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How to Install ESPN Plus on Firestick – Your Guide to Unlimited Live Sports

Have you been itching to stream live out-of-market MLB games? Dying to watch UFC PPV fights on the big screen? If so, it‘s time to unlock ESPN Plus on your Firestick.

In this comprehensive 3500 word guide, I‘ll show you how to install and activate ESPN Plus to start streaming tons of live sports, original shows and on-demand content.

Here‘s a peek at what I‘ll cover:

  • What is ESPN Plus and Who It‘s For
  • Downloading the ESPN App on Firestick
  • Activating Your ESPN Plus Subscription
  • Navigating the ESPN Plus Interface
  • Live Sports and PPV Events
  • On-Demand Library Content
  • Account Features and Supported Devices
  • ESPN Plus vs. Other Sports Streamers
  • Is it Worth the Money?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s get started!

What is ESPN Plus and Who It‘s For

Launched in 2018, ESPN Plus is a standalone streaming service from the ESPN networks, offering live sports, original shows, PPV events and on-demand content for $9.99 per month.

It‘s not a replacement for ESPN‘s cable channels. Rather, it provides additional content and sports coverage.

Here‘s a glance at some of the live sports included:

  • Thousands of out-of-market MLB, NHL and MLS games
  • Hundreds of soccer matches across leagues like LaLiga, Bundesliga and FA Cup
  • Grand slam tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and US Open
  • PGA Tour events including The Masters and PGA Championship
  • College sports across 20 NCAA conferences
  • UFC PPV events like title fights and Fight Night cards
  • International cricket matches from New Zealand, West Indies and more

That‘s just a sample of what‘s offered. Later I‘ll provide a detailed breakdown of all the content available.

First, is ESPN Plus right for you? Here‘s who can benefit most from the service:

  • Cordcutters who want to watch live sports without cable
  • Sports fans who follow niche leagues like UFC or LaLiga soccer
  • MLB/NHL fans who want to follow out-of-market teams
  • College sports enthusiasts looking for more coverage
  • Golf lovers interested in PGA Tour tournaments
  • Tennis fanatics looking to stream Grand Slams
  • Soccer/Futbol supporters needing a fix of international matches
  • Combat sports enthusiasts who want UFC PPV and boxing

As you can see, ESPN Plus has something for any sports lover. Next let‘s get it installed on your Firestick.

Downloading the ESPN App on Firestick

Before activating an ESPN Plus subscription, you first need to install the ESPN app on your Fire TV streaming device.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. From the Home screen, hover over "Find" and open "Search"
  2. Type in "ESPN"
  3. Select the ESPN App from the results
  4. Choose "Download"
  5. Wait for ESPN app installation
  6. Select "Open" after the "Ready to Launch" message
  7. Choose the Settings gear icon
  8. Click on "Subscriptions"
  9. Select "ESPN+"

This will bring you to the ESPN Plus sign-up screen. The complete walkthrough is coming up shortly.

First, a few quick troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your Firestick is connected to the internet.
  • Try restarting your Firestick if the ESPN app won‘t download.
  • Check that you have enough storage space for new apps.
  • The ESPN app supports all Fire TV models, including the Firestick Lite.

With the app installed, you‘re ready to activate a subscription.

Activating Your ESPN Plus Subscription

Here are the steps to activate ESPN Plus on Firestick after installing the ESPN app:

  1. Choose "Subscribe" or "Log In" on the ESPN Plus sign-up screen.

  2. If subscribing, select an access package:

    • $9.99 per month
    • $99.99 per year (saves $20)
  3. Note down the unique activation code provided.

  4. Visit on any web browser.

  5. Enter the code and click "Activate".

  6. Return to Firestick and select "Finished".

  7. Click the ESPN Plus tab to start streaming!

This activation process links your ESPN account to the app on that specific device.

ESPN uses this method to prevent account sharing between households. The code can only be used once.

I recommend logging in with your ESPN credentials on the Firestick moving forward. This saves you from reactivating each time.

Now let‘s explore all the goodness waiting for you within ESPN Plus!

Navigating the ESPN Plus Interface

After activation, an entire universe of sports content is at your fingertips. Here‘s a quick tour of the ESPN Plus interface:

The Home tab neatly organizes upcoming live events by sport:

ESPN Plus Home tab

You can quickly see what games or matches are on next for your favorite sports.

The On Demand tab contains a massive library of replays, films, and ESPN originals:

ESPN Plus On Demand tab

Binge classic 30 for 30 documentaries, Peyton Manning‘s Places, UFC fight replays and more.

The ESPN Plus Picks section highlights must-see exclusives:

ESPN Plus Picks section

Here you‘ll find buzzy original shows like Stephen A‘s World and NBA Today.

The My Sports section is customized with your favorite teams:

My Sports section on ESPN Plus

Follow your favorite clubs and leagues to get notified when they play next.

Now let‘s explore some of the top content categories on ESPN Plus.

Live Sports and PPV Events

ESPN Plus is a sports fan‘s paradise when it comes to live events, offering:

MLB: Over 1000 out-of-market MLB games without local blackouts. The perfect companion for cordcutters!

MLB games on ESPN Plus

Soccer: Hundreds of matches across leagues like LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, UEFA Nations League, MLS and FA Cup.

Soccer on ESPN Plus

NHL: Over 1000 national and out-of-market NHL games. Follow your favorite team even if you‘re out of their broadcast region!

Tennis: Every match across Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open tennis Grand Slams.

College Sports: Football, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling and more across 20 NCAA conferences.

Golf: 35 PGA Tour tournaments like The Masters, PGA Championship and Ryder Cup.

UFC PPV Events: Exclusive access to UFC bouts, prelims and Fight Nights. Purchase PPV matches directly in the ESPN app.

Between this extensive live sports coverage and 30 for 30 documentaries, ESPN Plus offers a strong cable replacement for sports fans.

But there‘s also a vast on-demand library…

On-Demand Library Content

Can‘t watch live? ESPN Plus has an enormous on-demand catalog:

  • UFC Replays: Relive spectacular knockouts and submissions. Over 200 past UFC events available.

  • 30 for 30 Library: Every episode from ESPN‘s acclaimed sports documentary series.

  • NFL Films Archive: Over 100 years of NFL history.

  • The Masters Official Films: Revisit epic Masters moments from 1960 onwards.

  • Match Condensed Replays: 20 minute highlights of MLB, LaLiga and NHL games.

  • Original Shows: Peyton‘s Places, Stephen A‘s World, Detail with Kobe Bryant, ESPN FC, NBA Today and much more.

  • Behind the Scenes Content: Get closer to the action with analysis shows, press conferences, draft coverage and more.

No matter which sport you love, ESPN Plus offers a deep content catalog to explore.

Next let‘s examine some account features and supported devices.

Account Features and Supported Devices

ESPN Plus goes beyond just games with handy account features:

  • Multiple Profiles: Create up to 5 user profiles within your subscription. Great for households!

  • Offline Downloads: Download shows to watch offline when you have no internet.

  • Personal Watchlist: Follow favorite teams to get notifications when they play.

  • High-Quality Streams: Firestick devices get up to 1080p Full HD streams.

  • Chromecast Support: Cast ESPN Plus to compatible TVs.

  • Live TV Streaming: Access ESPN Plus through live TV services like Hulu + Live TV.

ESPN Plus works on numerous streaming devices beyond just Firestick, such as:

  • Fire TV Cube
  • 2nd Generation Fire TV
  • 3rd Generation Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Roku devices
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Oculus devices
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Web browsers

No matter which device you prefer, ESPN Plus has you covered. The mobile apps are also handy for casting matches to the big screen.

Next let‘s see how ESPN Plus compares to competitors.

ESPN Plus vs. Other Sports Streaming Services

How does ESPN Plus stack up against other major sports streaming platforms? Here‘s a handy comparison:

Streaming Service Monthly Price Sports Offered Other Perks
ESPN Plus $9.99 Soccer, MLB, NHL, Tennis, UFC PPV, College Sports, PGA Golf Original shows, 30 for 30, on-demand library
NHL TV $24.99 NHL games out-of-market Some AHL and international hockey
NBA League Pass $14.99 NBA games out-of-market NBA TV channel access
MLB TV $29.99 MLB games out-of-market Minor league games, premium features

As you can see, ESPN Plus offers a strong package, especially for cordcutters who want a mix of sports.

NHL TV and NBA League Pass are cheaper options if you only follow those specific leagues. MLB TV has the most robust overall MLB offering.

But for general sports fans, ESPN Plus provides huge value at just $9.99 per month.

Next let‘s examine if the subscription price is worthwhile.

Is ESPN Plus Worth the Money?

At just $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually, ESPN Plus provides a ton of value:

  • Access to over 22,800 live sports events per year across 20+ sports
  • Hundreds of soccer matches from top international leagues
  • No blackouts on over 1000 out-of-market MLB & NHL games
  • Grand slam tennis coverage across Wimbledon, Australian & US Open
  • 35 annual PGA Tour golf events including The Masters
  • Hundreds of UFC Fight Nights and premium PPV access
  • An on-demand library with 30 for 30, NFL Films, replays and more

For comparison, a single UFC PPV event costs $74.99!

Given the sheer amount of content included, ESPN Plus is absolutely worth the reasonable monthly price. It‘s a must-have for cordcutters and sports fans.

The Disney bundle including ESPN Plus, Hulu and Disney+ for $13.99 per month is also outstanding value.

Next let‘s wrap up with some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common ESPN Plus queries:

How much does ESPN Plus cost?

ESPN Plus is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. There is no free trial.

What devices support ESPN Plus?

It‘s available on Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, smartphones, web browsers and more. See the full list above.

What sports are on ESPN Plus?

Soccer, MLB, NHL, Tennis Grand Slams, PGA Golf, UFC, Cricket and much more. Plus college sports across 20 conferences.

Does ESPN Plus have live NBA or NFL games?

No. NBA and NFL games are only available on services like NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can I watch ESPN Plus on multiple devices?

Yes! Your subscription works on up to three concurrent streams.

Does it include regular ESPN channels?

No. ESPN Plus offers additional content on top of ESPN‘s cable networks.

Can I watch PPV events?

Yes! ESPN Plus is the exclusive home for UFC PPV in the US. Order directly in the app.

What if I‘m outside the US?

A US credit card and zip code is required to subscribe. Consider a VPN if traveling abroad.

And that wraps up this comprehensive guide to installing and activating ESPN Plus on Firestick!

From live out-of-market baseball and tons of soccer to UFC events and golf majors, ESPN Plus offers impressive coverage. With an extensive on-demand library too, it‘s a must for any sports lover.

I hope this guide has equipped you with everything needed to start streaming on your Firestick. Let me know if any questions come up and enjoy the games!


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