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HOBLink JWT — The Advanced RDP Client for F5® BIG-IP Access Policy Manager®

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HOBLink JWT is an advanced RDP Client for F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) deployments. This solution provides all BIG-IP APM users a Remote Desktop Client which enables communication with Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. HOB’s RDP is platform-independent and requires no client-side installation, reducing IT admin efforts and TCO. This is a purely software-based solution allowing you to leverage your existing physical/virtual IT infrastructure without sacrificing security. No confidential/sensitive data remains on the remote device.



Scenario 1: JWT RDP client hosted on an F5 BIG-IP

JWT and f5



Scenario 2: JWT RDP client hosted on a Web server

JWT and F5



JWT Exclusive Features:

Advantages at a Glance

Functions and Way of Operation

HOBLink JWT is an HOB-owned RDP client for accessing Remote Desktop Servers, VDI and desktop systems. It does not matter if you are using Windows-, UNIX-, Linux- or Mac OS applications. Due to the integrated load balancing mechanism all server inquiries are optimally distributed to the available hardware; allowing for perfectly distributed resources. By using this, users can easily and securely access central company resources from any client. The advantage: HOBLink JWT is completely platform-independent on the client side. You can flexibly decide which device is used. The users become more independent and can create an individual working environment according to their needs; significantly enhancing performance. Furthermore, HOBLink JWT requires no installation or administration rights on the client side. This saves time and reduces administration effort. So, even BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becomes child´s play.


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HOBLink JWT for f5 BIG-IP data sheet

Installation and Configuration Guide: HOBLink JWT 3.3 Plug-in for F5 BOG-IP APM



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