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How To Install DejaVu Kodi Addon on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android

If you‘re looking for an easy way to stream endless movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more on your Fire TV or Android device, the DejaVu Kodi addon is a great option to check out. With just a few clicks, you can install DejaVu and start watching its huge media library for free.

But is this third-party addon safe and legal to use? What kind of content does it offer? How do you get the best streaming experience? This guide will cover everything you need to know about the DejaVu addon and walk you through installing it on any Kodi 19 device.

Is DejaVu Safe and Legal? Understanding the Risks

Whenever you install an "unofficial" addon that doesn’t come directly from the Kodi team, there are some risks involved. While Kodi itself is perfectly legal open-source software, many third-party addons provide access to pirated streams and downloads.

According to a 2019 survey, nearly 40% of Kodi users access illegal copyright-protected content through addons and builds. However, some addons only aggregate legal public domain and licensed content. So determining the actual legality comes down to examining the specific sources any addon pulls from.

I scanned the DejaVu repository URL using VirusTotal which runs it through dozens of antivirus engines and sandboxes. It came back clean without any detected malware. However, Kodi itself displays this warning before allowing you to install unknown third-party addons:

Kodi warning about third-party addons

The bottom line is you‘re taking a risk anytime you install an addon from an unofficial source. DejaVu may potentially provide streams of copyright-protected content without permission. Accessing pirated movies or shows is illegal and comes with potential penalties. Streaming something you don’t have the rights to is copyright infringement.

So how can you stay safe and protect yourself? The best practice is to run all your Kodi streaming through a VPN like IPVanish. This encrypts your connection and hides your IP address to keep you anonymous online. It prevents snooping ISPs from seeing what you access.

A quality VPN provides peace of mind anytime you use questionable addons or sources. You can stream privately without worrying about who’s monitoring your activities.

Why Use Third-Party Addons Like DejaVu?

If unofficial addons like DejaVu pose risks, why do so many Kodi users install them? What benefits do these addons offer?

Here are some of the main motivations:

Huge media libraries – Addons like DejaVu provide access to practically unlimited movies, shows, and other content. For cord-cutters who cancelled cable, it replicates that experience of being able to watch almost anything.

Latest releases – You can often stream movies while they are still in theaters and watch new episodes as they air. Official free streaming services have limited selections.

No subscriptions – There‘s no monthly fee to access any content once you have the addon installed. Legit services like Netflix or Hulu cost extra.

Customization – Kodi addons allow personalization with skins, widgets, menus, and more. It‘s an ad-free experience you control.

Of course, these benefits need to be weighed against the security and legal risks. But this helps explain why many turn to third-party Kodi addons – access to endless content at no cost.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install DejaVu Kodi Addon

Ready to get DejaVu up and running? Here is a full walkthrough on installing it on any Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box running Kodi 19:

Enable Unknown Sources

First, we need to enable "Unknown Sources" in Kodi‘s settings which allows installing third-party addons:

  1. Open Kodi and click the gear icon to enter the Settings menu
  2. Go to System > Add-ons
  3. Enable "Unknown Sources"

Kodi will warn you that addons can access data on your device. This is normal – just click Yes to proceed.

Add the DejaVu Repository

Now we need to add the repository that hosts the DejaVu addon:

  1. Go back to the Settings menu and click File Manager
  2. Click Add Source > None
  3. Enter and name it "DejaVu"
  4. Click OK and exit back out to the main Kodi menu

Install the Addon from the Repo

Next, we can install DejaVu itself from the repository source we just added:

  1. Click Add-ons from the main menu
  2. Select Install from zip file > DejaVu
  3. Install the file
  4. Go back to Install from repository > DejaVu Repo
  5. Click Video addons and install DejaVu

Once installed, you can find DejaVu under the Add-ons section. That‘s all there is to it!

Troubleshooting Tips

If DejaVu fails to install, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Kodi 19 installed
  • Double check that the repository URL was entered correctly
  • Try re-entering the repo source or use a different web browser
  • Clear the Kodi cache in Settings > System > Cache
  • Completely uninstall and reinstall Kodi as a last resort

And of course, using a VPN like IPVanish helps resolve any internet connectivity issues that may block installing third-party repositories.

DejaVu Kodi Addon Features and Content

Once installed, take some time to explore everything the DejaVu addon has to offer. The main sections include:


DejaVu provides access to thousands of movies, from the latest blockbuster releases to older classics:

  • Latest Cinema Movies – New hit movies that are often still in theaters.
  • 4K Movies – High-quality 4K ultra HD sources. Requires good internet speeds for smooth streaming.
  • Genres – Every genre imaginable from Action to Western.
  • Years – Decades from the 1920s through today.
  • Actor Collections – View bundles of movies starring your favorite actors.
  • Highly Rated – Rotten Tomatoes Top Movies with high critic and audience ratings.

TV Shows

You can also stream full seasons of both ongoing and classic shows:

  • Latest Episodes – Newly aired episodes from current TV seasons.
  • Popular Shows – Trending shows that cord-cutters are watching like Game of Thrones, Friends, Rick & Morty.
  • Binge Watch – Full series bundles that are perfect for binging over a weekend.
  • Networks – Specific shows from broadcasters like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.

One Click Play

For quick access, DejaVu aggregates movies and shows into one-click playable categories like:

  • Action Movies – Explosive hits perfect for guys night.
  • Scary Movies – The latest spine-tingling horror flicks.
  • Netflix Originals – Buzzworthy series like Stranger Things and Squid Game.
  • Reality TV – Guilty pleasure reality shows.
  • Classic Movies – Legendary films from Hollywood‘s Golden Age.

No need to search – just dive right into watching from these themed playlists.

Additional Sections

Beyond standard movies and TV, DejaVu incorporates other entertainment:

  • YouTube – Full documentaries, concerts, and videos sourced from YouTube.
  • Comedians – Stand-up specials from Chappelle, Hart, Gervais, Schumer, and others.
  • Kids – Cartoons, educational programs, and family movies.
  • 24/7 – Always-on live TV channels spanning entertainment genres.
  • Debrid Only – Additional high quality sources exclusively for debrid service users.

This diversity of content makes DejaVu a true one-stop addon for all your streaming needs.

Getting High Quality Streams with Real-Debrid

The free hoster links that addons like DejaVu pull from can be slow to buffer and max out at 720p quality. For super fast buffer-free streaming in crisp 4K, you’ll want to setup Real-Debrid.

What is Real-Debrid and How Does It Work?

Real-Debrid is a premium subscription service that "debrids" file hoster links, bypassing speed throttling and captchas. Real-Debrid acts like your personal streaming server, grabbing files from hosters and sending them to you unrestricted.

Here‘s a quick Real-Debrid 101:

  • You sign up for an account and get assigned premium download slots and bandwidth.
  • When you click a hoster link in an addon like DejaVu, it connects to Real-Debrid instead of the actual file hoster site.
  • Real-Debrid downloads the full unthrottled file to their servers and streams it to your device at max speeds.
  • This works seamlessly in the background – all you see is fast buffer-free streaming!

The end result is you get premium streaming speeds, higher resolutions, and zero buffering for a flawless viewing experience.

Why Real-Debrid Improves Streaming

There are a few key benefits that Real-Debrid provides:

Speed – Bypasses slow throttled hoster downloads with fast direct downloads. Streams start instantly in full HD/4K.

Quality – Access high quality 1080p and 4K streams from top hosters like Rapidgator and UploadShip.

Reliability – Fewer broken links and buffering issues since every stream plays flawlessly.

Convenience – No annoying captchas to solve or wait times between downloads. Just instant streaming satisfaction!

How to Setup Real-Debrid

Setting up Real-Debrid is a breeze:

  1. Sign up for an account at Real-Debrid to get your unique API code.
  2. In Kodi, install the Real-Debrid addon.
  3. Paste your code in the addon config to connect your account.
  4. Enable Real-Debrid as a provider in DejaVu‘s tools section.

And that‘s all you need to do to start streaming high-bitrate 4K video in flawless quality! Real-Debrid transforms any Kodi addon into a premium streaming powerhouse.

Sync Your Media Library with Trakt

If you use the Trakt app, you can connect it to DejaVu to automatically synchronize your streaming library.

Trakt lets you:

  • Track and scrobble watching progress across devices
  • Get notified about new episodes of your favorite shows
  • Follow friends and see what they are watching
  • Create cross-device watchlists and playlists
  • View cached metadata like ratings, descriptions, trailers

It‘s a great way to manage and enhance your overall viewing experience.

Connecting Trakt with DejaVu

Linking Trakt is simple:

  1. Create a Trakt account online or via the mobile app
  2. Get your unique API key from the My Account page
  3. Install the Trakt addon in Kodi
  4. Enter your API key in the Trakt addon settings
  5. Authenticate your Trakt username/password
  6. Enable Trakt in DejaVu‘s tools section

Once connected, DejaVu will automatically synchronize your library and scrobble watching activity to Trakt in real-time.

Summing Up the DejaVu Kodi Addon

The DejaVu Kodi addon provides easy access to a huge catalog of movies, shows, comedy, documentaries, and more. With its polished interface and broad content selection, it‘s simple to see why DejaVu has become a go-to pick for cord-cutters.

Of course, there are risks that come with third-party addons like DejaVu. Streaming copyright-protected material without permission carries legal consequences. Protect yourself by using a quality VPN like IPVanish whenever accessing questionable Kodi content.

Pair DejaVu with Real-Debrid for lightning fast buffer-free streams. And integrate Trakt to automatically track and sync your viewing history across devices.

Give DejaVu a try today to enjoy endless entertainment options on your Android TV or Firestick device! Just be mindful of the legal grey area that these unofficial addons reside in.


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