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How to Easily Install Court TV Live on Kodi 19 Matrix

Court TV offers nonstop coverage of high-profile trials, true crime documentaries, and hard-hitting investigation shows. Thanks to the official Court TV Live addon, Kodi users can now stream this popular channel on any device completely free.

In this updated guide, I‘ll provide step-by-step instructions to install Court TV Live on Kodi 19 Matrix. Whether you use a Firestick, Android TV box, Raspberry Pi, or even an iPhone, you can be streaming Court TV in just minutes using this easy method.

Why Kodi Users Love the Court TV Live Addon

Before we dive in, let‘s look at some key reasons the Court TV Live addon has become a must-have for Kodi fans:

  • Live gavel-to-gavel trial coverage – No other addon offers live Court TV feeds directly from the courtroom. Kodi essentially gives you a front row seat!

  • Huge on-demand library – Get every full episode from Court TV series like Cold Justice, Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, and more.

  • Completely free access – No login, fees, or subscriptions needed since Court TV is free over-the-air.

  • Works on any device – Installing the addon takes just minutes whether you use Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, iPhone, etc.

Court TV has seen huge growth since relaunching in 2019, averaging over 250,000 viewers in 2021. And the Court TV Live addon makes their content available to stream commercial-free whenever you want.

Now let‘s go through the quick process of getting Court TV on your Kodi setup.

Step-by-Step Court TV Installation Walkthrough

Before installing any addons, make sure you have the latest Kodi 19 Matrix and the Unknown Sources option enabled in Settings.

Here‘s how to install Court TV Live:

1. Open the Kodi Add-On Browser

From the main Kodi menu, click Add-ons on the left vertical menu bar:

Access addons in Kodi menu

Then select the open box icon to open the Add-on browser:

Kodi Add-on Browser icon

This opens the menu where you can install new addons.

2. Install the Vermillion Repository

In the text box at the top, enter the following URL for the Vermillion Repository:

Then click OK. This will install the Vermillion Repo on your Kodi system:

Install Vermillion Repo

Wait for the "Vermillion Repository Installed" confirmation.

3. Launch the Vermillion Repository

Go back to the main Add-ons menu. This time, choose "Install from repository" rather than the file manager icon you used before.

Install from repository

Find the Vermillion Repository in the list and open it up.

4. Navigate to the Court TV Live Addon

In the Vermillion Repo menu, select Video add-ons. You should see Court TV Live in this section:

Court TV Live addon

Select the Court TV Live addon and click Install in the pop-up box.

5. Launch the Addon from the Kodi Home Screen

Once installed, you‘ll get a message that Court TV Live was successfully added. Now you can access it through the Add-ons menu.

For easier access, I recommend adding it to your Kodi home screen. Pull up the menu for Court TV Live, choose Add to favorites, and place it on your home page.

Court TV Live Kodi home screen

The entire installation process takes less than 5 minutes. Now enjoy unlimited Court TV streams!

Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Common Court TV Installation Errors

Sometimes the Court TV Live addon won‘t install correctly on the first try. Here are some common errors and how to get the addon working properly:

Error- Vermillion Repository Failed to Install

This usually occurs because of a typo in the repository URL. Double check that you entered exactly right with no spaces.

Error – Dependency Not Met

If you get a message about unfinished dependencies, try restarting Kodi and starting over from Step 1. Also make sure you have Unknown Sources enabled.

Add-on Doesn‘t Open or Streams Don‘t Load

It can help to restart Kodi again after installing an addon. If streams still won‘t play, re-install the Vermillion repository and Court TV Live addon from scratch.

Can‘t Find Court TV Live in Repository

The Vermillion repo may have updated and moved the addon. Uninstall the repo and re-add it using the URL above to refresh the content.

Hopefully covering these common installation problems will help you avoid any hiccups adding Court TV Live to Kodi!

Key Features of the Court TV Live Addon

Now that you have Court TV installed, let‘s look at all the great features this addon offers Kodi users:

  • Live Courtroom Streams – Tune into live feeds directly from major trials including analysis and interviews. Court proceedings stream 24/7 with no interruptions.

  • On-Demand Episodes – Watch full episodes and segments from Court TV originals encompassing over 300 hours of true crime and investigation shows.

Court TV shows

  • Free Access – No registration, login info, or fees required. All content is available free just as it would be on cable.

  • Continuously Updated – New live trial coverage and episodes added all the time. Addon is always current.

  • Commercial-Free – Watch all content interruption-free. Perfect for binge-watching.

  • Multiple Devices Supported – Works flawlessly whether you use Firestick, Android, Roku, computer, etc.

The Court TV Live addon really shines for its live courtroom feeds you can‘t find anywhere else. And the full episode archives make it easy to catch up on originals.

Why Kodi Is the Best Option for Watching Court TV

Cord-cutting has been on a rapid rise with over 50 million cable subscribers canceling since 2010. Kodi now offers the ideal way to replace cable and access specialty channels like Court TV through free addons.

Here are some major benefits of watching Court TV through Kodi compared to alternatives:

  • No contract or equipment fees – Just a one-time cost for a streaming device like Firestick.

  • No channel packages to add – Get Court TV alone without paying for 200 other channels.

  • Access all content on-demand – View live and previous episodes vs. limited DVR space on cable.

  • Avoid interruptions – Court TV streams have no commercials unlike SlingTV with repetitive ads.

  • Free unlimited use – No cable box rentals or pay-per-view charges.

  • Enhanced features – Kodi‘s bufferring-free streams and consistent quality outperform cable.

Kodi provides cable and satellite-like access to great specialty programming through addons, but at a fraction of the price. Court TV can be up and running in minutes without any subscription fees.

Kodi streaming stats

Streaming and Kodi use has skyrocketed as cord-cutting accelerates [Source: The Streamable]

Now that you know how quick and easy it is to add Court TV on Kodi, you‘ll never want to miss out on must-see courtroom moments and true crime series again!

I hope these detailed instructions help you install Court TV Live smoothly. And remember to use this addon for legal personal streaming only. Have fun!


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