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DistroTV – How to Install on Firestick and Roku for Free Live TV

Hey there! Looking to cut the cord on cable but still want access to live TV channels? DistroTV is a great free option worth checking out.

In this guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about DistroTV including:

  • What channels are on DistroTV?
  • How to install DistroTV on Firestick, Fire TV, and Roku
  • Pros and cons compared to other live TV streaming services
  • Tips for getting the most out of DistroTV

Let‘s get started!

What is DistroTV?

DistroTV is a 100% free live TV streaming service that provides over 100 high-quality channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, comedy and more.

Some of the most popular channels on DistroTV include:

  • Newsmax
  • NBC News Now
  • People TV
  • Pursuit Up
  • Stadium
  • The Design Network
  • World Poker Tour
  • XiveTV

In addition to live channels, DistroTV also offers an on-demand library with movies and TV shows you can watch anytime. The on-demand selection provides a nice complement to the live TV offering.

DistroTV is available to stream through the official app on tons of devices like Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Android, iPhone, web browsers and more.

The service is completely free and legal to use. No credit card, registration or account is needed. Just download the app and start watching.

DistroTV is similar to free streaming apps like Pluto TV or Plex. But DistroTV focuses specifically on live TV while the others have a mix of live and on-demand.

Now let‘s go over the pros and cons of using DistroTV for free live TV streaming.

Pros of DistroTV

There are several great benefits that make DistroTV one of the top options for free live TV streaming:

  • 100% free – No fees, subscriptions or login required
  • 100+ channels – Huge selection of live TV channels
  • Live news – Local, national and international news stations
  • Live sports – Poker, wrestling, soccer, auto racing and more
  • Ad-free – All channels stream commercial-free
  • HD quality – Streams in 720p and 1080p HD depending on your device
  • On-demand movies & shows – Hundreds of titles available on-demand
  • Compatible devices – Works on Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, Chromecast, and browsers
  • Intuitive interface – Easy to find and watch channels

The amount of quality live TV you get completely free with DistroTV is outstanding.

Cordcutting has grown massively with over 50 million households ditching cable in recent years. Free services like DistroTV make it feasible to cut the cord and still enjoy live TV.

Now let‘s look at a few drawbacks to consider about DistroTV.

Cons of DistroTV

While we really like DistroTV, there are some limitations to note:

  • Missing some popular channels – DistroTV has gaps in their channel lineup compared to paid services
  • No DVR – No ability to record shows or rewind live TV
  • Limited on-demand library – Selection not as robust as subscription apps
  • No offline viewing – Streams require constant internet connection
  • US only – Does not work outside the United States
  • Occasional streams drop – Some channels experience intermittent outages

The channel lineup is not at the same level as paid options like Sling TV or YouTube TV. But given the price (free!), DistroTV provides an excellent assortment of live news, sports, movies and entertainment.

Overall, DistroTV delivers outstanding free live TV streaming. And it can be nicely supplemented with other free options like Locast for local channels.

Next let‘s walk through how to install and watch DistroTV on your Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or Roku streaming player.

How to Install DistroTV on Firestick and Fire TV

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to download and install DistroTV on any Firestick or Fire TV model including the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube:

  1. From the Fire TV home screen, scroll down and select the “Find” option.

  2. In the search bar, type in “DistroTV” and select the DistroTV app from the search results.

  3. Choose “Download” or “Get” to begin the install process.

  4. Once the DistroTV app finishes downloading, select “Open” to launch it for the first time.

  5. Accept the Terms of Use agreement when prompted.

And that‘s it! In just a couple minutes you‘ll have DistroTV installed and ready to start watching free live TV on your Firestick or Fire TV.

The DistroTV app icon will now be available on your Fire TV home screen for quick and easy access anytime.

How to Install DistroTV on Roku

Installing DistroTV on your Roku streaming player only takes a minute or two. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. From the Roku home screen, go to Streaming Channels and search for “DistroTV”.

  2. Select the DistroTV app from the search results.

  3. Choose “Add Channel” to begin the installation process.

  4. Once installed, click OK to add DistroTV to your Roku channel lineup.

  5. Return to the home screen and launch the DistroTV channel.

  6. Accept the Terms of Use agreement when it appears.

That‘s all it takes to get DistroTV up and running on your Roku device!

The app will now be available alongside your other Streaming Channels on Roku.

How to Use DistroTV on Fire TV and Roku

Using DistroTV on either Firestick or Roku is quick and intuitive. Here‘s an overview of how to watch live TV and find on-demand movies/shows:

Live TV

Select “Live” at the top to view thumbnails of all the live channels. Scroll horizontally to see what‘s playing on each station in real-time.

When you choose a channel, it will immediately start playing live. You can pause, rewind and replay content on live channels in case you tune in late.

A TV guide is also available so you can see what’s coming up on each channel. But there is no cloud DVR storage for recording or scheduling shows.

On Demand

Choose the “On Demand” tab to browse through DistroTV‘s library of movies and TV shows available to stream anytime.

Content is organized into sections like Action, Comedy, Drama and more. Use the search feature to find something specific to watch.


If there are certain live channels you watch frequently, add them to your “Favorites” tab for quick access. No need to scroll through the entire channel lineup each time.

Watch History

Your “Watch History” keeps track of recently watched movies, shows and live channels. Use it to resume something you started.


In the settings you can manage options like closed captioning, video quality and parental controls.

That covers the basics of how to watch live TV and find on-demand content using the DistroTV interface! The menus and navigation are nicely designed for a smooth streaming experience.

The Best Channels on DistroTV

With over 100 free live TV channels spanning a wide range of genres, DistroTV has an outstanding lineup.

Here is a closer look at some of the best channels you can watch on DistroTV:


Newsmax TV features news, political commentary and talk show programming from a conservative perspective. They have grown into one of the most viewed news channels on streaming.


Cheddar broadcasts general news and headline stories. But they also focus heavily on technology, gaming, media and cannabis industry coverage.

People TV

PeopleTV lives up to its name with a heavy emphasis on celebrity, pop culture and entertainment news. Fans of E! and Extra will feel right at home here.


PursuitUP airs shows and documentaries related to outdoor topics like fishing, hiking, hunting, motor sports, survival skills and more. Lots of great content for outdoor enthusiasts.


Stadium is a sports-dedicated channel that airs live games, in-depth analysis, classic replays and sports talk shows spanning football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer.

The Design Network

The Design Network broadcasts popular home renovation shows focused on interior design, home building, DIY projects, architecture and real estate.

World Poker Tour

For poker fans, World Poker Tour provides an extensive on-demand library of poker tournaments, cash games, lessons and more. Tons of gameplay to enjoy.


XiveTV plays a diverse mix of music videos, concerts, documentaries and shows focused on pop culture, lifestyles and emerging artists across genres like country, hip hop, alternative and more.

These are just a few examples of the high-caliber channels accessible on DistroTV totally free. There‘s enough variety to keep anyone entertained for hours on end.

Does DistroTV Offer Local Channels?

DistroTV itself does not provide local broadcast stations like ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX. The live TV lineup is focused more on national cable channels.

However, you can supplement DistroTV with other free options like Locast or Plex to add local channel access:

Locast – Available in 35+ US markets, Locast is a non-profit service that streams local broadcast channels over the internet. Also offers a DVR.

Plex – The free Plex Live TV service provides local channels in select markets along with free movies, shows, news and entertainment.

Using DistroTV together with Locast or Plex gives you the perfect mix of both localized and nationwide live TV channels.

I recommend checking Locast‘s website to see if your city is supported for local channel streaming.

The combination of DistroTV + Locast/Plex is my favorite cord-cutting stack for free live TV. You get the full spectrum of content.

Does DistroTV Work on all Fire TV and Roku Devices?

Yes, the DistroTV app is compatible with all of the latest Fire TV and Roku devices:

Fire TV Models:

  • Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Fire TV Stick (2nd & 3rd Gen)
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Fire TV (3rd Gen cube and rectangle)
  • Fire TV Omni Series

Roku Models:

  • Roku Express/Express+
  • Roku Streaming Stick/Stick+
  • Roku Ultra (4K/4K+)
  • Roku Premiere/Premiere+
  • Roku Smart Soundbars
  • Roku TVs (HD, 4K, 8K)

So you should have no issues installing and running DistroTV on any current Firestick, Fire TV, or Roku model. It‘s optimized to work great across platforms.

In my experience, DistroTV performs well on both Fire TV and Roku hardware. I haven’t encountered any glitches or playback problems like buffering or choppiness.

Of course, your streaming quality still depends on factors like your internet speeds. But DistroTV‘s streams are smooth and stable overall provided you have a decent broadband connection.

Now let‘s go over some tips and tricks to get the most out of DistroTV.

Tips for Using DistroTV

Here are some recommendations to enhance your DistroTV streaming experience:

  • Use a Fast Internet Connection – For the best performance, 25Mbps internet speeds or higher are recommended. This allows for smooth HD streaming across multiple devices.

  • Connect your device via Ethernet if possible – Wired connections are the most reliable for 4K/HD streaming.

  • Try a long-range WiFi extender if your signal is weak – Boost your existing WiFi for minimal buffering and dropout.

  • Position your device close to the router – Shorter distance means stronger WiFi signal. Avoid walls and obstacles between the two.

  • Close out unused apps – Free up device memory and bandwidth by closing apps running in the background.

  • Check for app updates – Regularly update the DistroTV app in your device‘s app store to get the latest fixes.

  • Reboot your streaming device – If issues persist, a quick restart of your Firestick or Roku often helps.

  • Contact support if needed – DistroTV offers 24/7 technical support in case any trouble occurs.

Following those tips will ensure you get the most reliable and high-quality streaming experience when using DistroTV.

Is DistroTV Completely Legal and Safe to Use?

Yes, DistroTV is 100% legal, legitimate and safe to use. The app is available through official app stores like Amazon and Roku.

All channel streams and on-demand content are properly licensed. You don‘t have to worry about any legal issues or risks when streaming DistroTV.

There are no sketchy addons, illegal streams or privacy pitfalls when using DistroTV. You can stream safely and avoid any copyright violation concerns.

Think of DistroTV like other popular free streaming options such as PlutoTV, Plex or Peacock. DistroTV simply curates public domain and legit licensed content into one convenient app.

So feel confident streaming DistroTV knowing it‘s a legitimate service operating entirely above board.

Does DistroTV Work Outside the US?

Unfortunately DistroTV is only available for streaming inside the United States currently.

Due to broadcasting restrictions, the service does not work outside the US. Even if you use a VPN, DistroTV will detect the international IP address and show error messages.

Hopefully as DistroTV grows they will expand into additional countries. But for now, it‘s strictly limited to United States streaming only.

If you live outside the US, some alternative free live TV services to look at include:

  • Plex Live TV
  • Xumo
  • The Roku Channel
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • LG Channels

While not identical to DistroTV, these free streaming apps offer live news, sports, movies and other TV channels to enjoy abroad.

DistroTV Review Summary

Here is a quick summary of the key pros and cons highlighted in this DistroTV review:


  • 100% free live TV steaming
  • Over 100 high-quality channels
  • Local, national and international news
  • Live sports including poker, wrestling, soccer
  • Ad-free streaming
  • HD quality on supported devices
  • On-demand movies and shows
  • Works on Firestick, Roku, Android, iOS
  • Super easy to use


  • Missing some popular cable channels
  • No DVR capabilities
  • Limited on-demand library
  • Requires constant internet connection
  • Does not work outside the United States
  • Occasional stream outages

In summary, DistroTV provides excellent free live TV streaming given there is no cost or account required. The channel lineup offers a nice variety of news, sports, comedy and entertainment.

It can‘t match the depth of a paid service like YouTube TV or Hulu Live. But given it‘s 100% free, DistroTV delivers more than enough great channels to enjoy.

I hope this detailed look at DistroTV – including how to install on Firestick/Fire TV/Roku plus an overview of channels, features and limitations – helps you get the most out of this outstanding free live TV streaming service!

If you have any other questions about using DistroTV, feel free to reach out in the comments section below. Enjoy!


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