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Dashlane vs. 1Password 2023: 1Password Takes Your Security Seriously

1Password Watchtower

As online security threats become more sophisticated, using a password manager has gone from an optional extra to an essential tool. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

In this comparison, we‘ll analyze the two leading solutions – Dashlane and 1Password – across all the factors you should consider before picking a product to trust with all your logins. Read on to find out which provider offers the features, security, and usability you need to keep your digital life safe.

Dashlane vs 1Password

In this article:

Dashlane Overview
1Password Overview
Pricing Comparison
Features Comparison
Security Comparison
Compatibility Comparison
Ease of Use
Customer Support
Which is Better?

Dashlane Overview

Founded in 2009, Dashlane is a seasoned player in the password management space. The Paris-based company has over 15 million users worldwide and offers apps for all major platforms.

Dashlane‘s password manager stores login credentials, generates strong passwords, auto-fills forms, and syncs across devices. It also includes a VPN, dark web monitoring, and a digital wallet for payment info.

Some key features of Dashlane include:

  • Password generator and autofill for quick logins
  • Secure notes and form filler for capturing other personal data
  • AES-256 bit encryption to protect vault data
  • VPN with unlimited bandwidth on Premium plan
  • Digital inheritance to transfer data if you pass away
  • Available as a free or paid subscription

Dashlane logo

Dashlane markets itself based on its ease of use and ability to operate across many platforms. The integrated VPN and dark web monitoring provide added security layers.

However, Dashlane faced controversy in 2020 when it rolled out weaker encryption for free users unless they watched ads – a move it soon reversed after backlash.

1Password Overview

Created in Toronto in 2005, 1Password offers robust password security with top-rated convenience features. With over 1 million users, it‘s a favorite among security experts.

1Password provides a vault for logins, secure notes, identities, and payment details. It generates strong unique passwords, auto-fills forms, and syncs across authorized devices. Users also get security tools like Travel Mode and Watchtower.

Standout features include:

  • Industry-leading security with end-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Travel Mode to remove vaults when traveling
  • Watchtower to monitor password strength and data breaches
  • No knowledge of master passwords by company
  • Regular independent security audits
  • Family plan with shared vaults

1Password logo

1Password emphasizes its privacy protections and pioneering role in password management. The company publishes transparency reports and undergoes regular ethical hacking tests.

However, 1Password faced some criticism for eliminating standalone licenses in favor of subscriptions. But this move helped fund ongoing security improvements.

Pricing Comparison

Both Dashlane and 1Password offer free trials so you can test them out. After that, you‘ll need to pay to continue accessing your password vault. Here‘s how the pricing plans compare:


  • Free – $0/month for 1 device with 50 password limit
  • Premium – $3.33/month billed annually for unlimited devices
  • Premium Plus – $5/month billed annually with VPN and dark web monitoring
  • Family – $6/month billed annually for up to 5 people


  • Individual – $2.99/month billed annually for 1 person
  • Family – $4.99/month billed annually for up to 5 people
  • Business – $7.99/user/month billed annually

The free version of Dashlane only works on one device with limited password storage. To go cross-platform, you‘ll need a paid plan.

1Password requires a paid plan from the start. But with deals for student and family plans, it can still be affordable for personal use.

For individuals, 1Password‘s lowest tier is cheaper at $36 per year vs $40 for Dashlane Premium. But Dashlane offers more plans tailored to power users.

Overall, 1Password provides better value for money – its cheaper base plan unlocks all the core features. But Dashlane is ideal if you want a free starting option.

Pricing table comparing Dashlane and 1Password plans

Features Comparison

Dashlane and 1Password share many standard password manager features. But they also have unique tools that set them apart.

Shared core features:

  • Password generator and storage
  • Auto logins and form filler
  • Secure notes
  • Browser extensions, mobile apps
  • Biometric/2FA login
  • Data breach alerts

Dashlane extras:

  • VPN included in Premium Plus plan
  • Digital wallet for payments
  • Emergency contact access
  • Free plan available

1Password extras:

  • Travel Mode to remove vaults temporarily
  • Advanced security tools like Watchtower
  • Item history and versioning
  • Guest account access

Both managers allow setting up emergency contacts to access your account if needed. Dashlane focuses more on safely storing payment information. 1Password puts greater emphasis on advanced security features.

Choosing comes down to your priorities. If you make online purchases often, Dashlane‘s digital wallet could be useful. But if you frequently travel overseas or link many public Wi-Fi networks, 1Password‘s Travel Mode provides added protection.

Security Comparison

As your password vault contains your most sensitive data, security is make-or-break when choosing a manager. So how do Dashlane and 1Password compare?

Both products use industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption to secure your vaults. Your master password is hashed and salted before syncing devices. Neither company can access your master password.

However, 1Password goes further in allowing cryptography experts to inspect its code and processes. Dashlane‘s code is closed-source, making its protections harder to independently verify.

1Password also pioneered Travel Mode for temporarily removing vaults when traveling in risky regions. And Watchtower provides real-time alerts about password strength and breaches.

1Password Watchtower

Critically, 1Password undergoes frequent third-party audits by ethical hackers – most recently in December 2022. Dashlane appears to rely only on internal security testing.

Neither service has ever been hacked. But 1Password‘s emphasis on transparency and independent verification instills greater confidence. For the utmost security, it seems the safer choice.

Compatibility Comparison

With a password manager, you want hassle-free access across all your devices. Here‘s how Dashlane and 1Password compare for platform support:


Both work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.


Both offer iOS and Android apps.


Both support Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari extensions. Only 1Password is compatible with Brave.

Dashlane and 1Password have nearly identical compatibility. The only difference is 1Password‘s added Brave browser support.

So whether you use Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or any major browser – you‘ll be able to use both password manager‘s auto-fill and form capabilities.

1Password may have a very minor advantage for Brave users. But either solution will integrate seamlessly into your tech stack.

Ease of Use

A password manager needs to make your online life easier, not harder. How straightforward is each service to use day-to-day?

Both Dashlane and 1Password aim for maximum usability through features like:

  • Intuitive browser extensions
  • Biometric login like fingerprint or face ID
  • Automatic form filling and password entry
  • Password generator
  • Syncing between authorized devices

In my testing, both providers delivered very polished experiences. Browser extensions, mobile apps, and vault interfaces were intuitive.

1Password offers excellent organizational tools, with nested tags, favorites, and advanced search to easily find logins. Dashlane‘s digital wallet may appeal if you shop online often.

But for most users, both managers will capably handle password storage, secure auto-fill, and syncing. It‘s a tie for everyday usability.

Customer Support

Hopefully, you‘ll never need support with your password manager. But if you do, how do Dashlane and 1Password compare?


  • Email and in-app support
  • Help center with FAQs and guides
  • Support forums
  • Limited live chat hours


  • Email and in-app support
  • Searchable help center
  • Active community forums
  • Limited live chat hours

Neither Dashlane nor 1Password offers 24/7 live support or phone contact. This could be improved.

But both provide email ticketing, monitored forums, and knowledge bases to resolve common issues. 1Password‘s help center appears more comprehensive and user-friendly.

For the most urgent issues, live chat during business hours is available. But phone would be ideal for complex account recovery scenarios.

Overall, support options are limited but typical of the industry. 1Password has a slight edge through its polished help center.

Which is Better?

So which leading password manager comes out on top – Dashlane or 1Password?

For pure security, 1Password seems the safer choice. Its travel mode, Watchtower, commitment to transparency, and independent audits instill confidence. Dashlane‘s closed-source approach with less third-party testing is questionable.

Dashlane offers greater flexibility through its free tier. Its built-in VPN is also a bonus. But 1Password‘s cheaper paid plans often make it more economical.

Both platforms are polished and intuitive to use day-to-day. Compatibility across devices and browsers is equally excellent.

Ultimately, because it‘s your sensitive data at stake, 1Password‘s security pedigree wins out. Its convenience and usability also match Dashlane‘s standard. Dashlane is great if you need a free option. But for most users, 1Password is the superior password manager.


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