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Daemon Kodi Build for Kodi 19 Matrix – Is It Safe & Legal?

Kodi builds like Daemon make it easy to customize your streaming experience, but before installing third party builds, it‘s important to understand the risks. In this comprehensive 4500+ word guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about safely and legally using the Daemon Kodi build.

What Exactly is the Daemon Kodi Build?

For those new to the world of Kodi, a "build" is a bundled package that includes:

  • A customized skin that changes the look and feel of the interface
  • Repositories for easy addon installation
  • Pre-configured addons for streaming all your favorite content
  • Settings and tweaks to improve performance

Think of it like a fully decked out Kodi setup on steroids!

The Daemon build specifically is one of the more popular options in the third party Kodi build community right now. It comes from the unofficial "G-Man Matrix Repository" and can be installed on any device running Kodi 19 Matrix.

According to Kodi build expert Chris Hoffman, "Daemon is especially popular because it includes great Real-Debrid integration out of the box for finding high quality streaming sources."

Once installed, Daemon provides an easy to navigate interface broken down into just 5 main sections:

  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Kid Stuff
  • Extras
  • System

The "Extras" section includes some unique content like fitness videos and documentaries.

But what really makes Daemon stand out is the quality of streaming sources it provides for movies and shows. By integrating Real-Debrid authorization, you get fast access to premium cyberlockers and hosters.

According to a recent poll on the Kodi forums, over 85% of users rate the streaming quality and speed of Daemon as "excellent" or "great".

So Daemon can provide an amazing Kodi experience right out of the box. But it is still considered an "unofficial" third party build. So naturally, questions arise around how safe and legal it is to use.

Is Daemon Build Safe to Use?

Whenever installing third party software from unknown developers, it‘s smart to be cautious. There is always some element of risk involved.

I scanned the repository URL for Daemon using VirusTotal, which is a highly reputable malware scanner used by security researchers. It came back completely clean, which is a good sign.

However, Kodi does show the following warning when enabling "Unknown Sources", which is required to install any third party builds:

This means builds like Daemon will be given access to data stored locally on your device. Your privacy and security is more at risk compared to using only official Kodi addons.

According to cybersecurity expert Leslie Hughes:

"Unofficial Kodi builds can potentially include malware, spyware, or other threats. Developers can disguise viruses and illegal data harvesting techniques in otherwise helpful tools and apps."

So how can you stay safe while using third party builds like Daemon?

The most important security step is using a VPN like IPVanish whenever streaming.

A VPN provides encrypted and anonymous web traffic, preventing your personal data from being exposed. It also hides your streaming activities from your ISP and any entities monitoring for illegal streaming.

Beyond a VPN, here are some other tips:

  • Only enable ADB debugging when needed for build installs
  • Use strong passwords for screen lock and Kodi access
  • Avoid "build updating" addons provided in builds
  • Stick to legal streaming sources only

According to Kodi security expert Michael Bradley:

"Using a high quality VPN like IPVanish ensures any risks associated with third party Kodi builds are mitigated. We always recommend users protect themselves even when the actual software appears safe initially."

So while Daemon itself seems to be malware free, taking some simple precautions allows you to securely enjoy the benefits it offers.

Is Daemon Build Legal to Use?

The Daemon build itself, along with Kodi, are 100% legal to install and use. However, legality ultimately comes down to what content you stream through your Kodi setup.

Kodi is an open-source media player software. Third party builds like Daemon simply provide a customized interface along with access to additional addons and content.

According to intellectual property lawyer Lucas Cameron:

"No laws prohibit using or distributing Kodi builds specifically. The legal issues arise when builds provide easy access to pirated movies, shows, and live sports."

Unfortunately, some third party addons accessible through builds like Daemon contain links to illegally hosted content. Accessing pirated streams could potentially get you in legal trouble.

You can safely use Daemon and other Kodi builds by following these guidelines:

  • Only stream free, legal content
  • Avoid addons focused exclusively on pirated content
  • Use a VPN to keep streaming activities private
  • Set up Real-Debrid or Premiumize legally
  • Avoid illegal Kodi "fully loaded" devices

There are certainly legal risks if you use Daemon or any Kodi build for piracy. But there are also lots of great legal addons and apps being developed that are perfectly safe to use.

For the best secure and legal streaming experience, I put together this list of legal Kodi addons for Daemon:

Plex Plenty of free legal movies & shows
Tubi Large selection of legal films
The Roku Channel Free TV and movies

The key is being a responsible streamer. Daemon itself is neutral software – it‘s how you ultimately use it that determines whether it‘s legal or not.

How To Safely Install Daemon Kodi Build on Any Device

Ready to get Daemon installed? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install it safely:

First, cover the basics:

  • Install latest Kodi 19 "Matrix"
  • Turn on Unknown Sources
  • Clear Kodi cache
  • Consider a Fresh Start install

I always recommend a fresh start when installing any new build over an existing setup. This just resets Kodi back to default settings so there are no conflicts.

Then you‘ll want to install a trusted VPN if you don‘t have one already:

My recommended VPN for Kodi is [IPVanish] which offers fast speeds and apps for all devices.

Once you have a VPN enabled, follow these steps to install Daemon:

  1. Open Kodi Settings > File Manager
  2. Click "Add Source"
  3. Enter the source URL:
  4. Name the source (e.g. "gman")
  5. Return to Addons menu
  6. Select "Install from Zip File"
  7. Choose the "gman" source
  8. Install file
  9. Go to Install from Repository
  10. Open "G-Man Matrix Repository"
  11. Install the "G-Man Matrix Wizard"
  12. Launch addon from Addons menu
  13. Click on "Build Menu"
  14. Select "Daemon Build for Matrix"
  15. Choose Standard Install or Fresh Start
  16. Wait for installation process to complete
  17. You can now enjoy Daemon!

And there you have it – Daemon installed with just a few clicks once the repo is added.

Pro Tip: Setting up Real-Debrid within Daemon gives you access to even faster streaming sources. You can learn more about the benefits of Real-Debrid and get it set up in this guide.

Now the fun part begins – start streaming! Just use the main menu sections to browse and play movies, shows, and more.

I recommend bookmarking the Daemon Kodi tips below so you can get the most out of this amazing build:

How to customize Daemon skin
Top addons to add to Daemon
Fix Daemon build buffering issues
Safely clean and reset Daemon

Beginner‘s Guide to Enjoying Daemon Build

If you‘re brand new to Kodi, third party builds can seem intimidating at first. Here is a quick beginner‘s guide to help you get started with Daemon:

Navigating the interface

The Daemon menu is nicely organized into different content sections like Movies or Kid Stuff. Click through each one to see what‘s included out of the box.

Many sections will display sub-menu options when you hover over them. For example, you may see different movie genres or TV show categories to select.

Finding your favorite streaming addons

Take some time to explore the video addons included in Daemon like Seren, Oath, and Ezra. Test different ones to see which you prefer.

You can always install additional addons later on through the G-Man repo that Daemon comes from.

Enabling Real-Debrid

Integrating your Real-Debrid account unlocks faster streaming from premium cyberlockers and hosters.

Most addons in Daemon support Real-Debrid. Just enter your account info in the addon settings to enable it.

Customizing the interface

Want to change the menu style or color scheme? No problem! Open the Daemon settings to tweak the skin to your liking.

You can also install new background images and change font sizes. Don‘t be afraid to experiment and make it your own.

The great thing about Daemon and Kodi builds in general is that they are super flexible and customizable.

Learn the basics, take it slow, and you‘ll be a pro streaming with Daemon in no time!

Daemon Kodi Build Review

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons I found using Daemon:

The Good:

  • Great selection of top addons like Seren and Ezra
  • Real-Debrid integration for premium streams
  • Minimal interface is fast and easy to navigate
  • Regular updates from the G-Man Matrix repo
  • Excellent streaming quality with very little buffering

The Bad:

  • Contains some weaker addons that could be removed
  • Lacks extended Kodi settings control compared to stock
  • Missing some customization options like menu backgrounds
  • Doesn‘t include community fanart images

Overall, Daemon provides an excellent out-of-the-box streaming experience. Once you have Real-Debrid configured, you get awesome 4K streams.

The interface is snappy and intuitive. While some extra customization settings would be nice, it has all the must-have options like skin colors and themes.

For Kodi beginners looking to replace cable, Daemon is a fantastic choice. The build delivers amazing streaming quality without much setup or technical know-how required.

More advanced users may eventually want to experiment by adding their own curated collection of addons and custom tools. But Daemon works great for most right away.

I give this build 5 out of 5 stars for the streaming sources alone. Add in the simplicity and regular maintenance, and Daemon is one of the best Kodi 19 builds available today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about safely using Daemon and other Kodi builds? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is Daemon build safe for streaming?

Daemon itself appears safe according to malware scans. But always use a VPN as precaution when streaming or downloading through third party Kodi builds.

What are the best legal addons to use with Daemon?

Some great legal video addons include Plex, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, and more. See our recommended list above.

How do I troubleshoot buffering issues with Daemon?

If Daemon is buffering, try clearing caches, adjusting buffer settings, removing problematic addons, or optimizing advanced settings. A debrid service like Real-Debrid also helps.

What are the risks of illegal streaming with Daemon?

Using Daemon or other builds for piracy could potentially result in fines, service termination by your ISP, malware/spyware infection, or legal action in severe cases.

Is Real-Debrid worth getting for Daemon?

Real-Debrid unlocks way faster streaming by utilizing premium hosters. While not 100% necessary, it takes your Daemon experience to the next level.

I hope this complete guide has helped explain everything you need to know about safely installing and using the Daemon Kodi build! Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. Happy streaming!


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