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Installing Dynasty Addon on Firestick or Android Box? Here‘s a Full Walkthrough

Hey friend! Looking to spice up your home entertainment with the Dynasty Kodi addon? If so, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll be walking you through every single step to get Dynasty installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android streaming device. We‘ll cover:

  • What is Kodi and is it legal?
  • Downloading Kodi if you don‘t have it yet
  • Enabling Unknown Sources on Kodi
  • Adding the Dynasty repository
  • Installing the Dynasty addon
  • Touring all the great Dynasty features
  • Real Debrid tips and tricks
  • Safety and legal streaming advice

I‘ve tested this on my own Firestick 4K and NVIDIA Shield, so I can confirm it 100% works. With over 10 million active users, Kodi is extremely popular – and for good reason. Let‘s get started!

What is Kodi and How Do I Get It?

For those new to the world of streaming boxes and addons, Kodi is a free, open-source media center software. It provides the interface and ability to install addons that index movies, shows, live TV, and more from the internet.

Kodi itself is perfectly legal. Where things get tricky are some third-party addons that link to pirated streams and content. We‘ll talk more about safe streaming later.

If you don‘t have Kodi yet, you‘ll need to download and install it first before adding Dynasty or any other addons.

Here are a few guide links for popular devices:

Once you have Kodi ready to go, come back here and we‘ll get Dynasty added!

Turning on Unknown Sources in Kodi

Since Dynasty isn‘t part of the Official Kodi Repository, we‘ll need to enable "Unknown Sources" first. This setting allows you to install unofficial third-party repositories and addons.

Here‘s how to do it:

  1. In Kodi, click on the little Gear icon ⚙️ to open the Settings menu
  2. Go to System Settings > Add-ons
  3. Turn on the toggle for Unknown Sources
  4. When the warning pops up, click Yes to confirm

And that‘s it! This simply gives you permission as the user to install unverified addons at your own discretion.

Now we can move on to the fun part of getting Dynasty installed!

Adding the Dynasty Repository to Kodi

The Dynasty addon gets updated frequently with new features and links. So rather than install the addon directly, we‘ll be adding the Dynasty repository first.

This repository hosts the addon file along with any updates. Here‘s how to get it added to Kodi:

  1. From the main Kodi menu, click on File Manager
  2. Select Add Source
  3. Enter – make sure to type this exactly!
  4. Name the source something like "Dynasty Repo"
  5. Click OK and wait for it to confirm the source was added

Once that‘s done, we have the official repository URL ready for installing the Dynasty addon itself.

Installing the Dynasty Kodi Addon

Now the fun part! Here are the steps to get Dynasty installed through the repository source we just added:

  1. Go back to the main Kodi menu
  2. Click Add-ons from the left sidebar
  3. Choose Install from Zip File
  4. Click on Dynasty Repo (or whatever you named it)
  5. Select to install the repo
  6. When it finishes, go to Install from Repository > Dynasty Repository
  7. Open the Video Add-ons section
  8. Select the Dynasty addon and install it

Give it a minute or two to fully install and you‘ll then see a "Dynasty Addon Installed" confirmation.

You can now access it under the Add-ons section in Kodi. Congrats friend! 🎉

Touring All the Features of Dynasty Addon

Now comes the best part – experiencing everything this addon has to offer!

The Dynasty addon is extremely full-featured and provides pretty much anything you could want for entertainment.

Here‘s an overview of all the main sections:


The movie library in Dynasty really impressed me. Every genre you can think of is represented here, from old classics to new releases.

You‘ll find dedicated categories for:

  • Recently added movies
  • Most popular movies
  • Highly-rated/critically acclaimed
  • 4K and 1080p sections
  • Genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, family, etc.

The library is constantly updated with latest movies too. I spotted a ton of new 2022-2023 releases ready for streaming.

TV Shows

Similar to the movie section, you get practically every show imaginable here. Browse by genre, network, year, ratings, and more.

Some highlights are:

  • Latest episodes section so you can easily stay current
  • Popular shows from HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.
  • Older classics, great for binge watching!
  • Categories for cartoons, crime, sci-fi, reality, and more

You‘ll never run out of series to stream with Dynasty‘s huge catalog of shows.

Live TV

This section brings you live TV streams from countries around the world. There are dozens of channels across news, sports, movies, and more.

However, you will need to signup for the World IPTV service to unlock the live streams. Prices start around $15/month. Still, it‘s much cheaper than traditional cable or satellite!

Kids Zone

If you have little ones at home, the Kids section in Dynasty is excellent. It contains tons of children‘s movies, cartoons, educational programs, and more to keep them entertained for hours.

The content is curated age appropriate with nothing scary or mature. As a parent, I really appreciate having a dedicated safe zone for my kids.


For the anime fans out there, Dynasty has you covered. Find all the most popular series and latest seasons here. Relive classics like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto and more.

Stand Up Comedy

Need some laughs? The Stand Up section is stocked with comedy specials from current stars like Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Ali Wong, and many others.


Dynasty allows you to stream from a large catalog of artists and albums across all genres. You can even setup playlists and listen in the background.


Docos has a wide selection of documentaries on nature, history, crime, space, war, and plenty more. It‘s a great place to learn and explore new topics.

And there‘s still more! You also get sections for sports, radio, retro games, adult content, and Tools for utility features like a web browser.

As you can see, the Dynasty developer packed just about everything you could want into this addon. Having tested many others, I‘d easily rank Dynasty as a top 3 must-have addon for Kodi.

Get the Most Out of Dynasty with Real-Debrid

To really maximize streaming quality and reliability with Dynasty, I highly recommend setting up a Real-Debrid account.

Real-Debrid unlocks premium hoster links and support for services like Torrents. This means you‘ll get way more 1080p and 4K streams that play smoothly and look amazing.

A Real-Debrid subscription starts around $3-5 USD per month, so it‘s very reasonably priced. Here are the steps to get it authorized in Dynasty:

  1. Signup for Real-Debrid and get your code
  2. In Kodi, open Dynasty and go to Tools
  3. Choose Real Debrid Auth
  4. Enter your Real-Debrid username and password
  5. Click Authorize

Once connected, you can access RD links from the Context menu within any movie or episode in Dynasty. Definitely makes a big difference in stream quality!

Staying Safe and Legal with Kodi Streaming

Now when using third-party Kodi addons like Dynasty that aren‘t officially endorsed by Kodi, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Some links may provide copyright-infringing pirated content – avoid!
  2. Your privacy could be at risk without protection
  3. ISP threats like throttling and warnings
  4. Potential fines or legal trouble depending on your country‘s laws

So how do you stay safe and legal? Here are my top tips:

  • Research the legality of any movie/show before streaming
  • Use a good VPN like Surfshark or Norton to encrypt traffic
  • Only stream content you own or from legal free sources
  • Be careful clicking on links and allowing permissions
  • Disable automatic updates to avoid broken addons
  • Don‘t keep Kodi logged into large unknown repositories

Also, Real-Debrid only provides links to legal hosts. So that‘s another layer of protection when enabled in Dynasty.

Overall, just use common sense and you shouldn‘t have any issues! I‘ve been using Kodi for years with these precautions and never received even a warning letter.

Troubleshooting Dynasty Installation

I know from personal experience that addon issues can be frustrating when they crop up.

Here are some common problems and potential fixes:

Dynasty not installing – Double check you typed the repository URL 100% accurately. Also try force closing other apps and try installing again.

Repository not working – Sometimes repository links change. Try searching online for an updated URL from the Dynasty Kodi community.

Streams not loading – Ensure Unknown Sources is still enabled in Kodi settings. Also authorize Real-Debrid if you want premium links.

Buffering problems – Could be a temporary scrapers issue, or your ISP throttling traffic. A good VPN like Surfshark resolves this.

Still not working? Definitely leave me a comment below so I can help troubleshoot!

Is Dynasty Worth Installing on Your Kodi?

At the end of the day, addons come down to personal preference. But here are a few key takeaways on Dynasty:


  • Massive selection of movies, shows, and other content
  • Frequently updated with new links
  • Real-Debrid integration provides premium streams
  • Intuitive sections and menus
  • Very reliable and well-maintained


  • Large addon size can slow down older devices
  • Some broken sections or links at times
  • Lacks unique niche content offerings

So in summary – yes, Dynasty is absolutely worth installing in my opinion! With diverse content, great layouts, and constant updates, it has become a must-have addon for Kodi.

Let‘s Stay in Touch!

Hope you enjoyed this comprehensive walkthrough to install Dynasty on your streaming device. I try my best to keep all my Kodi tutorials up-to-date and detailed for you.

Be sure drop me a comment below if you have any trouble getting Dynasty (or any other addon) up and running. I‘m always happy to help out!

And if you found this guide helpful, please take a minute to share and subscribe. That allows me to keep creating helpful content.

Enjoy Dynasty and happy streaming my friend!


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