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Increase Your Edge - Join Forces with HOB!

Our Technology Partnership program is directed primarily toward independent software and hardware producers.  The common "solution" is generated from the existing products of both enterprises (HOB and the partner), which complement or interface with each other.  The synergies of the resulting solutions contribute to customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to an expansion and strengthening of the common customer base. HOB Marketing, Sales and Support actively support the partners in the cooperative ventures.


Cooperation Goals

Joint marketing activities / Creation of a marketing plan
- Mailings
- Events
- Press releases
- Advertising
- Presentations
- Success stories
- Cooperation at trade shows (HOB software provided,
   partner signage, lead  tracking)
- Publication options

Partnership Benefits

blauer_pfeil.gif (140 Byte)   For further information on becoming an HOB Technology Partner, please contact HOB at:

E-mail: intsales@hobsoft.com
Phone: +49 (0) 911 9666-188


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