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Diggz Kodi Builds Calls it Quits – No Longer Available for Installation

In a blow to the Kodi community, Diggz has announced they are retiring all of their wildly popular Kodi builds. For years, Diggz Xenon, DiggzFlix, Diggz Ultra Light and other Diggz builds have ranked among the most installed third-party options for customized Kodi interfaces.

According to Diggz‘s Facebook page, the builds have been removed entirely from their Chef Wizard repository. The once bustling repository now sits nearly empty. As word spreads, this sudden change leaves many Kodi users scrambling for alternatives.

Why Were Diggz Builds So Popular?

Diggz builds earned their sterling reputation by providing an ideal one-stop hub for cord-cutters. The builds came preloaded with the best addons for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Everything worked seamlessly right out of the box.

According to Kodi analytics sites, Diggz builds had some of the highest number of installs. The Diggz Xenon build alone had over 800,000 confirmed installations. Compare that to builds like Mammoth and Titanium that hover between 300,000-400,000 installs., the official site, received over 5 million visits last year according to SimilarWeb data. All signs pointed to Diggz‘s continued dominance among third-party Kodi options.

Everything was working smoothly until this sudden decision. So what happened to make Diggz abandon their community and remove access?

Why Did Diggz Suddenly Shut Down?

Although Diggz has not provided an official explanation, speculation abounds. Kodi experts theorize that legal threats may have played a role. As addons scrape content from unauthorized sources, build creators can become targets.

Recently TVAddons, a huge repository, was sued for copyright infringement. The lawsuit led to panic across the Kodi ecosystem. It‘s possible Diggz received threatening notices compelling them to discontinue offerings.

Others believe the amount of work became too much. Maintaining builds with numerous addons takes constant effort as scrapers go dead and new options arise. Diggz may have simply grown tired of the grind.

Whatever the reasons, Diggz fans are left scrambling for alternatives. So what are the best Diggz build replacements available now?

Top Diggz Build Replacements to Try

The CrewNique Build – This build capitalizes on The Crew, currently the #1 Kodi addon for movies, shows, sports, and more. With constant updates and slick integration, The CrewNique is a top choice.

Xontech Light – For users who valued Diggz‘s emphasis on speed, Xontech Light prioritizes performance with its lightweight design. It still packs in top addons like The Oath, Ezra, and Fen.

Launchpad – Launchpad offers flexibility by letting you pick and choose addons instead of a fixed build. Start with a slim base and only enable what you want. This modular approach avoids bloat.

Titanium – One of the most established builds, Titanium offers a huge content library from addons like Seren, The Oath, and Umbrella. The interface is polished and intuitive.

Build Key Features
The CrewNique – High quality streams
Xontech Light – Blazing fast speed
Launchpad – Customizable addons
Titanium – Massive content library

Tips for Trying New Kodi Builds

Testing new builds is an inevitable part of the Kodi experience. Here are a few tips to smooth the transition when experimenting:

  • Read reviews – Visit Kodi sites like TROYPOINT to see expert build assessments.
  • Backup your setup – Use backup tools so you can restore if needed.
  • One build at a time – Fully test a single build before jumping around.
  • Clear cache frequently – Helps resolve issues as builds update.
  • Consider lighter options – Large builds slow down over time.

The third-party Kodi landscape shifts constantly. While the Diggz shutdown is a big blow, exciting new alternatives continue emerging. Staying adaptable as a cord-cutter is key to maximizing your entertainment options.

For all the latest Kodi tips, build guides, and streaming advice, be sure to check out TROYPOINT. With hands-on expertise and unbiased recommendations, they have you covered.


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