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20+ Secret Texting Codes: Emoji Decoder

Emoji Decoder

With social media dominating teen communication, codes and emojis have become the go-to language. While some shorthand like “LOL” and “BRB” are common knowledge, there are still secret codes parents may not know about. Certain emojis are used to discuss sensitive topics like drugs and sex indirectly.

As caregivers, it’s crucial to protect our children and guide them through these conversations safely. By decoding these hidden meanings, we can keep our children safe and equip them with effective communication skills.

Why Teens Use Secret Emojis?

Why Teens Use Secret Emojis

As teenagers increasingly rely on digital communication, they’ve turned to using hidden emojis to keep conversations secret from adults. These codes have become a popular tool for avoiding judgment and expressing themselves more freely with friends. Some emojis also convey emotions that are hard to put into words.

Parents and guardians should be aware of SMH Slang definition and hidden codes and and try to understand why they’re being used. This helps to promote understanding, communication, and trust between teenagers and their elders.

Top 25 Secret Emoji Meanings

  1. Fire: Can refer to something cool, but it can also mean that something is hot, attractive, or sexually appealing.
  2. Pill: Means drugs or pills, and can refer to anything from prescription drugs to illegal narcotics.
  3. Leaf: Often used to refer to marijuana or other drugs made from plants.
  4. Nose: Can refer to cocaine or other drugs taken through the nose.
  5. Wind Blow: Indicates that someone is smoking something, such as a cigarette or a joint.
  6. Maple Leaf: Symbolizes marijuana use.
  7. Syringe: Refers to injection of drugs.
  8. Sleeping Face: Indicates the person is or wants to be on drugs to sleep.
  9. Tongue: May signify oral sex.
  10. Eggplant: Symbolizes male genitalia.
  11. Hand Pointing Right and Left – Used to indicate sex.
  12. Sweat Droplets: Indicates activity that is sexual in nature.
  13. No Entry Sign: Means no sex.
  14. Video Camera: Refers to making a sex video.
  15. 18+: Indicates content is inappropriate for minors.
  16. Woman and Man Holding Hands: Indicates the couple is in a relationship.
  17. Cigarette: Refers to smoking or wanting to smoke.
  18. Beer Mug: Means the person is drinking or wants to drink.
  19. Wine Glass: Refers to drinking, getting drunk, or having a wine addiction.
  20. Warning Sign: Indicates possible danger.
  21. Pistol: Refers to gun violence or wanting to harm someone.
  22. Knife: Indicates that someone may be self-harming.
  23. Folded Hands: Can be used to indicate praying or asking for forgiveness.
  24. Money With Wings: Used to indicate a willingness to pay for something illegal.
  25. Key: Indicates a secret way to gain access to something.

How to Protect Your Teen?

How to Protect Your Teen

As a parent, it’s essential to monitor your teen’s phone activity to ensure their safety. Keep an eye out for any changes in their behavior, and check their messages frequently for any suspicious activity.

Consider using a Parental Control app like mSpy, which is one of the most reliable solutions for full monitoring. With mSpy, you can track messaging and social media activities, use a keylogger to record keystrokes and view screenshots with a screen recorder feature.


In conclusion, understanding these secret texting codes and the hidden meanings behind emojis can help you protect your teen from any potential harm. By monitoring their phone activity, you can detect any suspicious behavior and intervene if necessary.

Using a parental control app like mSpy can provide you with full access to your child’s phone, giving you peace of mind. Stay vigilant and keep the communication lines open to ensure your teen stays safe.


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