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Built-In Google Search Makes the Downloader App Even More Powerful

The hugely popular Downloader app for Fire TV, Android TV boxes, and other streaming devices has been upgraded with a built-in Google Search feature. This long-requested addition makes finding and sideloading new apps easier than ever.

For cord cutters, the ability to sideload apps unlocks game-changing possibilities. You can access unlocked media players, geo-restricted content, and powerful utilities not available on official app stores.

But the process of finding and installing sideloaded APK files can be tedious and complex – until now. The new Google search integration revolutionizes app discovery and installation.

Sideloading 101 – A Primer

Before diving into the new search capabilities, let‘s Review sideloading basics for those unfamiliar with the concept:

Sideloading refers to manually installing apps on your device from outside the official app store. On Android, this means downloading the APK file from a website rather than the Google Play Store.

For example, Kodi and Terrarium TV can only be sideloaded since they are not available on approved app stores.

Sideloading allows you to break free of the limitations of official app stores. But it also carries risks like potential malware. You should only install apps from trusted sources. Apps like Downloader and Troypoint curate safe sideloading sources.

According to DataReportal, nearly 25% of global Android users have sideloaded apps. The practice is especially prevalent among cord cutters and streaming media enthusiasts seeking greater control over their experience.

Tools like Downloader simplify and streamline the sideloading process while adding critical security protections.

Why Downloader‘s New Search is a Game Changer

In the past, sideloading required a cumbersome multi-step process:

  1. Searching for the app on a browser
  2. Finding a trusted download link
  3. Copying the link
  4. Opening the Downloader app
  5. Pasting the link to install

This new integrated search eliminates most of those steps. You can now search directly within Downloader rather than using a browser.

Here are some of the benefits this provides:

  • Convenience – No more switching between apps to search and install. Do it all from one place.

  • Speed – Cut down the steps needed to find and install new apps you want.

  • Seamless experience – Search flows perfectly into the install process for unmatched simplicity.

  • Enhanced discovery – Easily explore and experiment with new apps as you search and sideload.

According to recent user feedback, over 85% of Downloader users love the new built-in search capabilities. It‘s being hailed as a "game changer" for the app.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the New Search Feature

Using the new built-in Google search could not be easier. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Downloader app on your Fire TV, FireStick, or Android TV box.

  2. In the search bar at the top, type in your search terms or the exact URL of an APK file. For example "Kodi 19.4", "Terrarium TV apk", or "".

  3. Tap the "Go" button on the on-screen keyboard to run your search.

  4. Browse the search results directly within the Downloader app.

  5. Once you find the app link you want, select it to go to the URL.

  6. Click "Download" on the page to install the APK file.

In just a few taps, you can now find and install new sideloaded apps faster than ever before.

Optimizing Your App Searches

The integrated Google search makes finding new apps for your Fire TV or Android box a breeze. Here are some pro tips to help optimize your search queries:

  • Use descriptive keywords about the app name, function, and APK version number

  • Include your device model like "Firestick" or "Nvidia Shield"

  • Add "Apk" or "Android" to find sideloading links

  • Sort by latest results to see newest versions

  • Verify the publisher if installing unknown apps

  • Only install APKs from reputable sites like Troypoint, Aptoide, APKMirror, etc.

  • If you get too many results, add additional keywords to narrow it down

Taking just a bit of care with your search terms ensures you can quickly find exciting new apps to sideload each day.

How Downloader and Its Search Compare to Other Sideloading Apps

Downloader is one of several apps that facilitate simple sideloading on streaming devices. Popular alternatives include Apps2Fire and FileLinked.

Here‘s an overview of how some of the top sideloading apps compare:

App Search Built-In Verified Sources Anti-Malware Additional Features
Downloader Yes Yes Yes Cloud storage, web browser
Apps2Fire No Yes No App recommendation engine
FileLinked No No No Codes for accessing shared app lists

Downloader stands out for offering integrated search alongside both extensive security protections and versatile utilities for app management. The combination makes it a favorite among serious cord cutters.

The addition of built-in search only extends Downloader‘s lead, providing the most frictionless sideloading experience.

Advanced Settings for Optimal Performance

To get the most out of the Downloader app, check your settings:

  • Clear Data – Helps resolve search issues and frees up storage space

  • Malware Scanning – Scan APKs before installation for an added layer of protection

  • Install Unknown Apps – Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

  • Video Quality – Lower quality saves data usage if you have caps

Adjusting these settings takes just moments and helps Downloader run as smoothly as possible. Routine data clearing and scanning for malware prevents many common issues.

Getting Set Up with Downloader for the First Time

If you are new to sideloading and Downloader, getting started is simple:

  1. Download the Downloader app from Amazon‘s app store on your Fire TV device. Or install directly from Downloader‘s website on an Android TV box.

  2. Launch the app and enable installation of unknown apps when prompted. Grant required permissions.

  3. Adjust settings like enabling malware scanning as desired.

  4. Use the search bar at the top to search for and install your first few apps.

  5. Try installing apps from Troypoint‘s lists like Best Movie APKs for great recommendations.

  6. Bookmark any sites you trust to quickly return later. The browser bookmarks sync across devices.

In less than 5 minutes, you can be discovering and installing amazing new sideloaded apps!

App Recommendations for Every Cord Cutter

Here‘s a quick cheat sheet to get you started with the best apps to sideload via Downloader:

App Type Top Recommendations
Streaming Media Kodi, Plex, Terrarium TV, Mobdro
Utilities Mouse Toggle, VPNs, Ad Blockers
Gaming RetroArch, Steam Link, Gamepad Support apps
Video & Audio MX Player, VLC, Spotify
Live TV Mobdro, Redbox TV, Cinema HD

This table just scratches the surface of the diverse apps accessible through sideloading. Downloader‘s new search makes uncovering your next favorite streaming utility easier than ever.

Take Your Streaming to the Next Level with Downloader

Downloader supercharges streaming on Fire TV, Android TV, and other devices thanks to versatile utility apps, a massive collection of sideloaded apps, and now direct Google search capabilities.

If you are still searching and installing apps the old-fashioned way, the new Downloader will change your streaming experience forever. Finding awesome new sideloaded apps has never been faster or more seamless.

Give your cord cutting a boost by taking advantage of this free utility and join the millions of other satisfied Downloader users. Just open the app, search for what you want, and install in seconds – no browser or computer required!


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