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How to Install Dradis Kodi Addon – An In-Depth 2023 Guide

Hey there! In this guide, I‘ll be walking you through exactly how to install Dradis, one of the most popular video addons for Kodi right now.

What is Kodi?

Just to provide some background in case you‘re new to this, Kodi is a free, open-source media center application. It lets you stream movies, TV shows, live TV, and more on devices like a Firestick, Android box, or even your computer.

Kodi has a huge community of users – recent statistics show over 30 million active devices worldwide! The software itself is perfectly legal, but things get tricky with some of the third-party addons and streams available.

The Legality of Kodi Addons

Many addons provide access to pirated content, which most experts consider illegal streaming. However, Kodi themselves do not directly host or distribute any unauthorized content.

The developers who build these addons are also typically located outside regions where copyright is enforced. So the legal risk ends up falling primarily on the users streaming the content.

I‘m not here to judge either way! Just want to make sure you‘re informed on the debate around the legality of addons like Dradis before diving in.

Now back to the good stuff…let‘s get Dradis installed!

An Overview of Dradis Kodi Addon

Dradis is one of the newest and fastest video addons for Kodi right now. It offers a huge library of movies and TV shows in crystal clear HD quality.

Some key features that make Dradis stand out:

  • Massive selection of movies and shows
  • Links for 1080p, 4K, and other high-quality streams
  • Blazing fast streaming speeds
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Active development and updates

In my experience testing Dradis, the quality and speed has been unmatched. But there‘s a catch…

Dradis requires a "debrid service" to unlock the best streams. I‘ll explain more about that shortly.

The other downside is the questionable legality, like many Kodi addons providing access to unlicensed content. But putting aside those concerns, Dradis is hard to beat in terms of its media library and performance.

Next I‘ll walk you through exactly how to get it installed.

Step 1: Install Kodi

Since you‘re reading this guide, I‘ll assume you already have Kodi installed and ready to go. But if not, here‘s a quick overview of how to get set up:

  • On Firestick: Install Downloader app from Amazon‘s Appstore then sideload Kodi APK.
  • On Android box: Download Kodi APK directly from and open to install.
  • On computer: Download install file from and run.

Once launched for the first time, Kodi will guide you through the initial setup process. When ready, you can move onto installing Dradis.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Because Dradis isn‘t available in the official Kodi repository, we‘ll need to enable installation from unknown sources. Here‘s how:

  1. In Kodi, click the gear icon to open Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Choose Add-ons
  4. Along the left sidebar, select Unknown sources
  5. Check the box to enable
  6. Read the warning prompt carefully
  7. Click Yes to confirm

Enabling unknown sources just means you can now install from third-party repositories outside of the main Kodi repo.

You‘ll have to acknowledge the risks around security and privacy before proceeding. Running a VPN like [VPNRecommendation] is highly recommended when using addons like Dradis for added protection.

Okay, almost there! Now we can actually download and install Dradis.

Step 3: Download Dradis Repository

To install any addon within Kodi, you first need to download the repository that hosts it.

Here are the steps to add Dradis repository:

  1. Return to the main Kodi menu

  2. Click Add-ons in the left sidebar

  3. Select the file manager icon at the top

  4. Choose Add source

  5. Click to bring up the keyboard

  6. Type the following repository URL exactly: 
  7. Highlight the box under the URL and enter a name like "DradisRepo"

  8. Verify it looks like the screenshot below then click OK

That URL will now be saved as a media source in Kodi ready for installing the repository zip file.

Step 4: Install Repository Zip File

Now that the repository source is added, we can actually install it:

  1. Select Install from zip file
  2. Click on DradisRepo (or whatever name you entered before)
  3. Choose the file to download
  4. Wait for the "kodifitzwell Repository Add-On Installed" notification

Once you see that confirmation, the Dradis repository has been successfully added to Kodi!

We can now move onto the final step of actually installing the Dradis addon itself.

Step 5: Install Dradis Kodi Addon

With the repository installed, we can now grab the Dradis addon from within it:

  1. Click Install from repository
  2. Select the kodifitzwell Repository
  3. Open the Video add-ons category
  4. Choose Dradis
  5. Click Install
  6. Accept any warning prompts

After clicking through the warnings, you‘ll see a "Dradis Add-on Installed" message once complete.

And that‘s it! You now have Dradis installed and ready to use in Kodi.

Let‘s move onto the final piece of setting up a debrid service to unlock high-quality streams.

Step 6: Configure Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is a premium account service that helps resolve and unlock streams from file hosters and torrents.

While Dradis is usable without debrid, you‘ll get a lot more high-quality 1080p/4K links by integrating it with Real-Debrid or a similar service.

Here‘s how to connect your accounts:

  1. Within the Dradis addon, go to Tools
  2. Open Settings and go to the Accounts tab
  3. Select Authorize under Real-Debrid
  4. Make note of the code provided and visit
  5. Enter the authorization code on the Real-Debrid website
  6. Return to Dradis addon and confirm Real-Debrid connected successfully

And that‘s all it takes to link your Real-Debrid account for premium quality streams!

The process is similar for other debrid services like AllDebrid or Premiumize if you use one of those instead.

Is Real-Debrid Worth It?

Premium debrid services come at an additional cost on top of any VPN subscription. Real-Debrid pricing breaks down to around $3-5 USD per month depending on plan length.

In my experience, the boost in speed and reliability is well worth the small monthly fee. But it‘s optional if you just want to test Dradis out first.

Real-Debrid truly unlocks Dradis‘ full potential for buffer-free 4K streams. But you can always add it later if trying without debrid first.

Final Steps for Getting Started

Once Dradis is installed and configured, you‘re ready to start streaming!

Here are a few tips to get the most out of it:

  • Browse the Discover sections for Movies and TV shows
  • Use the Search tool to find a specific title
  • Mark favorites to your My Movies and My TV Shows lists
  • Install [VPNProvider] and connect for privacy protection
  • Consider adding Real-Debrid for premium quality streams

And that covers everything you need to get up and running with Dradis!

I hope this guide provided an easy step-by-step walkthrough of installing one of the hottest Kodi addons right now for unlimited streaming. Let me know if you have any other questions down below and enjoy!


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