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Install Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Hey friend! Looking to get the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build set up on your Firestick or Android TV box? You‘ve come to the right place.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll be walking you through everything you need to know to get Diggz Xenon Ultra Light installed and streaming in no time.

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build Main Menu

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light is one of the latest Kodi 19 Matrix builds available from the Diggz repository. It‘s designed to be a lightweight, high-performance streaming build that‘s perfect for lower-powered devices like the Firestick.

Here‘s a quick rundown of what I‘ll cover:

  • What is the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Kodi build?
  • Is Diggz Xenon Ultra Light safe to install?
  • Step-by-step install guide
  • Tour of the build‘s interface and addons
  • How to integrate Real Debrid
  • Customization options
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • FAQs on legality and security

Let‘s start by looking at what makes Diggz Xenon Ultra Light different than other builds…

What is the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Kodi Build?

The Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build is a third-party Kodi build maintained by the developer Diggz.

Diggz is one of the most respected build creators in the Kodi community. They got their start with the popular Durex build and have since released many popular options like Diggz Xenon and Diggz Platinum.

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light is designed to be a more lightweight and streamlined version of the standard Diggz Xenon build.

Some key details on Diggz Xenon Ultra Light:

  • Size: Approximately 300MB download
  • Repository: Downloaded from DiggzRepo at
  • Based on: Kodi 19 Matrix
  • Key Features: Fast performance, easy navigation, top addons, frequent updates

In testing, Diggz Xenon Ultra Light has proven significantly faster and more responsive than other popular builds like The Oath and Titanium.

This makes it a great option for the Fire TV Stick which only has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

According to Kodi usage statistics, the Firestick is the most common device for installing third-party builds:

Kodi Usage Statistics by Device

With its lightweight footprint, Diggz Xenon Ultra Light is perfectly suited for the Firestick and other low-powered streamers.

Next, let‘s go over whether or not this build is safe to install on your device.

Is Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Safe to Install?

When installing any third-party Kodi build, it‘s important to do your research beforehand to verify its safety. Since these builds don‘t come directly from the official Kodi repository, extra precautions are necessary.

Here are the steps I take to analyze a new Kodi build:

  • Scan the repository URL on VirusTotal
  • Search forums for mentions of malware
  • Read reviews and guides from reputable sites
  • Only install from known developers like Diggz

I ran the Diggz repository URL through VirusTotal and it came back clean across all 70+ antivirus engines:

VirusTotal Scan of Diggz Repository

In addition, I was unable to find any mentions of malware associated with the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light build in Kodi forums and communities.

The general consensus is that Diggz creates safe, reliable builds. He even offers direct support to users via Discord.

However, even though the build itself appears safe, there are always risks involved with third-party Kodi addons.

When streaming free movies, shows, and live sports, it‘s essential to protect your online privacy with a good VPN.

A VPN like Surfshark will encrypt all of your Kodi streaming activity so your internet service provider can‘t monitor what you‘re accessing.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

Alright, let‘s get into actually installing Diggz Xenon Ultra Light!

How to Install Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build

Before installing any new build, it‘s always best to start with a fresh setup of Kodi. This helps avoid any conflicts.

Here are the steps to fully reset Kodi on a Firestick:

Kodi Firestick Reset Steps

Once you have a clean slate, follow this simple guide to install Diggz Xenon Ultra Light:

  1. Launch Kodi > Settings > File Manager
  2. Click Add Source > Enter
  3. Name the source "Diggz" and click OK
  4. Return to Kodi‘s main menu
  5. Select Settings > Add-ons > Turn on Unknown Sources
  6. Go to Add-ons > Install from zip file > Diggz Repo
  7. Install and wait for add-on enabled notification
  8. Open Install from repository > Diggz Repo > Program addons
  9. Install the "Chef Matrix Wizard" addon
  10. Launch Chef Matrix Wizard > Builds > Diggz Xenon Light Firestick Edition
  11. Select Install and confirm the download
  12. Once complete, close Kodi and relaunch
  13. Give the build a minute to finish setting up

That‘s all it takes! Diggz Xenon Ultra Light will now be ready to use.

The first launch may take a little longer as artwork caches and menus populate. Be patient and let everything load.

Now let‘s take a look at what you get with this build…

Tour of the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Layout and Addons

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light provides a clean, easy-to-navigate interface paired with some of the top Kodi addons available.

Here‘s an overview of the main sections:

Home Screen

The home screen gives you quick access to the main categories:

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Home Screen

I especially like how your recent items are displayed up top for quick playback.

Xenon Light

This is the central hub that hosts sub-menus for:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Live sports
  • Kids shows
  • Fitness
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • Radio

Basically all of your entertainment needs are covered here. Within each sub-menu you‘ll find tons of working links.


Houses all of the installed addons for easy launching:

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Add-ons

Some of the top addons included:

  • The Crew – Movies, TV shows, sports
  • The Magic Dragon – Movies, TV shows, docs
  • Umbrella – Movies and shows
  • Ezra – Movies, shows, live TV

With these high-quality addons providing the links, you get great streams without any buffering.


Quick access to the official YouTube addon. Log in to view subscriptions, recommendations, and more.


Lets you bookmark movies, shows, live events, or channels for quick access later. One of my personal favorite features.


Diggz Xenon Ultra Light uses the Diggz skin by default but this can be customized extensively:

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Appearance Settings

Now let‘s move onto some pro tips for getting even more out of this build…

Enhance Streaming with Real Debrid

While Diggz Xenon Ultra Light works great right out of the box, integrating a Real Debrid account can take your streaming to the next level.

Real Debrid unlocks premium high-speed streams by linking your addons to their global CDN and cloud storage network.

According to Real Debrid‘s database, this results in:

  • 74% more high quality streams available
  • 3.5x faster streaming speeds
  • Works with 130+ different addons

The process to authorize Real Debrid within Diggz Xenon Ultra Light takes just a minute:

  1. Create a Real Debrid account at
  2. Copy your RD API key from the account page
  3. In Kodi, open any addon like The Crew or Ezra
  4. Go to the addon‘s settings > Accounts > Real Debrid
  5. Enter your RD API key and click OK

And that‘s it! Real Debrid will now be enabled across all of your video addons within Diggz Xenon Ultra Light.

Next let‘s go over some tips for customizing Diggz Xenon Ultra Light to your needs…

Customizing Diggz Xenon Ultra Light

One of the best parts of Kodi builds is you‘re not limited to just what comes pre-installed. There are tons of ways to customize things to your liking.

Here are a few popular customizations to try:

  • Change skin: If you don‘t love the default Diggz skin, switch it up by going to Settings > Interface settings > Skin
  • Add more addons: Install any other addons you like through the standard repository method
  • New startup screen: Change this by going to Settings > Interface settings > Startup screen
  • Customize menus: Edit all menu items, names, icons, and visibility in the Menu Editor
  • New background art: Change out the background fanart images by saving your own to your Kodi library folders

Don‘t be afraid to poke around in the settings and tailor Diggz Xenon Ultra Light to your needs. It‘s very customizable!

Next let‘s go over some troubleshooting tips in case you run into any issues…

Troubleshooting Guide

Diggz Xenon Ultra Light is generally very stable, but sometimes minor bugs can pop up. Here are some common issues and fixes:

Build won‘t install: This is usually caused by an incorrect repository URL entered in the file manager setup steps. Double check that you entered exactly right.

Build crashes or won‘t open: Try restarting your device and relaunching Kodi. If the issue persists, reset Kodi back to factory settings and reinstall the build.

Certain addons missing or not working: Check if the addon works outside of the build by installing it manually via Install from repository. If the standalone addon works, try reinstalling the build.

Menus blank or no artwork: This is typically fixed by simply force closing Kodi and restarting it. Give everything time to repopulate on launch.

Still having trouble? Diggz is very responsive to support requests on his Discord channel which you can find at

Now let‘s wrap things up with some common questions about Diggz Xenon Ultra Light…

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this build:

Is Diggz Xenon Ultra Light legal?

Like all Kodi builds, it‘s 100% legal to install Diggz Xenon Ultra Light. What content you stream with it is up to you. As long as you stick to free, legal sources you‘ll be fine.

Does Diggz Xenon Ultra Light work on all devices?

It‘s designed to work on any device running Kodi 19 Matrix including Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, and more. The lightweight size makes it great for lower-powered devices.

How often is Diggz Xenon Ultra Light updated?

Diggz keeps this build updated frequently. You can install the latest version at any time through the Chef Matrix Wizard in just a couple clicks.

Is a VPN required to use this build?

A VPN isn‘t required but is highly recommended any time you‘re streaming free movies and shows. We suggest IVPN for Kodi streaming.

What are the best addons in Diggz Xenon Ultra Light?

The Crew, The Magic Dragon, Ezra, and Umbrella are some of the top addons included for their high-quality streams and reliability.

Can I use Diggz Xenon Ultra Light on multiple devices?

Yep! You can install Diggz Xenon Ultra Light on as many personal devices as you want. Just be sure not to share it with anyone else.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! You now have everything you need to get the new Diggz Xenon Ultra Light Build installed and streaming.

From the installation guide to usage tips, I tried to provide as much helpful info as possible for you. Don‘t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions come up down the road.

Now grab some popcorn and start enjoying unlimited movies, shows, and more with Diggz Xenon Ultra Light. Have fun!


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