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Can You Download Movies From Vudu

Vudu is a digital store that was owned by Walmart and has recently changed hands to Fandango Entertainment.

Instead of competing with Netflix and other streaming platforms, you can rent movies, or purchase them from Vudu. You can also find a number of free movies and TV shows that are free, although they are full of ads.

You can link Vudu to other streaming platforms like Amazon or Disney, although with rights reserved, you may be limited to streaming only unless you use our second option.

It is worth knowing, this service is for residents of the USA, and anyone outside the country is free to create a new account, yet when you try to sign in, it delivers an error.

You can easily bypass this using a VPN as they help with circumventing the geo-restrictions.

You may wonder if you can download the movies, you rent or purchase because it doesn’t appear to be straightforward. Here is all the help you need for your new streaming platform.

Can You Download Vudu Movies to Watch Offline?

The service, while not too well known, is among the most popular video services in the US.

It differs in the fact; it allows you to download some titles for viewing later, and to watch offline. It’s great for extended trips, or to save data, and downloading your movie from home.

Can I Download Movies I Buy on Vudu?

When looking how to download movies from Vudu, you’ll see Vudu allows customers to download their purchased and rented titles to a PC or Mac using Vudu-to-Go app, for offline viewing.

Install the Vudu app on your PC or Mac

  1. Install and adjust resolution settings (do this on the website and set to SD or HD)
  2. Find Your TV shows and Movies purchases
  3. Click the download button for movie offline viewing

Download movies on Android and iOS

  1. Head to the Play Store or App Store
  2. Download and install the app for your device
  3. Check your phone storage (Content for offline viewing will be stored on your phone)
  4. Adjust account settings for SD or HDX
  5. Select movies you want, or have you have rented or purchased (rights reserved on your purchased Vudu movies allows you to download a movie for offline viewing)

Why Can’t I Download My Movies On Vudu?

You can find a few reasons why you can’t download movies on Vudu. On Apple devices, you need iOS 10 or greater to support downloads because of digital rights management.

A second reason you can’t download movies on Vudu is they are stored on your mobile devices and not on any memory cards. You will also require the Vudu-To-Go app to play these because of the native format they use.

Can You Download Movies on Xbox One?

Users of the Xbox 360 could do this. However, you will find there is no download option available to users of the Xbox One console.

It is very different from the Windows version or the Xbox 360, where you can’t even download non-rented content.

It appears, for the Xbox One, users can only stream any movies or TV shows onto their device.

Download Vudu Movies Alternative

Although not officially supported, you can find many a link to Vudu video downloaders and converters. At the same time, you will still need to purchase and rent the good movies and content. You can, however, download the not so new movies from the free sections.

The great thing with these downloaders are, they are easy to use, and can make it possible for you to watch movies on many devices without needing the Vudu app to show the movies or TV show.

You can also use them to convert to MP4 and then you can watch your downloaded movies on your games consoles and other devices that don’t support the Vudu player.

As a bonus, you will find these don’t just show you the easiest way to download Vudu movies, but you can download videos from other streaming platforms such as download YouTube videos, Vimeo and others.


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