owned and operated by Future Today, Inc. which is a Silicon Valley-based tech company. They first launched Fawesome back in 2006 and it‘s been growing in popularity ever since.

Here‘s an overview of Fawesome TV and what makes it different than other streaming services:

  • 100% Free – No subscription, sign-up or fees required. Completely free.
  • Ad-supported – You‘ll see some ads while using Fawesome to cover costs.
  • Huge library – Over 10,000 free movies and shows available on-demand.
  • Constantly updated – New content added daily across all genres.
  • Works on Firestick – Designed and optimized for Firestick and Fire TV devices.
  • Minimal buffering – Streams start quickly with less lag and buffering.
  • Sharable – One account can be used across unlimited devices.
  • Intuitive interface – Easy to browse and find movies/shows by genre.

So in summary, Fawesome TV offers an extensive catalog of free movies and TV shows that you can access instantly on your Firestick without needing to pay.

It provides a smooth streaming experience with minimal ads compared to other free services. The constantly updated library means you‘ll always have new movies and shows to pick from every time you use Fawesome TV.

Next, let‘s go through the quick and easy process of installing Fawesome on your Firestick device.

How to Install Fawesome TV App on Firestick

The Fawesome TV app can be installed directly on your Firestick device in just a few minutes.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since Fawesome TV isn‘t available directly in the Amazon App Store, you first need to enable app installations from unknown sources:

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options
  • Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Select Turn On to confirm

This allows you to install apps directly onto your Firestick device from outside the Amazon App Store.

2. Download the Downloader App

The Downloader app lets you install Fawesome TV:

  • From the Firestick home screen, go to the Search option
  • Type in "Downloader" and select the Downloader app
  • Click Download to install it on your device

This useful utility app allows you to download and install apps onto your Firestick.

3. Open the Downloader App

Once installed, open the Downloader app from your Firestick‘s app menu:

  • Select the Downloader app icon
  • Choose OK to allow network access
  • You‘ll be taken to the Downloader download interface

The Downloader app is now ready to install Fawesome TV for you.

4. Enter the Fawesome TV URL

In the URL field of the Downloader app, enter:

This will open the download page for the latest version of Fawesome TV.

Be sure to enter it exactly as written above. Then click Go to proceed.

5. Start the Fawesome TV Download

The download will automatically start:

  • You‘ll see the Fawesome TV APK file downloading
  • The download usually just takes a few seconds
  • Once finished, you‘ll get a "Download Complete" message

Easy! You now have the Fawesome TV app downloaded onto your Firestick.

6. Install Fawesome TV

To finish up, we just need to install Fawesome TV:

  • In Downloader, select Install
  • Click Install again on the pop-up window
  • It will quickly install Fawesome TV onto your Firestick device
  • Choose Done once the installation completes

And that‘s it! Fawesome TV is now ready to use on your Firestick.

7. Open Fawesome TV from Your Firestick

To open your newly installed Fawesome TV app:

  • Press the Home button on your remote
  • Select the Apps option to see your apps menu
  • Locate and choose the Fawesome TV app icon

The app will launch and you can start browsing the huge catalog of free movies and TV shows!

And that‘s all it takes to get up and running with Fawesome TV on your Firestick. The entire installation process should only take about 5 minutes.

Now let‘s explore more about how Fawesome TV works and what makes it different than other streaming services.

Key Details About the Fawesome TV App

Now that you have Fawesome TV installed, here are some key details to understand about how this free streaming app works:

Massive Selection of Free Content

Fawesome TV gives you instant access to thousands of free movies and TV shows across every genre imaginable.

Some of the main categories you‘ll find within Fawesome TV include:

  • Movies: Action, Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, Thrillers, Westerns, and more.

  • TV: Reality Shows, Classic Sitcoms, Family, Crime Dramas, Sci-Fi Series, Comedies, Travel Shows, Food Shows, and more.

  • Kids: Cartoons, Animated Movies, Disney Films, Family Movies, Educational Shows.

No matter what type of entertainment you enjoy watching, Fawesome TV likely has multiple free options available.

Their catalog is continuously updated with new content added daily. So be sure to check back often to find new free movies and TV shows to stream.

HD Quality Streaming

Most of the content on Fawesome TV is available to stream in high definition 1080p or 720p quality.

So you don‘t have to settle for grainy streams or low quality. Their HD streams ensure a crisp viewing experience.

SD quality streams are also available if you run into any buffering issues. But HD is definitely recommended if your internet speed allows for it.

Minimal Lag and Buffering

Nothing‘s worse than constantly waiting for videos to load and buffer.

Thankfully, Fawesome TV offers smooth streaming with less interruptions. Movies begin playing quickly with minimal lag or stalling.

Of course, your wifi connection will play a role. But Fawesome TV‘s streaming technology is optimized to start streams fast and maintain steady playback.

So you get to just sit back and enjoy without annoying buffering wheels.

Ad-Supported (with Exceptions)

As a free streaming service, Fawesome TV relies on ads to help cover operating costs. So you will see some ads while using the app.

However, the ad-load seems lighter compared to some other free services I‘ve tried. I only encountered 1-2 ad breaks per hour of watching.

And many movies and TV episodes still play uninterrupted without any ads at all. So it‘s less intrusive compared to other free apps.

Share One Account on Unlimited Devices

A great benefit of Fawesome TV is that your account works across unlimited devices.

So after setting up Fawesome TV on your Firestick, you can also install it on smartphones, tablets, computers, and other streaming devices all under the same free account.

The Fawesome TV app is available on:

  • Firestick and Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Android and Android TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • Smart TVs

No matter which device you want to use, just download Fawesome TV and log into your account to access your library. Share with family at no extra cost!

Safe and 100% Legal

With any streaming app or service, it‘s understandable to have concerns around safety and legality.

You can rest assured that Fawesome TV is 100% legal and safe to use.

The content offered comes from official partnerships with studios and networks. And the app creators Future Today are a verified legal company based in Silicon Valley.

Fawesome TV also doesn‘t involve any sketchy app installs, creepy pirate streaming sites, or risk of malware. Downloading directly from the official source ensures your security and privacy.

So feel free to enjoy Fawesome TV and stream free movies without worries! It delivers a smooth viewing experience legally and safely.

Now that you know more about how Fawesome TV works, let‘s explore some frequently asked questions:

Fawesome TV FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the Fawesome TV streaming service:

Is Fawesome TV really free to use?

Yes! Fawesome TV is 100% free forever. No signup, subscription or fees required.

How is Fawesome TV able to offer free movies and shows?

Fawesome TV covers its operating costs and licenses content using video advertisements. The ads help them provide free access to movies and shows without charging users.

Is it legal and safe to use Fawesome TV?

Absolutely. Fawesome TV secures all of their content through official partnerships with networks and studios. There are no legal issues or risks with streaming their free movies and shows.

Does Fawesome TV have a huge selection of movies and shows?

Yes! Fawesome TV provides thousands of movies and shows across every genre including comedy, drama, action, horror, family, documentary and more. Their catalog expands daily.

Will I encounter lots of annoying ads using Fawesome TV?

Fawesome TV does have ads since it‘s a free service. However, I‘ve found the ad frequency to be lighter compared to similar apps. Expect maybe 1-2 ad breaks per hour.

Can I watch Fawesome TV on devices other than Firestick?

Yep! The Fawesome TV app is available on tons of devices like Roku, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Chromecast, Apple TV and more. Install it on any device and just log into your account.

Does Fawesome TV offer high definition streaming?

Most movies and shows are available in crisp HD 1080p or 720p quality. SD is also available if you have a slower connection. But HD is recommended on Firestick when possible for best video.

Will the movies and shows on Fawesome TV start quickly with minimal buffering?

Yes, Fawesome TV seems optimized to start streams faster with less lag and wheel spinning. While your wifi plays a role, you can expect a smooth viewing experience on Fawesome TV.

How often does Fawesome TV add new movies and shows to choose from?

The Fawesome catalog expands every single day. You‘ll always find new free movies and TV shows to pick from each time you use the app.

I hope these Fawesome TV answers have provided helpful info as you begin using it on your Firestick!

Now let‘s take a quick look at how Fawesome TV compares to some other popular free streaming options…

How Fawesome TV Compares to Other Free Streaming Apps

Fawesome TV enters a crowded space with lots of free streaming apps already available like Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle and more.

Here‘s a quick rundown of how Fawesome TV stacks up to some of the top competitors:

Tubi – Fawesome has a larger content library but Tubi may have newer releases. Both have ads with Fawesome seeming less frequent. Tubi has some original content while Fawesome has more consistent HD streams.

Pluto TV – Pluto focuses on live TV while Fawesome is on-demand. Pluto is completely free with more ads, Fawesome has fewer ads. Pluto better for channel surfing while Fawesome better for choosing specific movies.

The Roku Channel – Very similar services with large free libraries and ad support. The Roku Channel may look nicer visually. But Fawesome may have faster streaming with less buffering issues.

IMDb TV – Both impressive free apps. IMDb TV draws from Amazon‘s extensive catalog so some newer releases. But Fawesome has the larger overall library if you want more variety.

Crackle – Crackle owns more exclusive content while Fawesome concentrates on aggregating movies/shows. Both ad-supported. Fawesome seems to have less frequent ads and more HD streams.

There are certainly a ton of great free options these days. In my experience, Fawesome TV stands right up there with the top free apps and oftentimes exceeds them.

The combination of a smooth viewing experience, extensive library, frequent updates, minimal ads and flawless Firestick support make Fawesome TV a go-to for free streaming.

It‘s certainly worth trying yourself along with some of the other top free apps like Tubi, Pluto, IMDb TV, The Roku Channel and Crackle. Each have their own pros and cons.

But I think once you try Fawesome TV on your Firestick, you‘ll be amazed by the quality library of free movies and TV shows instantly available to you.

Now, I wanted to provide some additional streaming recommendations beyond just Fawesome TV…

Bonus Streaming Recommendations

If you love discovering new apps and services for free streaming, here are some bonus recommendations beyond Fawesome TV worth trying:

Plex ( – Plex is one of my long-time favorites. The free app provides access to tons of free movies, shows and live TV. You can even use Plex to manage your own media library.

Vudu ( – Walmart‘s streaming service has a growing selection of free movies with limited ads. They also offer new release rentals and purchases.

YouTube ( – YouTube now offers a selection of free ad-supported movies along with all their original content. Access it all free on your Firestick.

Yidio ( – This handy aggregator streams free movies and TV shows from many different services. Helps you find free content in one place.

Xumo ( – 100+ free streaming channels delivering news, sports, movies, TV shows and more. Owned by Comcast.

Kanopy ( – Free library-supported streaming service with indie films, documentaries, classic cinema and educational programs.

This just scratches the surface! There are tons of hidden gems for free streaming once you start digging.

Install Fawesome TV first and see if it becomes a go-to entertainment source for you. But also explore some of the other apps mentioned above periodically to discover even more free content.

Happy streaming!


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