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Dashlane vs. LastPass 2023: Dashlane Keeps Your Security in Mind

LastPass interface

Using a password manager is one of the best ways to strengthen your online security. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we‘ll analyze Dashlane and LastPass – two of the most popular password managers. Read on as we compare prices, features, security, customer support, and more to reveal which one is the better choice in 2023.


Passwords are the keys to our digital lives. On average, people have over 100 online accounts requiring passwords. Trying to remember and manage all those unique passwords is virtually impossible.

This is where password managers come in. They store all your login credentials in an encrypted vault and automatically log you into sites. No more forgetting passwords or getting locked out!

According to a Pew Research study, around half of Americans now use some form of password manager.

But choosing the right solution for your needs can be tricky with so many options. In this guide, we compare two top contenders – Dashlane and LastPass.

Dashlane is renowned for its web and mobile app‘s ease of use and focus on security. LastPass offers robust features at bargain pricing, though its reputation took a hit with recent breaches.

By evaluating key factors like security, pricing, features, and more, we aim to determine:

  • Which solution offers better protection for your passwords?
  • How doDashlane and LastPass stack up on value and features?
  • What are the key differences users should consider when choosing?

Let‘s dive in to see how Dashlane and LastPass compare in 2023.

At a Glance Comparison

Before we get into the details, here is a high-level overview of how Dashlane and LastPass stack up:

Dashlane LastPass
Security ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆
Price $$$ $
Ease of use ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Features ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆

Dashlane comes out ahead on security with its perfect breach record, while LastPass offers better pricing, especially for families. Both receive high marks for ease of use and features.

But this is just a snapshot – let‘s analyze the details!

Detailed Feature Comparison

On the surface, Dashlane and LastPass offer many of the core features you would expect in a modern password manager:

  • Secure password storage
  • Auto-fill login forms
  • Password generator
  • Browser extensions
  • Mobile app

However, there are some key differences in their advanced capabilities:

Feature Dashlane LastPass
Advanced 2FA
Password sharing
Browser extensions Major browsers Major browsers + Opera

VPN – Dashlane includes a virtual private network (VPN) with premium plans. A VPN provides secure encrypted access on public Wi-Fi networks. LastPass does not offer any VPN functionality.

Advanced 2FA – Dashlane supports U2F security keys as well as biometric authentication like fingerprint or Face ID. LastPass only supports basic two-factor authentication via SMS text or codes.

Browser support – LastPass supports extensions for Opera browsers while Dashlane does not. Both work across major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

For maximum features and security protections, Dashlane comes out ahead. But LastPass matches it on most core password manager capabilities.

Security Comparison

Security is the number one priority for a password manager. All your sensitive login credentials are stored in one place, so the encryption and breach prevention better be up to snuff!

Both Dashlane and LastPass showcase enterprise-grade encryption and security practices:

  • AES 256-bit encryption – The gold standard for scrambling and securing data.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture – Password vaults only decrypt locally on a user‘s device.
  • Routine security audits – Independent firms routinely test defenses.

However, when looking at their track records, some key differences emerge:

Dashlane LastPass
Breach history None 5+ breaches
3rd party audits Unknown Big 4 accounting firms

Dashlane has a perfect security record, having never been breached. However, it does not share details of third-party security audits.

LastPass has suffered multiple breaches over the years, most seriously in 2015 when encrypted master passwords were stolen. However, it consistently publishes audit reports conducted by top cybersecurity firms like KPMG and Deloitte.

Overall, Dashlane appears to have the security advantage based on its unblemished history protecting user data. But LastPass offers more transparency around its auditing and penetrations tests.

Pricing Comparison

When it comes to pricing, LastPass has the edge for budget-focused shoppers:

Plan Dashlane LastPass
Individual $4.99/month $3/month
Family (6 users) $7.49/month $4/month
Free version Limited 1 device Unlimited devices

A TrendMicro survey found over 50% of people consider price the most important factor in choosing a password manager.

For individuals, LastPass comes in $2 cheaper per month. But the biggest savings is for families – covering 6 users for just $4 per month. Dashlane charges nearly double for a family plan.

However, Dashlane offers a more generous free tier allowing unlimited password storage on one device type. With LastPass Free you only get basic functionality on all devices.

Ease of Use

Convenience is critical for a password manager – it should make your online life simpler, not more complicated!

Both Dashlane and LastPass are known for user-friendly interfaces across web and mobile apps. They aim to store and fill passwords seamlessly without hassle.

According to password manager reviews on Capterra, Dashlane (4.5/5 stars) rates higher for ease of use than LastPass (4.4/5 stars).

Some key advantages Dashlane offers:

LastPass has a few drawbacks on convenience:

  • Clunkier workflow for importing and organizing passwords
  • Buggy auto-fill experience on Macs
  • Confusing menus and options

That said, most users should find both tools relatively quick and painless to start using. Neither has a significant learning curve.

Here is a sampling of the Dashlane and LastPass user interfaces:
Dashlane dashboard
LastPass interface

Mobile App Comparison

The convenience of a password manager depends heavily on its mobile experience. You need to be able to access passwords and auto-fill login forms on smartphones and tablets too.

Dashlane and LastPass offer full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android. They allow you to:

  • Access password vault on the go
  • Use auto-fill to login to apps and sites
  • Generate and store new passwords
  • Receive security alerts

A few differences in mobile features:

  • Biometric login – Dashlane supports Face ID and Touch ID, LastPass only offers device PIN.
  • Emergency access – Only Dashlane enables emergency contacts if you get locked out of your vault.
  • Share passwords – LastPass makes it easier to share individual credentials on mobile.

In testing of iOS apps, Dashlane edged out LastPass for performance and reliability of auto-fill. But reviewers found both very solid for mobile password management.

Customer Support

Hopefully you don‘t need to lean on customer service very often with your password manager. But it‘s reassuring to know help is available if you ever get stuck.

Dashlane only offers customer support through:

  • Email
  • Web tickets
  • Online user forums

LastPass adds a few more options like:

  • Phone support
  • Chat support
  • An online knowledge base

Neither is ideal if you need urgent help. But LastPass gives you more ways to get timely answers from a human.

Common complaints about Dashlane support include long response times and copy-paste answers from bots. LastPass users report better outcomes working directly with staff via phone.

Dashlane vs LastPass: Final Verdict

So which password manager comes out on top in this head-to-head comparison?

For optimum security – Dashlane is the winner. Its perfect breach record instills confidence, and extra features like the VPN provide protection.

For best value – LastPass beats Dashlane on affordability, especially the budget family plan pricing.

For overall quality – Dashlane gets the slight edge. The beautiful interface, ample features, and focus on security make it a well-rounded solution.

For most individuals and families, we recommend Dashlane as the best password manager in 2023. But LastPass can be a good option for those whose top priority is getting the lowest price.

The right answer depends on your specific needs and priorities. Evaluate the pros and cons carefully to determine if Dashlane or LastPass is the better match.

Summary: Key Differences

To recap, here are the most important differences between Dashlane and LastPass in 2023:

Dashlane LastPass
Security record Never breached Multiple breaches
Extra features VPN, advanced 2FA None
Pricing Mid-range Budget
Ease of use Excellent Very good

With its uncompromised security protections and generous feature set, Dashlane emerges as the superior password manager option for most users.

That said, LastPass remains a solid choice based on its trusted encryption standards and low pricing. It comes down to your personal priorities.

We hope this detailed Dashlane vs LastPass comparison helps you decide which solution best fits your password management needs and budget!


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