Skip to content Suffers Major Data Breach – Decides to Shut Down, a popular third-party invite generator for Discord servers with over 760,000 registered users, announced it is shutting down its service indefinitely after suffering a devastating data breach. This incident exposed sensitive personal information related to hundreds of thousands of user accounts.

On August 14, 2023, was the victim of a data breach that allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to its user database and make off with an extensive collection of user information. According to‘s own analysis, the breach impacted approximately 762,000 registered users – nearly all of its user base.

The compromised user data contains a worrying amount of sensitive personal information that could be abused by criminals for identity theft, targeted phishing campaigns, or fraud. This includes email addresses, physical billing addresses, salted and hashed passwords, and Discord usernames linked to user accounts.

While full payment card details were not exposed thanks to utilizing external payment processors like Stripe, the leak of personal information is still highly severe. Security experts warn that hashed passwords could still be cracked by sophisticated hackers, and email addresses can be utilized for targeted phishing campaigns against victims of the breach.

To make matters worse, the hacked user database has surfaced for sale on criminal dark web hacking forums. A threat actor known as "Akhirah" has listed the database on the popular dark web forum Breached and provided samples of the data to prove their legitimacy. Previous major organizational breaches like Equifax and Yahoo have similarly resulted in user data ending up traded by criminals on black market sites.

According to Akhirah‘s dark web advertisement, they are commanding a high price of $9,000 for the complete leaked database given the sensitivity of the data. While has not openly admitted if they were extorted by hackers, this hefty price tag gives criminals ample incentive to hack companies like solely for profit.

In response to the catastrophic data breach, has made the difficult decision to shut down operations indefinitely. released a statement saying they will be conducting a rigorous investigation into the breach and completely overhauling their security practices and systems before considering reopening service.

For affected individuals, this disturbing breach serves as an urgent reminder about the importance of password hygiene. Security experts recommend changing any reused passwords immediately and enabling two-factor authentication on sensitive accounts whenever possible. users should also be vigilant about watching for any phishing attempts using their email addresses and be proactive about scanning for identity theft.

Ultimately, only time will tell if is able to rebuild user trust and recover from this security misstep. But at the very least, this devastating breach will hopefully motivate other online platforms to take data security more seriously and prevent exposing their users‘ data.


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