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Install EndZone Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Welcome friend! In this guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to successfully install the EndZone Kodi addon.

We‘ll cover topics like:

  • EndZone features and content
  • Step-by-step installation walkthrough
  • Safety tips when using third-party addons
  • Legality concerns
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • And more

My goal is to equip you with the knowledge to fully utilize EndZone for streaming live sports on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, or other device. Let‘s jump in!

An Introduction to Kodi and EndZone

First, a quick overview for those new to Kodi – it‘s a free, open source media center application that runs on many different platforms.

Kodi lets you organize and play your local media libraries, as well as install third-party addons that provide streaming content from around the web.

It‘s become hugely popular in recent years, with over 30 million active users according to the latest estimates. Kodi is appealing because it‘s highly customizable and connects to tons of online content sources.

This is where addons like EndZone come in. EndZone is not an official Kodi addon – it‘s created and maintained by unknown third-party developers.

Addons like EndZone can be installed to access specific types of streaming content – in this case, live sports. But using third-party addons also comes with risks, which we‘ll explore throughout this guide.

Now that you have some background, let‘s look at what kinds of content and features the EndZone Kodi addon provides.

What Does EndZone Kodi Addon Offer?

EndZone brings together live sports streams from various online sources into one easy-to-access addon. It offers the following categories:

  • Today – highlights live events happening right now
  • Football
  • MMA and Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Motorsports
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • And more

Within each section you‘ll find dozens or even hundreds of live stream links to choose from. The "Today" category is great for finding current sports matches, games, and fights.

One major downside is that EndZone does not support Real-Debrid account integration. Real-Debrid provides premium access to higher bandwidth streams.

However, EndZone does allow connecting your Trakt account, which keeps track of the movies, shows, and sporting events you watch across all your devices.

In summary, EndZone provides a ton of live sports streaming options. But link quality and reliability may be hit or miss since it pulls unauthorized feeds from various sources.

Now let‘s get into how to install EndZone on your Kodi device.

How to Install EndZone Kodi Addon

Because EndZone is not part of the official Kodi repository, the installation process is a bit more complex. You have to add the EndZone repository source before you can install the addon itself.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Launch the Kodi app on your Firestick, Fire TV, or other device.

  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner

  3. Select "System Settings" and turn on "Unknown Sources" in the Addons tab if it‘s not already enabled.

  4. Read the warning prompt carefully. This allows the installation of addons from third-party sources outside Kodi‘s official repository.

  5. Return to the Settings menu and this time select "File Manager".

  6. Click "Add Source" then "" to add a new repository source.

  7. Enter the source URL exactly as follows and click OK:

An alternative URL that also works is: 
  1. In the next box, enter a name for this media source like "grindhouse" and click OK.

  2. Now go back to the main Kodi menu and open "Addons".

  3. Choose "Install from zip file".

  4. Select the source you just added (the one you named "grindhouse" or something similar).

  5. Install the file.

  6. Wait for the "Repository Installed" notification in the top right.

  7. Go back and this time choose "Install from repository"

  8. Select the "Grindhouse Repo" repository that was just added.

  9. Click on "Video add-ons" in this repository.

  10. Select "EndZone" and install it.

  11. Wait for the final "Addon Installed" confirmation.

That‘s it! EndZone should now be installed and available in your Addons menu. Selecting it will launch the addon and allow you to start streaming.

Next I‘ll go over some best practices to stay safe while using third-party Kodi addons like EndZone.

Staying Safe with Unofficial Kodi Addons

Since EndZone comes from an unverified developer outside of Kodi, it‘s classified as a "third-party" addon. These addons can potentially pose risks:

  • Malware – The addon code could contain malicious scripts or trackers.

  • Data harvesting – Addons may access and transmit your personal data.

  • IP/location leaks – Your streaming activity could be logged and traced back to you.

  • Legal issues – Streaming unauthorized copyrighted content is illegal in most regions.

That‘s why I strongly recommend taking precautions like using a VPN when installing and streaming from addons like EndZone.

A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts all your Kodi traffic and routes it through remote servers, keeping you anonymous and secure:

  • Your IP address is hidden from tracking.
  • Encryption protects your data from snooping.
  • No activity logs are kept of your streaming or downloads.
  • VPNs allow access to region-restricted content.

Top providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN work seamlessly with the Firestick and Kodi.

I also suggest only streaming content that is confirmed legal and in the public domain. Avoid any pirated movies, shows, sports events, etc. that violate copyrights.

Only you can decide if the risks that come with third-party addons are acceptable. Use your best judgment to stay safe online.

Now let‘s dive deeper into the legality issue when it comes to Kodi addons like EndZone.

Is EndZone Legal to Use?

This is a complex question with no definitive answer. The EndZone addon itself is legal open source software. However, some of the live sports streams it provides may or may not be authorized.

The developer behind EndZone remains anonymous, so their licensing status is unclear. They pull in streams from various free and pirated sources around the web.

Some events shown in the addon could be copyright violations, while others are public domain streams that anyone can freely share. There‘s no easy way to tell which is which.

As the end user, the legality ultimately depends on which streams you choose to access. For example:

  • ✅ Watching a little league game being legally broadcast for free – Legal
  • ❌ Streaming a premium UFC pay-per-view event – Illegal

Copyright holders have gone after Kodi addon developers in the past, but individual users are rarely targeted. Streaming pirated content is difficult to detect and prove.

That said, you should avoid any streams that you know for a fact are pirated or restricted. Use your best judgment.

For 100% legal streaming, I recommend services like:

  • Pluto TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • Xumo
  • Plex
  • Crackle
  • Tubi
  • IMDb TV

Check out my guide to legal streaming services for even more great options.

I hope this gives you a better understanding around the complex issues of legality when it comes to addons like EndZone. Now let‘s look at some troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting EndZone Installation and Streaming Issues

Like any Kodi addon, you may occasionally run into technical issues with EndZone:

  • Can‘t install from the repository – Double check you entered the source URL correctly and named it for future reference. Also try the alternate URL if the main one fails.

  • Addons keeps crashing – Try clearing the cache in Kodi settings, then do a clean uninstall/reinstall of the addon. Also update to the latest version of Kodi.

  • Streams won‘t play – It could just be a bad link, so try another stream. If they all fail, the host sites may be down. Check DownDetector to see if others are reporting issues.

  • Streams buffer constantly – This is usually due to insufficient internet speeds. Try hardwiring your device to your router with an Ethernet cable for faster and more reliable connectivity.

  • Streams suddenly stopped working – Developers often have to switch stream sources as old ones get taken down. Wait for EndZone to release an update, or switch to a backup addon in the meantime.

As a last resort, you can always do a factory reset on your Kodi device to wipe it clean, then reinstall a fresh copy of Kodi and EndZone.

Hopefully covering common troubleshooting steps will help you resolve any EndZone issues that pop up. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

Final Thoughts on EndZone Kodi Addon

That concludes this extensive guide on installing the EndZone Kodi addon and using it to stream live sports on your Firestick, Fire TV, or other device.

Here are my key takeaways:

  • EndZone provides tons of live sports links, but no premium Real-Debrid access or VOD.

  • Installation requires adding the repository source URL first.

  • Use a VPN for privacy, security and regional access when streaming.

  • Be selective in which streams you use to avoid any legal issues.

  • Troubleshoot problems using the tips provided in this article.

I hope this breakdown gives you a better understanding of EndZone and how to use it safely and legally. Please reach out if you need any help getting it up and running!


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