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How to Install EarthCam on Firestick/Fire TV for Global Webcam Streaming

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and see famous sites like Times Square in New York City or watch the sunset on a tropical beach, but don‘t currently have the time or budget for a vacation? With EarthCam, you can virtually visit these locations and thousands more from the comfort of your home!

EarthCam is a free service that provides live streaming video of webcams situated all across the globe. From bustling city scenes to tranquil natural landscapes, EarthCam offers an extensive collection of camera feeds for users to browse.

While EarthCam‘s website is accessible on any device with an internet browser, installing the EarthCam app directly on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV provides some advantages. The app delivers a more user-friendly interface tailored for television screens and removes the need to use a web browser like Silk on your streaming device.

Below I‘ll walk through how to install EarthCam on Firestick and Fire TV. I‘ll also cover how you can access EarthCam through a web browser if you prefer that method or own an Android TV device. Let‘s dive in!

How to Install the EarthCam App on Firestick and Fire TV

The EarthCam app must be sideloaded onto Firestick and Fire TVs since it is not available in the Amazon Appstore. Don‘t worry though, the installation process only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your Firestick or Fire TV home screen, select the "Search" option and type in "Downloader."

  2. Choose the Downloader app from the search results.

  3. If you haven‘t already downloaded and installed Downloader, select "Download" on this page.

  4. Once Downloader is installed, open the app.

  5. In the URL bar at the top, enter:

  6. Select "Go" on your remote to download the APK file.

  7. You‘ll see a popup when the download completes. Select "Install."

  8. After the installation finishes, hit "Done."

  9. Return to your Firestick or Fire TV‘s home screen.

  10. Move the EarthCam app icon to your preferred location on the home page.

That‘s all it takes to get the EarthCam app up and running on your Firestick or Fire TV device!

Now just open the app anytime to start viewing live streams from webcams around the world. Pretty cool right?

How to Use EarthCam on Any Device with a Web Browser

Don‘t have a Firestick or Fire TV? No worries! You can still access all of EarthCam‘s live webcam streams through the EarthCam website on any device with an internet browser.

Here‘s how it works:

  1. On your mobile device, computer, tablet, streaming device, etc, open your preferred internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Silk, etc).

  2. Go to

  3. The EarthCam website will load, displaying thumbnails of live webcam streams.

  4. Browse the categories across the top of the page or use the search bar to find a specific location.

  5. Select any live stream thumbnail to open the video feed.

  6. The webcam video will begin playing directly in your browser.

  7. You can now watch as long as you want! The streams are available 24/7.

  8. Be sure to click around and explore different locations. There are thousands of webcams to discover.

And that‘s all there is to it! EarthCam makes it super simple to access their live streams from anywhere using nearly any internet-connected device.

EarthCam App Overview and Features

Now that you know how to install and access EarthCam, let‘s discuss the service itself and some of the cool features it offers.

Earthcam app

Massive Collection of Webcams

As mentioned earlier, EarthCam provides live video from thousands of webcams spanning across the globe. From world-famous sites like Times Square and Venice Beach to more remote destinations like African safaris and Alpine mountains, EarthCam delivers streams covering a huge variety of locations.

Some of the most popular categories and places to view include:

  • Major Cities: New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Boston, Miami, and more.

  • Beaches: Hawaii, Florida, California, Caribbean Islands, Australia, and other tropical destinations.

  • Animals: Safari streams in Africa and zoos all over the world.

  • Nature: Tropical jungles, mountains, canyons, volcanoes, oceans, and landscapes across the planet.

  • Events: Times Square New Year‘s Eve, Mardi Gras, concerts, and other happenings.

  • International: Live views from London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Dubai, and cities across Europe, Asia, and South America.

With so many live streams to browse, you‘re sure to find interesting new places to virtually explore on EarthCam. It can make you feel like a world traveler without ever leaving your living room!

Free to Use

Another excellent aspect of EarthCam is that it‘s 100% free to use. You can install the app and watch unlimited live webcam streams without paying anything.

EarthCam is ad-supported, so you may see some ads periodically while browsing streams. However, in my experience these aren‘t excessive or intrusive. And it‘s a very reasonable trade-off considering all the content you get access to at no cost.

User-Friendly Interface

The EarthCam app provides an intuitive interface designed specifically for television screens and streaming devices like Firestick/Fire TV.

It organizes the live streams into easy-to-navigate categories that make finding what you want to watch simple. Things like individual city pages, beach streams, animal cameras, popular locations, and more.

You can also search for specific cities or sites easily. Overall the app is laid out in a clean, uncluttered style that‘s enjoyable to use.

Additional Features

Along with its live streaming, the EarthCam app has a few other handy features including:

  • Time-Lapse Videos – relive past moments and events at locations with creative time-lapse clips.

  • HD Quality – many of the streams are presented in crisp, high-def footage.

  • Mobile Alerts – get notifications on your phone when activity happens at your favorite camera feeds.

  • – displays live streams while you view info on travel destinations.

  • EarthCamTV Live – watch their hosted daily show covering events and locations.


EarthCam does have a couple minor limitations to be aware of:

  • Some streams can be lower resolution or have buffering issues since they rely on the external webcam owners‘ connections.

  • Navigation and searching is easier on a computer than on a Firestick remote. Using a wireless keyboard makes it simpler.

  • No ability to rewind streams or view past footage (unless provided in time-lapses). Streams are live only.

However, these small issues don‘t take much away from the overall experience. EarthCam remains one of the best free services available for live webcams spanning the globe.


I hope this guide has helped explain exactly how to install and use EarthCam on your Firestick/Fire TV or other device. With access to so many live webcam streams covering beautiful and interesting locations worldwide, it‘s an awesome way to feel like you‘re seeing the planet right from your own home.

Some key takeaways:

  • EarthCam provides live streaming video from thousands of webcams located across the world. Content ranges from famous city scenes to exotic beaches and wildlife.

  • Follow the step-by-step instructions earlier in this article to easily install the EarthCam app on your Firestick or Fire TV streaming device.

  • You can also access all of EarthCam‘s live streams through any web browser on your phone, tablet, computer, or other device. Just go to

  • EarthCam is 100% free to use. Just create a free account to start watching unlimited live webcam streams.

  • The service delivers a smooth interface that makes it simple to find locations you want to view. Category pages and search functions help with discovery.

Virtual travel has never been easier thanks to EarthCam. If you have any other questions on using the service or the installation process, just ask in the comments section below. Enjoy the journeys!


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