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How to Install DocumentaryHeaven Kodi Addon on Any Device: An In-Depth Guide

Set default stream quality

Do you love kicking back and getting lost in an absorbing documentary? I’m addicted to mind-expanding films that explore science, nature, history, and the far reaches of human achievement. But it can be a major pain finding quality documentaries all in one place.

That’s why a top-notch addon like DocumentaryHeaven is an essential part of any Kodi media setup.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you exactly how to install DocumentaryHeaven on any device. You’ll also learn insider tips to get the most out of streaming this incredible wealth of documentary content.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Intro to Kodi and Addons

First, a quick Kodi overview if you’re new to this world.

Kodi is a free and open-source media center software. It basically turns any device into an epic entertainment hub for all your music, videos, movies, TV shows, and more.

One of Kodi’s biggest strengths is its community-built addon ecosystem. Addons are like apps that let you easily access extra functionality and content. There are literally thousands of addons that do everything from streaming shows to playing retro games.

While Kodi itself is 100% legal, some addons provide unauthorized access to copyrighted material. More on how to ethically use Kodi addons later.

Now back to our star attraction – the DocumentaryHeaven addon!

Why Every Kodi User Needs DocumentaryHeaven

Here’s a taste of what makes DocumentaryHeaven such an invaluable addon:

  • Massive selection – Over 4,500 documentaries spanning dozens of categories. From true crime to ancient history, there’s always something fascinating to watch.

  • Great quality – Movies play smoothly in up to crystal clear 1080p resolution. No excessive buffering or pixelated playback.

  • Easy navigation – Intuitive menus and robust filtering makes finding titles a breeze. Bookmark favorites for quick access.

  • Regular updates – New documentaries added frequently so the library stays fresh and relevant.

  • Perfect streaming – Works flawlessly on pretty much any Kodi device including Firestick, Android, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Clearly DocumentaryHeaven provides an unbeatable documentary streaming experience. But how exactly do you install and start using it?

It only takes about 10 minutes to get up and running. Just follow the steps below.

Step-By-Step Guide to Install DocumentaryHeaven Kodi Addon

Here is the full tutorial for installing and setting up DocumentaryHeaven:

1. Install or Open Kodi

Obviously, you’ll need Kodi installed before you can add any addons.

If you don’t have it yet, download Kodi for your platform here:

Installation takes just a few minutes per the platform instructions.

Once complete, launch Kodi and you’ll see the home screen. Time to add DocumentaryHeaven!

Kodi home screen

Kodi home screen

2. Access the Settings Menu

From the Kodi home screen, click the gear icon in the top left corner to open the Settings menu.

Kodi Settings icon

Access Kodi Settings

3. Enable Unknown Sources

In Settings, choose “Add-ons” from the left sidebar and select Unknown Sources. Flip the toggle to enable it.

You’ll get a warning that this allows unverified addons from unknown developers. Click Yes to confirm.

Enable Unknown sources in Kodi

Enable Unknown Sources

This is necessary since DocumentaryHeaven comes from an external repository not native to Kodi.

4. Go Back to the Add-ons Menu

Now go back to the main Add-ons menu in Settings.

5. Launch Install from Repository

Under Add-ons, find and select “Install from repository” to bring up the list of available Kodi repositories.

Install from repository in Kodi

Launch Install from Repository

A repository is essentially a storage center that hosts multiple addons like DocumentaryHeaven. Installing the right repo is key to getting the addon.

6. Select the Video Add-ons Repository

In the list of repositories, choose “Kodi Add-on repository.” This is the official repo maintained by the Kodi team.

Next, open the “Video add-ons” section inside this repo. This contains all video-related addons.

Kodi Video add-ons repository

Open Kodi Video add-ons repository

7. Install DocumentaryHeaven Addon

Scroll through the video addons until you find “DocumentaryHeaven.” Highlight it and select Install.

Install DocumentaryHeaven Kodi addon

Install DocumentaryHeaven

And that’s it! DocumentaryHeaven will now download and install automatically.

8. Confirm Dependency Installs

You’ll get a pop-up asking to install dependencies. These are extra addons that DocumentaryHeaven needs to work properly. Click OK to proceed.

Install DocumentaryHeaven dependencies

Approve addon dependencies

Dependencies help integrate things like subtitle scrapers or libraries for metadata. Installing them ensures smooth operation.

9. Open DocumentaryHeaven

Once installed, you’ll get an Add-on installed notification. DocumentaryHeaven should now be in your Kodi addons list ready to launch!

The first time you open it, give it a minute to fully load all the movie information.

Open DocumentaryHeaven Kodi addon

Initial launch of DocumentaryHeaven

And that’s all it takes to get DocumentaryHeaven up and running! Now let’s look at how to use it.

DocumentaryHeaven Addon Features and Navigation

The DocumentaryHeaven interface is well organized into different sections that make finding movies simple. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll see:


The Home screen displays handy menus like:

  • New Documentaries – Recently added films.

  • Most Viewed – Most popular based on streaming stats.

  • Highly Rated – Highest rated by users.

  • Categories – List of all genres.

DocumentaryHeaven home screen

DocumentaryHeaven Home screen

Top 100

As you’d expect, this surfaces the top 100 highest-quality documentaries worth watching. An easy way to dive into the best of the best.


Here you’ll find every category available like Music, Science, Crime, History, Nature, Sports, and many more. Makes finding films for a specific interest a breeze.

DocumentaryHeaven categories

DocumentaryHeaven categories


Don’t see what you want browsing the categories? Use Search to find a specific documentary by title or keyword. Results typically show high-quality streams.

DocumentaryHeaven search

Search for documentaries


Under the Settings gear icon, you can:

  • Set default stream quality
  • Clear cached data
  • Toggle adult content filters
  • Force a content refresh
  • and more.

DocumentaryHeaven settings

DocumentaryHeaven settings

Standout Features

Beyond the standard sections, here are some of my favorite things about DocumentaryHeaven:

Bookmarking – Add documentaries to a custom Watch Later list for easy access anytime. No more scrolling endlessly looking for that one movie you want to finish.

Parental controls – Prevent accidental access to mature content by enabling a PIN-protected lock. Great for family devices.

Resuming playback – Pick up right where you left off in a partially-watched film.

Cinema mode – Dim the lights and go fullscreen for a theater vibe.

With bookmarking, parental controls, and other neat touches, DocumentaryHeaven offers a polished streaming experience.

Post-Install Configuration and Tips

You now have DocumentaryHeaven installed, but a few tweaks can improve streaming quality and performance.

Enable Auto-Updates

Like all Kodi addons, DocumentaryHeaven gets periodic fixes and new features. To automatically install updates, go to:

Add-ons > My Add-ons > DocumentaryHeaven > Enable auto-updates

This ensures you’re always running the latest addon version.

Enable DocumentaryHeaven auto-updates

Enable DocumentaryHeaven auto-updates

Set Default Stream Quality

Under DocumentaryHeaven settings, you can choose default stream quality. I recommend 1080p on fast connections or 720p if your bandwidth is limited.

Lower quality means less buffering, but HD will look crisper on a big screen.

Set default stream quality

Configure default stream resolution

Enable Real-Debrid (Optional)

While not required, linking a Real-Debrid account unlocks faster speeds and higher quality video in DocumentaryHeaven. Well worth the few bucks a month for premium streaming.

Here’s how to setup Real-Debrid in Kodi.

Connect a VPN Service

A VPN like Surfshark encrypts all Kodi traffic for privacy and security. This lets you stream worry-free.

Follow my VPN setup guide to get connected.

With auto-updates, quality settings, Real-Debrid, and a VPN configured, you’ll get the best experience streaming from DocumentaryHeaven.

How to Fix Common DocumentaryHeaven Issues

Generally DocumentaryHeaven works flawlessly, but occasionally hiccups happen. Here’s how to troubleshoot problems if they pop up:

Addon won’t install – Verify Unknown Sources are enabled in Settings. If on, toggle off and back on. Also temporarily disable any VPN or adblocker.

Can’t play videos – Check for internet connectivity issues on your network. Restart the addon and test different links. Turn off VPN and try again.

Error on launch – An outage could be affecting addon servers. Try again later. Update Kodi and reboot device. Reauthorize Real Debrid if enabled.

Buffering and lag – Lower the default quality setting. Or use a speed test site to confirm your network has sufficient bandwidth. Close and restart the addon.

Still having trouble? As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall DocumentaryHeaven fresh. This typically resolves elusive technical issues.

For added assistance, visit the Official Kodi Forum or /r/Addons4Kodi on Reddit. These are great places to get help from knowledgeable community members.

And that takes care of troubleshooting guidance!

Get More From Your Kodi Setup With Recommended Addons

To take your Kodi setup to the next level, complement DocumentaryHeaven with other top addons:

  • The Crew – All-in-one addon for movies, TV, live sports, and more.

  • Venom – Great backup for DocumentaryHeaven with huge media library.

  • Youtube – Watch any Youtube video right in Kodi.

  • Spotify – Stream Spotify music tracks, radio, and podcasts.

  • RetroX – Play classic game systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, and arcade.

Mix and match addons to build your perfect Kodi entertainment hub!

Final Thoughts on the DocumentaryHeaven Addon

I hope this guide helped explain everything needed to successfully install and configure DocumentaryHeaven on your Kodi setup.

While it takes a bit of work on the initial setup, once you dive in, this addon provides endless absorbing documentary content for hours of enrichment and entertainment.

So put on your comfy pants, make some snacks, and get ready to stream captivating documentary films on any device with DocumentaryHeaven!

Have questions? Found this tutorial helpful? Let me know in the comments!


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