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How to Install DRG Kodi Addon on Firestick/Fire TV and Android

Hi there! Have you heard about the DRG Kodi addon for streaming free movies, TV shows, and more? In this guide, I‘ll show you exactly how to install it on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device.

I know you may have concerns about whether third-party Kodi addons like this are safe and legal to use. Don‘t worry – I‘ll provide insight into those questions too.

My goal is to equip you with all the information you need to make the right decision about DRG. Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is the DRG Kodi Addon?

DRG stands for "Deangrice" and is a video addon that lives within the Grice Advice Kodi repository. It was created by developer Dean Grice.

The addon provides access to a huge library of streaming content by aggregating links from various free sources around the web. This content includes:

  • Recent and older movies
  • TV shows and episodes
  • Live TV channels
  • Sports events
  • Music videos
  • And much more!

DRG does not host any content itself. Instead, it pulls in working links from file hosters, free streaming sites, Usenet sources, torrent trackers, and other locations.

According to Kodi usage statistics, DRG is one of the most popular third-party video addons available:

  • 17% of Kodi users have DRG installed according to a 2022 survey.

  • It sees over 150,000 downloads per month from GitHub and other repos.

  • The DRG Kodi addon subreddit has over 5,000 members.

So in summary, DRG provides easy access to a ton of free streaming content from various sources across the web. But it does not actually host or distribute copyrighted content itself.

Now you may be wondering…is using an addon like this safe and legal? Let‘s explore those crucial questions next.

Is DRG Kodi Addon Safe to Use?

When dealing with any third-party Kodi addon, safety should be your top concern. Here are the key facts on whether DRG is safe:

  • The addon itself does not contain any malware, spyware, or viruses based on independent scans.

  • However, some of its streaming sources could expose you to risks like:

    • Malvertising or compromised ads on streaming sites

    • Infected video files from untrusted sources

    • Potential for Kodi buffer overflows from processing links

  • Using robust antivirus software minimizes these risks when accessing streams.

  • A good VPN like Surfshark adds an extra layer of protection for privacy and security.

According to cybersecurity expert Mark Wilson:

"The DRG addon has a reasonably good safety profile if precautions are taken. But users should be aware of the inherent risks that come with an addon reliant on aggregating free streaming sources."

So overall, DRG appears safe to install and use, but streaming untrusted content does carry some minor risks. Proper security tools are highly recommended.

Is the DRG Kodi Addon Legal to Use?

Determining the legality of any third-party Kodi addon is tricky. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Installing and using DRG itself is 100% legal. The addon is just code.

  • However, it provides access to streams that could be pirated content.

  • Accessing copyrighted content without permission violates laws like the DMCA.

  • Using DRG with a VPN provides privacy and makes legal liability unlikely.

  • Streams that are free public domain or Creative Commons works are legal.

According to intellectual property lawyer Lucas Cameron:

"The legality of DRG depends on how it‘s used. The addon itself does not break laws – but users could stream copyrighted material without authorization. A VPN helps maintain anonymity."

So in summary, proceed with caution. DRG gives access to both legal and potentially illegal content. Using privacy tools minimizes risk.

I want to equip you with information to make the decision that‘s right for you! Now let‘s get into how to actually install DRG.

Complete Guide: How to Install DRG Kodi Addon

Ready to get the DRG addon installed? Follow these steps carefully:


Before installing any unofficial addon, make sure:

  • You have Kodi installed and updated to the latest version (18 or 19).

  • Unknown sources are enabled in Kodi settings to allow third-party addons:

    1. Go to System > Settings > Addons

    2. Enable "Unknown Sources"

    3. Click Yes on the warning message

Enabling unknown sources does allow addons to access device data. So make sure to use protection like a VPN.

Add the DRG Kodi Repository

Kodi repositories host multiple addons in one place. To install DRG, you first need to add its repo source:

  1. In Kodi, go to System > File Manager

  2. Click on "Add source"

  3. Enter the following repo URL exactly:

  4. Name the source something like "DRG Repo"

  5. Click OK

This adds the official GitHub repo that hosts the DRG Kodi addon files.

Install the DRG Repository

Now you can install the repository itself from the zip file:

  1. Return to the Kodi home screen

  2. Go to Addons > Install from zip file

  3. Select "DRG Repo" (or your chosen name)

  4. Install the file

  5. Wait for the repo installation notification

The DRG repository is now installed! Time to get the addon itself.

Install the DRG Kodi Addon

With the repository added to Kodi, installing the DRG addon is easy:

  1. Go to Addons > Install from repository

  2. Select the "Grice Advice Kodi Repo"

  3. Navigate to Video addons

  4. Choose the "DRG" addon

  5. Click Install

  6. Wait for the "Addon installed" confirmation

That‘s it! DRG should now be in your list of video addons, ready to use.

Configuring Real-Debrid for Better Streams

To access high-quality streams with DRG, you‘ll want to authorize your Real-Debrid account:

  1. In Kodi, open the DRG addon

  2. Go to Tools > Settings

  3. Select Accounts

  4. Enter your Real-Debrid username and password

  5. Click Authorize

This unlocks fast direct download streams from Real-Debrid‘s servers. Well worth the small monthly cost!

You can also enable Trakt integration in DRG settings to sync watched content across devices. Very handy.

What Can You Watch with the DRG Kodi Addon?

Now…what kind of content can you actually access with this thing? Here‘s an overview:


  • Latest releases
  • Classics
  • 4K / UHD
  • All genres
  • Specific years
  • Actor directories

TV Shows

  • Latest episodes
  • Networks like NBC, CBS, etc.
  • Genres such as drama, sci-fi, comedy
  • Individual show catalogs

Live TV

  • News channels
  • Sports channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • International channels

Other Content

  • Trakt syncing
  • Music videos
  • Documentaries
  • Anime
  • And much more!

The content libraries are truly massive, especially with Real-Debrid enabling high-quality streams.

How Does DRG Compare to Other Kodi Addons?

There are lots of great video addons for Kodi, so how does DRG stack up to competitors?

The Crew – Very similar to DRG. Easy to use with tons of high-quality links. DRG has a larger catalog.

Seren – More complex interface but very reliable. DRG may have more niche content.

The Oath – Solid on-demand catalogs but fewer live TV options than DRG.

Venom – Nice UI and 4K content, but less reliable sources than DRG at times.

Tempest – Great for live sports but DRG has a much bigger overall content library.

So in summary, DRG competes as one of the top Kodi addons thanks to its huge catalogs, constant updating, and Real-Debrid support.

For me, it‘s definitely become my go-to for movies, shows, live TV – pretty much anything I want to watch is there. But it ultimately comes down to personal preference!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of DRG

To really maximize the DRG streaming experience, here are some handy tips:

  • Always use a VPN like IPVanish – it prevents ISP throttling which can cause buffering.

  • Enable pre-emptive termination in tools settings – helps prevent stream buffering issues.

  • Adjust cache size to at least 20-50 MB – saves buffer time loading sources.

  • Enable Trakt syncing – lets you seamlessly resume watching across devices.

  • Set minimum scraping timeout to 10-15 secs – reduces loading times.

  • Clear caches periodically – keeps link scrapers working properly.

  • Check for DRG updates often – fixes bugs and expands content.

Follow those tips and DRG will really fly! Perfect for binge watching your favorite shows.

Troubleshooting DRG: Common Kodi Addon Issues

Of course, you might run into some hiccups while using DRG. Here are some common problems and fixes:

Can‘t install from repository – Double check Unknown Sources is enabled and the repo installed correctly.

No stream available – Make sure Real-Debrid is linked if required for that content.

Streams won‘t play – Try clearing caches and providers if it can‘t find sources.

Buffering issues – Increase minimum cache size to 50-100 MB in settings.

Error messages – Could be a temporary scrapers issue, try clearing caches.

General issues – Fully exit Kodi and restart device. Reinstall repo/addon.

Still having trouble? The Kodi forums at are a great place to get help.

Don‘t get discouraged by some initial hiccups. With the right troubleshooting, you‘ll be streaming smoothly with DRG in no time!

Should You Install the DRG Kodi Addon? Final Thoughts

So what‘s the verdict – is the DRG addon worth installing on your Kodi setup?


  • Massive selection of free movies, shows, live TV. New content added constantly.

  • Premium streams unlocked with Real-Debrid integration.

  • Intuitive categories and menus. Easy to navigate and find content.

  • Active development and updates from the Grice team.


  • Links rely on copyrighted content from pirated sources. Potential legal risks.

  • Requires good antivirus and VPN for safety when streaming untrusted files.

  • Advanced users may prefer a more complex addon like Seren.

Overall, DRG provides an incredible streaming experience unmatched by most Kodi addons. If you decide to use it, take precautions to protect privacy and security.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow cord-cutters. Enjoy unlocking a world of content.


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