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How to Install Epix Kodi Build on Firestick/Fire TV and Android Devices

If you‘re looking for an all-in-one Kodi build that delivers a smooth streaming experience, then the Epix build is a great choice. Epix provides a user-friendly layout, robust entertainment categories, and integration with top addons like The Crew, Seren, and Shadow.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Epix installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device. We‘ll cover:

  • An overview of what makes Epix a top build
  • Step-by-step installation guide for Firestick and Android
  • Tips for integrating Real-Debrid for premium streams
  • Highlight of key addons and features included
  • FAQ answering common questions

By the end, you‘ll have Epix setup and ready to stream an extensive library of movies, shows, sports, and more. Let‘s dive in!

Why Choose the Epix Kodi Build?

With so many Kodi builds available, why choose Epix? Here are some of the key benefits this build offers:

Straightforward Layout

Epix provides a simple and intuitive interface that‘s beginner-friendly but still appealing for experienced users. The large text and icons make navigation a breeze on TV screens.

Helpful Categories

Instead of digging through individual addons, Epix allows you to browse different entertainment categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids Zone, and more. This makes finding content quicker.

Quality Addons

Epix integrates some of the top video addons like The Crew, Seren, and Shadow. The combination provides extensive coverage of movies, shows, live TV, sports, and more.

Active Development

The Epix build receives ongoing maintenance and updates from the developer. New features, tweaks, and fixes are continuously added.

Wide Device Support

Whether you use a Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, or Android box, Epix is compatible with most streaming devices. The interface works great on both mobile and TV screens.

As you can see, Epix checks all the boxes that a top Kodi build needs including an intuitive layout, wide content selection, and support from a dedicated developer. Next up, let‘s go through how to get it installed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Epix Kodi Build

The process to install Epix only takes a few minutes. I recommend resetting Kodi before installing any new build to clear out any old settings or data.

Here are device-specific guides to reset Kodi:

Once your Kodi installation is back to factory settings, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Kodi from your device‘s home screen or apps menu

  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner

  3. Select System from the vertical menu

  4. Navigate right and hover over Add-ons

  5. Enable Unknown Sources by moving the slider to the ON position

  6. Click Yes when the warning prompt appears

  7. Go back to the System menu

  8. Click on File Manager in the listing

  9. Select Add Source

  10. Click on at the bottom

  11. Enter the following URL exactly:

  12. In the box below, type a label like "cman" and click OK

  13. Return to the System menu again

  14. This time, open the Add-ons submenu

  15. Choose Install from zip file

  16. Click on "cman" or whatever you named the source in Step 12

  17. Select the zip file:

  18. Wait for the "cMaN‘s Wizard Repository Add-on Enabled" notification

  19. Click on Install from Repository in the addons menu

  20. Select cMaN‘s Wizard Repository

  21. Open the Program Add-ons submenu

  22. Click on cMaN Wizard

  23. Select Install on the pop-up

  24. Once the "cMaN Wizard Add-on Installed" message appears, click Continue

  25. Choose Not Used or click back/escape to return

  26. Navigate back to the Add-ons menu

  27. Open Program Add-ons again

  28. Launch cMaN Wizard addon

  29. Click on the Builds category

  30. Scroll down and select Epix

  31. Choose Fresh Install on the pop-up

  32. Confirm by clicking Yes

  33. Be patient while Epix downloads and installs

  34. Click OK once complete

  35. Reopen Kodi from your device‘s home screen

That‘s all there is to it! The Epix Kodi build will now be available from the Kodi home menu.

Give it a few minutes on first launch to finish configuring everything in the background. The build will continue optimizing and installing addons as you use it.

Now let‘s look at integrating Real-Debrid to take your streaming to the next level.

How to Connect Real-Debrid with Epix Kodi Build

While Epix works great on its own, integrating a Real-Debrid account unlocks high-quality premium streams from torrents and hosters.

According to Real-Debrid‘s website, their service enhances streaming through:

  • 500+ hosters – Faster streaming from file hosts

  • 50,000+ torrents – Instant access to torrent magnet links

  • High-quality streams – Direct download from servers for 720p, 1080p up to 4K

  • No throttling – Bypasses ISP throttling and buffering

With a Real-Debrid subscription, you can experience flawless HD streaming from addons like The Crew, Seren, and Shadow through the Epix build.

Follow these simple steps to authorize your Real-Debrid account:

  1. Launch Epix Kodi build

  2. Hover over the System menu item

  3. Select ResolveURL from the context menu

  4. In the left sidebar, scroll down to Real-Debrid

  5. Choose (Re)Authorize My Account

  6. Make note of the provided code

  7. Open a web browser and go to

  8. Enter the code from Step 6

  9. Click Continue to complete authorization

And that‘s it! Epix is now connected to your Real-Debrid account for premium streaming. You‘ll notice faster stream loading and higher quality video, especially in addons like The Crew and Seren that are pre-configured for Real-Debrid.

Next, let‘s explore some of the key addons and capabilities included with the Epix Kodi build.

Overview of Epix Kodi Build‘s Features and Addons

One of the best parts of a feature-packed Kodi build like Epix is the wide range of entertainment options ready to use after installing. Here are some highlights:


Epix categorizes movies into subsections like Trending Movies, Recently Added, Genres, 4K Movies, Kids Movies, and more. You have multiple ways to browse the extensive libraries from addons like The Crew, Seren, and Shadow. Enable Real-Debrid for high-quality torrent streams in up to 4K resolution.

The dedicated search option lets you quickly find a specific movie title while widgets on the home screen surface recently added content.

TV Shows

Just like with movies, the TV Show category has subsections for Trending, Recently Updates, Genres, Networks, and more. You can easily resume progress on shows or binge watch complete seasons.

Key addons powering the TV section include Seren, Shadow, The Crew, and Tempest. Episodes stream quickly with Real-Debrid enabled.

Live TV

For live cable and sports, the build integrates TV Tap, Prime Streams, Rising Tides, and more. These addons provide 1000+ working live TV streams from around the world including news, entertainment, and sports channels.

With your Real-Debrid account authorized, you can access high-quality live stream torrents. Many live TV addons in Epix are pre-configured for Real-Debrid.


Dedicated sports streaming is provided through addons like The Crew, Rising Tides, Tempest, and more. Find live games, match replays, documentaries, and sports entertainment.

Real-Debrid authorization allows access to premium sports streams in crystal clear HD quality. Smooth streaming avoids annoying buffering during big games.

Kids Zone

Keep your children entertained with the dedicated Kids Zone section in Epix featuring kids movies, cartoons, educational programs, and more. Content comes from addons like The Crew, YouTube Kids, and Super Cartoons.

The parental controls in Kodi allow you to restrict access and set viewing limits so your children stay in a safe environment.

As you can see, Epix really does offer a "one-stop-shop" for all your entertainment needs. You have quick access to thousands of movies, shows, live content, and more. Combined with Real-Debrid, it provides an exceptional streaming experience.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Epix

Here are some additional tips to maximize your viewing pleasure with the Epix Kodi build:

  • Be patient on the first launch and give addons time to update and install in the background

  • Consider a premium VPN like Surfshark for privacy protection and geo-unblocking

  • Strongly recommend integrating Real-Debrid for premium streaming in HD quality

  • Regularly check for Epix updates from the builds section

  • Enable Cached Torrents in Seren and ResolveURL for faster streams

  • Add Trakt to resume show progress across devices

  • For new movies still in theaters, use addons like The Crew, Seren, or Tempest

  • Visit the Recommended Kodi Tips section for advanced help

Take advantage of these tips and you‘ll have the best possible streaming experience with the Epix Kodi build.

Common Questions about Epix Kodi Build

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Epix Kodi build:

Is Epix legal to install?

Yes, installing third-party builds like Epix is legal. The legality comes down to how you use it. As long as you stream free public domain movies and shows, it‘s perfectly legal.

Does Epix work on all devices?

Epix is compatible with most common streaming devices including Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android boxes, and more. The build interface is designed to scale well across different screen sizes and resolutions.

Why won‘t Epix install?

If Epix fails to download, it‘s likely caused by an unstable internet connection or incorrect URL entered for the repository source. Try disconnecting/reconnecting the internet and double-check the source URL. Also restart your device.

How do I update the Epix build?

From the Kodi home screen, open addons > cMaN Wizard > Maintenance > Check for Build Update. If an update is available, install it.

Can I restore Epix if I reinstall Kodi?

Yes, you can reinstall Epix at any time by following the install steps again. Just be sure to export your data before resetting Kodi so you can restore your library, Trakt progress, Real-Debrid auth, etc.

Is Epix safe and legal?

The build itself including the addons are safe to install and legal. However, some of the free streaming sources included may be illegally hosted. Use a VPN to stay protected and avoid any risks.

Hopefully these FAQs help answer some of the most common questions about the Epix Kodi build. Overall it provides an exceptional streaming setup that‘s easy to install and maintain.

The combination of the slick interface, wide content selection, and Real-Debrid integration really makes Epix stand out. Give it a try on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device to take your home entertainment to the next level!


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