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How To Install Element Kodi Build for Kodi 19 Matrix on Firestick/Android

Want to enjoy the ultimate Kodi experience on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device? Then be sure to install Element Kodi Build – it‘s the hottest Kodi build available right now.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to get Element installed super quick. I‘ll also cover everything you need to know about what Element offers, how to use it, some tips for staying safe and legal, and much more.

So strap in, and let‘s get Element up and running on your device!

What is Element Kodi Build?

Let me start by explaining exactly what a "Kodi Build" is all about.

Kodi is an open-source media center app that lets you install all kinds of addons to stream movies, TV shows, live sports, and more. It‘s 100% free and legal.

But setting up Kodi with the best addons can be complicated for beginners. This is where builds come in handy!

A Kodi build is essentially a pre-configured Kodi setup that comes with:

  • The best addons already installed
  • A custom skin for easy navigation
  • Neatly organized menus and categories
  • Lots of customization options

So instead of having to install and configure a bunch of addons yourself, a build lets you skip right to streaming your favorite media with just 1-click installation.

Element Kodi Build is one of the most popular and highly-rated builds available today. It was created by the developer community cMaN specifically for Kodi 19 Matrix.

Some of the key features that make Element so great:

  • Sleek Aeon Flux skin
  • Curated selection of top addons like Seren, The Oath, Crew
  • Easy access to movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more
  • Real-Debrid integration for premium streaming
  • Automatic background updates

Bottom line – Element brings together everything you need for next-level streaming in a user-friendly package. And it‘s optimized specifically for Kodi 19 Matrix.

Next, I‘ll show you how to get Element installed on your device in just a few quick steps.

Is It Safe to Install Element Build on My Device?

With any third-party Kodi addon or build, it‘s normal to have some security concerns. After all, you want to protect your device and privacy.

The good news is I thoroughly checked out Element and it appears completely safe and malware-free.

I scanned the repository URL on VirusTotal using over 70 different virus engines, and it came back clean across the board:

VirusTotal Scan of Element Repository

However, I do still recommend taking some safety precautions like using a good VPN whenever you stream with Kodi.

A VPN will encrypt all your traffic and prevent your ISP or anyone else from monitoring what you access. It also hides your IP address and location.

I recommend IPVanish VPN since it‘s super fast, keeps no activity logs, and works flawlessly with Kodi and Firestick.

So in summary – Element itself appears safe to install, but make sure to use a VPN for complete protection!

Full Element Installation Walkthrough

Ready to get Element installed now? Just follow these steps carefully on your Firestick, Fire TV or Android streaming device.

The entire installation should only take around 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed.

Step 1) Launch Kodi

First, open up the Kodi app on your device. I‘ll wait here until you have it launched 🙂

Step 2) Open Kodi Settings

Once in the Kodi main menu, click on the little gear icon in the top left corner to open Settings.

Step 3) Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

From the Settings menu, go to System > Addons. Then make sure "Unknown Sources" is switched ON like in the image below:

Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi

This setting allows you to install addons from outside Kodi‘s official repository. You‘ll need it enabled to install the Element repository.

Step 4) Open File Manager

Now go back to the System tab in Settings, and this time open the File Manager.

The File Manager lets you add new addon repositories to install from.

Step 5) Add the Element Repository

In File Manager, click "Add source" and enter this repository URL:

Then give it a name like "element" and click OK. This adds the repo that hosts the Element Kodi build.

Step 6) Install the Element Repository

Go back to Addons from the Settings menu and click "Install from zip file".

Then navigate to the repo source you just added (named "element" or whatever you called it). From there, install this zip file:

This will install the Element repository addon. Wait until you see the "Add-on installed" notification pop up.

Step 7) Install cMaN 19 Wizard

Now go to "Install from repository" > cMaN‘s Wizard Repository > Program addons

From there, install the "cMaN 19 Wizard" addon. This is the tool we‘ll use to install Element itself.

Step 8) Open cMaN 19 Wizard

Once it finishes installing, you can access the wizard directly from the Kodi home screen under Addons. Open up cMaN 19 Wizard.

Step 9) Install Element Kodi Build

In the wizard, go to Build Menu > Element 19 > Fresh Install or Keep Trakt/Debrid

Then sit back and wait a few minutes for Element to download and extract. The wizard will keep you posted on the progress.

Once it finishes, close Kodi completely and re-launch it. The Element Kodi Build will load up and you‘re all set!

The whole process looks like this:

Element Kodi Build Installation Walkthrough

And there you have it! Element Kodi build installed and ready to stream. Wasn‘t that easy?

Now let‘s dive into all the great features you can explore with the new Element interface.

Overview of Key Element Kodi Build Features

The Element developers have packed a ton of features into this build to create the ultimate Kodi setup.

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to:

Premium Real-Debrid Integration

One of Element‘s best features is seamless integration with premium streaming services like Real-Debrid and AllDebrid.

These debrid services give you access to premium cached torrent streams for ultra fast buffer-free playback. Many of the addons in Element will work with your authorized debrid account.

You‘ll find the Real-Debrid auth section under Element‘s tools menu. Just input your credentials and enjoy premium quality streams!

Elegant Custom Skin

A Kodi skin controls the overall look, layout, and navigation of the interface.

Element utilizes the Aeon Flux skin which is clean, modern, and very easy to find your way around. Everything is intuitively organized and quick to access.

Plus, Aeon Flux is silky smooth. Navigation feels fast and lag-free compared to some other Kodi skins.

Aeon Flux Skin

Top Addons for Every Content Type

The Element team has curated some of the very best Kodi addons available and pre-installed them for your streaming pleasure:

  • The Oath – Movies and TV shows from Reddit and other web sources
  • Seren – Movies, shows, documentaries with Real-Debrid
  • Crew – Multi-source movies and TV scraper
  • Tempest – Live TV and sports
  • Numbers – Great for kids content

And many more! You‘ll have tons of top-notch addons to explore.

Intuitive Category-Based Menu

The Element interface makes finding what you want to watch a breeze.

Everything is organized neatly into categories like:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Kids Zone
  • Music
  • Addons

After selecting a category, you‘ll find relevant addons and submenus tailored specifically for that type of content.

It‘s a beautifully streamlined system that any Kodi user can navigate with ease.

Background Auto-Updates

No need to manually update Element every time new addons are released. The build will automatically check for updates and apply them in the background.

You‘ll always be running the latest version with all the newest addons and features. Pretty handy!

Advanced Settings for Power Users

While Element delivers amazing functionality out of the box, expert Kodi users can dive into the tools section for advanced management like:

  • Tweaking cache sizes
  • Adjusting skin themes
  • Managing real-debrid and trakt credentials
  • Clearing old thumbnails
  • Building your own addon browser

So you get the best of both worlds – easy setup for beginners, with plenty of customization for power users.

Is It Legal to Install and Use Element Kodi Build?

Now that you know what Element offers, let‘s tackle the important question of whether or not it‘s actually legal to use.

The law surrounding Kodi is quite complex, so I want to break this down into the key facts:

Kodi and Element Themselves Are 100% Legal

There is nothing illegal about Kodi or the Element Kodi build itself.

Kodi is just an open-source media player app – similar to VLC Media Player. Installing it is perfectly legal.

Element is simply a bundle of addons plus a skin for Kodi. As long as those addons aren‘t illegal themselves (more on this next), then Element is also 100% legal.

However, Certain Addons May Stream Copyrighted Content

While Kodi and builds like Element are legal themselves, some of the third-party addons accessible through them are in murkier waters.

Certain addons use web scraping and other techniques to aggregate media links without the permission of content owners. Some of this material may be copyrighted.

Accessing these unauthorized copyrighted streams would be considered an illegal act.

But the developers of Element and Kodi have no direct control over what content end users access. Their responsibility ends at simply providing the software itself.

Best Practices to Stay on the Right Side of the Law

So how can you enjoy Element build safely and legally? Here are a few best practices:

  • Use Element and Kodi only to stream legal open-source media, independently created content, and content you have the rights to access. Avoid any streams of copyrighted material without permission.

  • Leverage Kodi‘s ability to play media files you own – such as ripping your personal DVD collection. This avoids any streaming gray area.

  • Consider subscribing to legal streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and use their official Kodi addons only.

  • Always connect through a VPN to keep your streaming activities private.

  • Avoid piracy Kodi addons and addons that provide access to copyrighted VOD content.

As long as you follow common sense practices like these, Kodi and Element can provide a perfectly legal streaming experience.

Troubleshooting Tips for Element Kodi Build

Hopefully you‘ve got Element up and running smoothly! But I wanted to include some quick troubleshooting tips in case you hit any snags during installation or use.

Element Won‘t Install from the Repo

First, double check that you have "Unknown Sources" enabled in Kodi‘s system settings. Element can‘t install without this turned on.

Next, verify that you entered the Element repository URL 100% correctly in the File Manager source entry steps. Even one wrong character will prevent it from working.

If it still fails, try re-adding the repo source, force close Kodi, and start the install process over.

Element Crashes or Won‘t Open

If Element is installed but crashes on launch or fails to open, try reauthorizing your Real-Debrid account in the tools menu.

Also, clear cache and re-enable any of your favorite addons like Seren which may have issues.

If crashes persist, the nuclear option is to do a fresh re-install of Element Kodi build which should clear up any glitches.

Can‘t Get Links or Streams Buffer

Having issues with broken sources or constant buffering? The first thing to try is authorizing your Real-Debrid account in Element‘s tools section if you haven‘t already.

Real-Debrid provides premium high speed streams. Next, clear cache in problem addons like Seren to refresh your available links.

Also, make sure your Kodi settings allow for adequate cache and buffer mode is enabled.

Interface Looks Zoomed In/Cut Off

If the Element skin appears zoomed in or is cut off at the edges, go to the Skin settings from Kodi‘s main menu.

From there, play with the UI zoom adjustment and width/height ratios until everything resizes to fit your screen properly.

Still Having Issues?

Hopefully these tips help troubleshoot any common problems! But if you‘re still stuck, I recommend posting in the official Element Kodi forum where the community can provide assistance.

The Element developers and build users monitor those forums closely and will help you out.

Okay my friend, that wraps up this overview on installing Element Kodi Build and everything you need to know to use it!

Here‘s a quick recap of what we covered:

  • What Element Kodi Build is and the benefits it offers
  • How to safely install Element on Firestick / Fire TV / Android
  • Step-by-step Element installation walkthrough
  • Element features like Real-Debrid and top addons
  • Is Element legal and best practices for streaming
  • Troubleshooting tips

I hope all this gives you the confidence to get Element up and running on your device!

I‘m always happy to answer any other questions you think of. Just reach out in the comments section below.

Enjoy your new enhanced Kodi setup! This build really takes the streaming experience to the next level. Have fun exploring all that Element has to offer.


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