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How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon on Firestick & Android Boxes (Jan 2023)

Hey there,

Have you heard about Kodi addons like Covenant but don‘t know where to get started installing and using them? If so, then this guide is for you!

As an experienced Kodi user and blogger, I‘m going to walk you through everything you need to know to get Covenant up and running on your device.

We‘ll cover:

  • What is Covenant Kodi addon and how it works
  • Is Covenant safe and legal to use?
  • Step-by-step guide to install on Firestick & Android
  • Tips to fix any issues with Covenant
  • Alternatives to Covenant
  • Frequently asked questions

By the end, you‘ll be able to install Covenant and start streaming your favorite media with ease.

Let‘s dive right in…

What is the Covenant Kodi Addon?

Covenant is one of the most popular video addons for Kodi. It provides access to a massive catalog of movies and TV shows you can stream for free.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Library with thousands of movies and shows
  • High-quality HD streams
  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Real-Debrid integration for faster streaming
  • Constant updates and maintenance

Covenant is a fork of the old Exodus Kodi addon. It was created in 2017 and has been under active development ever since.

The reason Covenant has become so popular comes down to its reliability, huge media library, and constant improvements. While no free streaming addon is perfect, Covenant checks all the right boxes for many Kodi users.

But how does it actually work?

Covenant is built on Lambda Scrapers which search the web for streaming links to all the movies and shows in the addon‘s catalog. It aggregates results from various online sources and file hosters.

The addon itself does not host any content. It simply displays the links scraped by Lambda as a convenient library for you to browse and play.

The quality of the streams can vary quite a bit. But enabling Real-Debrid unlocks premium high-speed streams from debrid services.

Overall, Covenant provides an exceptional streaming experience and user interface if you take the time to configure it properly.

Next, let‘s talk about whether or not it‘s legal and safe to use.

Is Covenant Kodi Safe and Legal to Use in 2023?

When it comes to third-party Kodi addons like Covenant there are always concerns around malware risks and the legality of the content being streamed.

So let‘s tackle each of these issues:

Is Covenant Safe to Use?

The good news is there are no reports of viruses, malware or privacy breaches related to Covenant.

The developers behind the addon do not appear to have malicious intent based on my own testing and the feedback of countless users over several years.

However, you should still take precautions anytime you install an addon from outside the official Kodi repository. Here are my top tips:

  • Use a VPN – This masks your connection and prevents ISP throttling & monitoring.

  • Scan repos with VirusTotal – I check every URL here before installing unknown addons.

  • Enable ADB debugging – Lets you uninstall problematic addons. Here‘s a guide.

  • Avoid "builds" – Pre-configured Kodi builds often bundle shady addons. Stick to reputable addons installed manually.

Taking these steps allows you to use Covenant with peace of mind that your privacy and security won‘t be compromised.

Millions of Kodi users have Covenant installed with no issues to date. But exercising caution with any third-party app is always wise.

Is Covenant Legal to Use in 2023?

The legality question does not have a simple yes or no answer. There are several factors to consider:

  • Covenant does not have authorization or licensing to distribute most of the movies and shows in its catalog according to DMCA and copyright law.

  • However, Covenant itself does not host any pirated content. It only displays links aggregated from various online sources by Lambda Scrapers.

  • Many of these streaming sources are illegally distributing copyrighted content. Accessing them to watch movies and shows you don‘t own is technically unlawful.

  • But laws vary depending on your country and local authorities rarely pursue individual streamers. Most anti-piracy efforts target large-scale distributors.

  • Using a good VPN provides anonymity and makes it impossible for copyright trolls to obtain your IP address and identify you.

So in summary – accessing copyrighted material with Covenant does carry legal risks. But the chances of facing any penalties as an individual streamer are extremely low, especially if protected by a VPN.

Exercising personal responsibility and using reputable paid services like Netflix for media access is always advisable. But at the end of the day it‘s up to each user to weigh the risks based on their own jurisdiction and comfort level.

Personally, I use Covenant and other top addons but never without a VPN connection to protect my privacy. I encourage taking smart precautions.

Okay, now that we‘ve got the most important stuff covered, let‘s get to installing Covenant!

How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon in 2023

Next I‘ll provide simple step-by-step instructions to install Covenant on any device running Kodi 19 Matrix or Kodi 18 Leia.

This guide will work whether you are using:

  • Firestick
  • Fire TV
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Android box
  • Android phone/tablet
  • Windows PC
  • Mac computer
  • iPad/iPhone
  • And more

Here are the steps:

1. Prepare Kodi for third-party addons

From the main Kodi menu:

  1. Click on the Settings icon.

  2. Select File Manager.

  3. Click on Add Source.

  4. Enter the following source URL:
  1. Enter a name like "KodiBae" and click OK.

  2. Return to the main menu and go to Add-ons.

  3. Select Unknown Sources and Enable it.

2. Install KodiBae Repository

  1. Go back to Add-ons and open the package installer icon.

  2. Click on Install from zip file.

  3. Select "KodiBae Repository".

  4. Choose to install.

3. Install Covenant Addon

  1. Return to Install from repository.

  2. Select the "KodiBae Repo" you just installed.

  3. Go to the Video addons section.

  4. Choose Covenant and click Install.

Once installed, you‘ll find it in the Kodi Add-ons section ready to use!

And that‘s it – you now have Covenant installed. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Next I‘ll provide some tips on configuring it for best performance.

Covenant Kodi Addon – Tips for Getting Started

Here are some recommendations once you have Covenant installed:

  • Authenticate Real-Debrid – This gives you access to premium high-speed streams and more reliable sources. You can purchase a Real-Debrid subscription here.

  • Enable Trakt – Link your Trakt account in Covenant settings to track watched movies and shows across devices.

  • Customize language settings – You can filter streams by language. Useful for selecting subtitles and audio.

  • Enhance scraping – Turn on Provider Timeout and Required Debrid Provider under Lambda Scraper settings.

  • Clear caches – Occasionally clear out the addon cache in Covenant tools to refresh sources.

  • Update regularly – Be sure to keep Covenant updated whenever the developer releases a new version.

And of course…

  • Use a good VPN like IPVanish – This is crucial for privacy, security, and avoiding ISP throttling.

Following these best practices helps ensure you get the most out of Covenant and avoid any playback issues.

For details on each tip, check out my in-depth Covenant setup guide.

Now let‘s go over some troubleshooting steps in case you experience problems.

How to Fix Covenant Kodi Addon Not Working

Covenant is generally very reliable but sometimes things can go wrong resulting in:

  • No streams loading
  • Constant buffering
  • Error messages
  • Outdated or missing content

Here are the top fixes for a non-working Covenant installation:

  • Force close Kodi and clear cache
  • Reauthorize Real-Debrid in Covenant
  • Double check your VPN connection
  • Check for Covenant updates
  • Uninstall and reinstall Covenant
  • Enable ADB debugging and wipe Kodi data
  • Upgrade to a faster VPN server location
  • Refresh Lambda Scrapers in Covenant tools
  • Reboot your device

Following these basic troubleshooting tips will solve most issues with Covenant not loading streams or sources.

For complete details, I‘ve put together this guide on how to fix Covenant not working.

If you try these steps but still can‘t get Covenant working properly, it may be time to look at alternatives.

Best Covenant Alternatives and Replacements

No single Kodi addon works flawlessly at all times. Server outages and ISP blocking can occasionally interfere with Covenant.

Here are the top video addons I recommend as alternatives:

The Crew – Extremely reliable with tons of high-quality streams. Great Covenant replacement.

Scrubs v2 – Lightning fast scrapers and unique "OpenInfo" metadata.

Umbrella – All-in-one addon with impressive 4K streams.

NuMb3r5 – Solid Exodus fork with unique catalog organization.

Venom – Stylish newcomer with Trakt/Debrid integration.

For more suggestions, check out my list of best video addons for Kodi. All provide a similar experience to Covenant.

Having 2-3 addons installed ensures you always have a backup option. Competition drives innovation!

Okay, next I‘ll answer some frequently asked questions about Covenant.

Covenant Kodi Addon FAQs and Info

Here are answers to the most common questions I see about using Covenant Kodi:

Does Covenant have a repository?

Yes, you install Covenant from the KodiBae repository in this guide. Repos host multiple addons.

Is there a mobile version of Covenant?

There‘s no official mobile fork, but the regular Covenant addon works fine in Kodi mobile apps.

Why does Covenant say No Streams Available?

This is usually caused by a disabled or misconfigured Real-Debrid account. Check your account and re-authorize in Covenant.

Is Covenant safe for Amazon Firestick?

Yes, I use Covenant safely on my Firestick 4K. Just be sure to use a VPN for privacy.

Does Covenant have 4K or UHD streams?

You‘ll find some 4K links but an addon like The Crew or Umbrella has more high-quality 4K sources.

Is Covenant better than Exodus?

Most view Covenant as the successor to Exodus. It copies the best features and fixes the problems from Exodus.

How does Covenant get its streams?

It uses Lambda Scrapers to search the web and aggregate links from file hosters and streaming sites.

Do you need Real-Debrid for Covenant?

Real-Debrid is strongly recommended but not required. Without it you‘ll get more buffering and lower quality streams.

Is Covenant legal to use?

It‘s legal but the content you stream may violate copyright. Use a VPN and educate yourself on the risks.

And there you have it – the most important facts about the Covenant addon covered.

Final Thoughts

That sums up this Covenant installation guide!

You now know:

  • How to safely install on Firestick, Android, and more
  • The best configuration tips
  • How to troubleshoot issues
  • Some great alternative Kodi addons

Covenant provides an amazing streaming experience when set up correctly. I hope this guide helps you get up and running without any headaches.

But above all…protect yourself.

Never stream without connecting a VPN first. I recommend IPVanish for fast speeds and access to the best server locations. It also prevents your ISP from throttling your connection which can disrupt Kodi streaming.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

Enjoy Covenant and have fun with Kodi. But be smart and stay safe.

Talk soon,



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