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Does Expressvpn Keep Logs

VPNs are fantastic tools you can use for many things. You can use them for bypassing geo-restrictions to watch US Netflix from another country, or access UK streaming services from as far afield as Australia.

Besides this, they overcome government censorship, get around Facebook blocks at work, and put a stop to tracking by websites and commercial Wi-Fi hotspots.

With all these benefits, the primary focus of VPNs is to offer users online privacy as they go about their activities.

To do this in the most relaxed manner, users need to be sure their VPN provider doesn’t keep any logs of their activities.

Sadly the term “a no-logs or zero-logging VPN” are often used as a selling point than being a fact of how the company performs.

ExpressVPN is the number one VPN in the world, so it makes sense to look at how they perform as a no logs VPN in this department. (Read our full ExpressVPN Review)

By the end of this mini-review of ExpressVPN, you will see if there is any ExpressVPN logging to be worried about or there are no connection logs to be concerned.

Does ExpressVPN Keep Logs?

To understand fully what Express VPN is doing in regards to collecting connection logs or using user information, you need to go through their privacy policy.

It is here they lay everything out for prospective users to read before committing. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back, so all users can check this before committing.

Here are parts of the privacy policy to make things clear.

  • ExpressVPN Does Not Record
  • Any IP addresses be its source or VPN IP
  • Destination or any Metadata DNS requests made by users
  • Apps and servers eliminate sensitive information; thus, customer data doesn’t exist.

Additionally, Exp VPN has headquarters inside the British Virgin Islands and thus doesn’t come under any governing body or 14-eyes jurisdiction.

Can ExpressVPN Be Traced

For any VPN provider not to collect data at any time is nearly impossible. ExpressVPN states what they collect and the reason for doing so.

  • Apps used and the app version that connects
  • Dates of connections to the VPN service (no times)
  • The chosen VPN Exp server location
  • Amount of data transferred per day

None of this information can relate or used to trace any particular VPN user

Why ExpressVPN collects this information is because of the following:

  • To assist with troubleshooting technical problems stemming from the VPN apps
  • Provide technical support for users and to identify issues and tailor advice for each country, so they know the best ways to use the VPN service
  • Assist ExpressVPN engineers to identify and correct network issues

Other things, such as anonymous analytics data, are collected, such as:

  • Speed test data
  • Connection failures
  • Crash reports

Users can disable the sending of this data, and the apps are unaware from which user app sends this data.

What VPN Does Not Keep Logs?

When ExpressVPN says they don’t keep any activity logs or any login records of users, you can see what this means here.

No Activity Tracking

ExpressVPN will not see or record the websites you are visiting. In addition, they do not track the destination or content of your traffic, and they operate their own private, zero-knowledge DNS on each VPN server.

This offers added protection and anonymity without the need for third-party activity.

No Logs

ExpressVPN will never record login times, connection times, the source IP address, or the ExpressVPN IP address your computer adopts when connected with the VPN.

Does VPN Keep History?

You can see so far that ExpressVPN is a no-logging VPN, and any ExpressVPN review you read will say the same.

  • Concerning history, you have to look at how many VPN providers have been caught out, yet to be the best no-log VPN you need to preach what you pray.
  • All ExpressVPN servers run in RAM-disk; thus, it is impossible to store any logs. Data is lost on every reboot of the server.
  • World-leading external auditors PWC conducted an audit to confirm ExpressVPN does indeed stick to their no-logs policies.
  • In addition, ExpressVPN passed another independent audit by Cure53.
  • A real world test back in 2017 saw Turkish authorities demand customer logs. Later they seized the ExpressVPN server; however, there were no logs or user data on the server for them to collect.

As you can see, there is no better test than this to find they are upholding the truth. Even before the Turkish authorities seized the server, they were told there was nothing for them to see. It was on closer inspection they found this to be true.

Other Benefits

When you sign up to ExpressVPN, all you need to supply are an email address and your payment method.

Even with all the efforts they put in to be the safest and most secure VPN, you can still use a burner VPN and also use Bitcoin as your payment method. (Looking for the Best Bitcoin VPN)

There is a lot of effort goes into making these the number one zero-logging VPN as they have over 3,000 VPN servers to make sure are secure.

Aside from this, it is this high number of servers across 94 countries that allows them to be the number one streaming VPN of choice.

The RAM model they use is more than secure; it makes the servers faster for streaming and downloading torrents.

They can bypass any geo-restrictions for streaming platforms in any country, and the capable kill switch and military-grade encryption.

It is the safest VPN on the market for torrenting, as it won’t leak any IP address in a torrent swarm.

ExpressVPN goes way beyond just using the term ‘zero logs’ as a selling point; they deliver in heaps and leave a path for others to follow.


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