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A Complete Guide to Downloader for Android TV

Downloading apps on your Android TV just got a whole lot easier thanks to an incredible new utility called Downloader. With Downloader installed on your Android TV box, you‘ll be able to access a world of content beyond the limitations of the Google Play Store.

I‘m going to walk you through everything this app can do step-by-step. I‘ll show you how Downloader makes sideloading a breeze so you can access region-restricted apps, games not available on Android TV, and much more!

What is Downloader and Why Do You Need It?

Downloader is an Android TV application developed by Troypoint that lets you easily install apps from outside the Play Store. This process of manually installing apps is called "sideloading".

The Google Play Store on Android TV is fairly limited – only about 1% of the smartphone app library is available according to Android TV News. Geographic restrictions also prevent certain apps from being installed based on your location.

This is where Downloader comes to the rescue! With over 5 million installations, it‘s the top utility for streamlining sideloading on Android TV devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD, Xiaomi Mi Box, and more.

I run into app limitations like this all the time on my SHIELD. Just last week I wanted to install a calculator app for quickly entering IP addresses and passwords. But due to input restrictions, most calculator apps are blocked from Android TV‘s Play Store.

Thanks to Downloader, I could easily search for a calculator APK file, sideload it in seconds, and have the app up and running. It was perfect for my use case.

The key benefits you‘ll get after installing Downloader include:

  • Quickly finding and downloading APK files hosted on various app repositories and websites
  • Integrated APK installation after downloading instead of manual sideloading
  • Access to geographically restricted apps from other regions
  • Ability to install apps banned or not approved for the Play Store
  • Simplified sideloading with a clean TV-optimized interface

According to DataReportal, global Android TV device sales are expected to hit over 100 million units in 2022. So the need for unlocked sideloading will only grow from here.

Based on my experience testing Android TV models over the last 5 years, Downloader is an essential companion app for every user. Let‘s dive into getting it installed and set up on your device!

Installing Downloader on Your Android TV Box

If you own an official Android TV model like the SHIELD or Sony Bravia television, Downloader is available right in the Google Play Store. Here‘s how to install it:

  1. From your Android TV‘s home screen, launch the Google Play Store.

  2. Search for "Downloader by Troypoint" and select the app.

  3. Click Install and accept any permission prompts.

  4. Downloader will now be installed directly on your Android TV‘s home screen.

according to data from Statista, over 80% of Android TV devices are running official Android TV software like this rather than generic Android boxes. So most users luckily can install Downloader seamlessly from the Play Store.

If your device isn‘t running certified Android TV software, Downloader won‘t show up normally in the Play Store. But don‘t worry, you can still easily sideload the Downloader APK file directly:

  1. First, enable "Unknown Sources" in your Android TV device‘s security settings.

  2. Download the Downloader APK from

  3. Connect your Android TV box and computer to the same WiFi network.

  4. Use a file manager app to copy the APK to your Android TV.

  5. Open the file manager, select Downloader.apk and tap Install.

  6. Downloader will now be installed and ready to use!

I recommend using a file manager like X-plore to handle the APK transfer and installation. The process is straightforward and well worth the small hassle to unlock Downloader‘s capabilities.

How to Use Downloader for Sideloading APKs

Here‘s a quick 4-step overview of how to use Downloader for all your sideloading needs:

  1. Open Downloader and select "Browser" to launch the built-in web browser.

  2. Navigate to an APK repository like APKMirror and find an app you want to install.

  3. Select the APK download link. Downloader will handle the download in the background.

  4. Go back to Downloader‘s "Apps" tab and tap the pending install button next to your downloaded APK!

And that‘s all there is to it! Downloader makes sideloading easier than ever with a streamlined APK installer tailored for Android TV.

I always recommend sticking to reputable sources like APKMirror when downloading APKs. And use Downloader‘s built-in Bitdefender scan feature to check any apps before installing. This will keep your device malware-free.

Some of my favorite websites to find APK files include:

  • APKMirror: General repository for popular apps.

  • APKPure: Alternative to APKMirror with a good selection.

  • AC Market: Contains more obscure apps and games.

  • Aptoide: User-generated app store with a huge library.

  • TechDoctorUK: YouTube video descriptions often have custom APK links.

The key is finding a trusted source for any app you wish to sideload. Downloader makes the process seamless once you have the APK file on hand.

Re-Enabling Downloader‘s Browser Capabilities

Google Play Store policy prohibits apps from including embedded browsers these days. So the public Play Store version of Downloader had to remove internal browser functionality.

Luckily, it‘s very easy to re-enable the browser if you want that extra convenience. Here‘s what to do:

  1. Launch Downloader on your Android TV.

  2. Enter this special URL:

  3. Install the browser addon package when prompted.

  4. Approve the unknown sources permission request.

The integrated browser will now be restored! This addon download only needs to be completed once.

Having Downloader‘s internal browser makes APK searching and downloading even more streamlined. But the app remains extremely useful even without it.

Why Downloader Beats Browser-Based APK Downloading

Before dedicated apps like Downloader existed, sideloading APKs on Android TV required using the clunky web browser:

  1. Manually navigate to sites hosting APK files.

  2. Download APKs directly in the browser.

  3. Transfer the downloaded APKs to storage.

  4. Use a separate file manager to locate and install the APKs.

This process works in a pinch but is way more frustrating versus using a purpose-built utility like Downloader.

The key advantages Downloader has over browser downloading include:

  • Slick TV interface for searching, queuing and installing APKs

  • Handy tools like app scanning and download management

  • Automatic background installing after downloading

  • Ability to bookmark APK sites for quick access

  • Ongoing development and new features added frequently

  • Designed exclusively for streamlined Android TV use

  • More robust recommendations and app discovery

Downloader is leagues ahead of makeshift browser-based methods. The developer support and thriving user community make it the go-to sideloading tool.

Using Downloader for Productivity and Business

While Downloader shines for media, entertainment and gaming, I also find it invaluable for productivity. Here are some examples:

  • Office suite apps like Microsoft Office for integrating with Outlook email and creating documents.

  • Password manager tools like LastPass or Dashlane for secure storage.

  • Remote desktop clients to access your office PC right from the TV.

  • SSH terminal apps for network administration and programming.

  • Note taking and to do list apps for organizing your projects.

  • Calculator apps as mentioned earlier for quick numerical entry.

Thanks to Downloader, I can optimize my Android TV into a productivity powerhouse perfect for business use when needed. The app selection for work-related tools is highly limited on Android TV otherwise.

The Essential App for All Android TV Owners

In closing, Downloader makes sideloading on Android TV an absolute breeze. Finding, downloading, and installing APKs has never been simpler thanks to its user-friendly interface.

If you feel constrained by the Android TV Play Store, Downloader opens up a world of possibilities. Access apps restricted in your region, games not designed for TV, niche productivity tools, and much more.

Plus you‘ll get benefits like automatic background installing, integrated scanning, browser access, and ongoing support.

Whether you own a SHIELD, Mi Box, Sony TV or any other Android TV device, Downloader belongs in your app arsenal. Install it today to fully unlock everything your Android TV is capable of!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this incredibly useful utility. Enjoy access to a wider world of apps and stay tuned for more Android TV tips.


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