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How to Watch CNN Plus on Firestick and Fire TV

CNN, the world‘s leading news provider, recently entered the streaming wars with the launch of CNN+. If you own a Firestick or Fire TV device, you may be wondering how you can get access to CNN‘s new on-demand content service.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know to watch CNN+ on your Firestick or Fire TV, including:

  • What exactly is CNN+?
  • Is CNN+ worth it for cord cutters?
  • How much does CNN+ cost?
  • What content is on CNN+?
  • How to install the CNN app and sign up for CNN+
  • Tips for watching CNN+ on Firestick
  • And much more…

Let‘s get started!

What is CNN+?

CNN+ is the new streaming service from Cable News Network that offers live and on-demand programming that extends beyond their traditional cable TV channel.

Some key things to know about CNN+:

  • CNN+ launched on March 29, 2022
  • Priced at $5.99/month or $59.99/year
  • 7-day free trial available
  • No access to live CNN TV channel
  • Focus on exclusive on-demand shows & films
  • Original series featuring CNN talent
  • Available on Fire TV, Apple TV, Web, iOS, Android
  • Not on Roku (yet)

So while CNN+ doesn‘t provide access to the live 24/7 CNN TV channel, it does offer a sizable on-demand library of exclusive shows and content.

CNN invested heavily in CNN+, hiring over 450 employees and spending hundreds of millions on development over the past year. The streaming service was envisioned as a way for CNN to reduce reliance on the cable TV ecosystem and build direct relationships with news consumers.

According to CNN executives, the goal is for CNN+ to attain 2 million subscribers in the first year and 15-18 million over four years, which could make it a $1 billion a year business.

However, stiff competition exists from other subscription streaming news services like Fox News Plus, as well as broader services like Netflix which offer documentary news programming.

CNN will have to provide compelling content and viewing experience to attract subscribers in this crowded over-the-top streaming landscape. Let‘s take a look at exactly what CNN+ offers:

CNN+ Content & Programming

Unlike barebones streaming cable news platforms, CNN is producing exclusive new shows for CNN+ featuring network talent:

  • Anderson Cooper – Interview show with big-name guests
  • Chris Wallace – New interview series after leaving Fox
  • Eva Longoria – Travel/food show "Searching for Mexico"
  • Stanley Tucci – New episodes of "Searching for Italy"
  • Scott Galloway – Interviews top business minds
  • Rex Chapman – Feel good show "The Color of Care"

Along with original shows, CNN+ offers subscribers access to thousands of hours of archived CNN TV series, special reports, and HLN true crime documentaries like "Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders."

CNN+ doesn‘t provide access to live news coverage from the cable channel. But it offers a robust library of exclusive on-demand programming you won‘t find anywhere else. This could appeal to cord cutters seeking to replace lost cable news content.

CNN+ vs. Fox Nation Streaming Comparison

The Fox News parent company was the first to launch a standalone subscription news streaming service in 2018 with Fox Nation. How does CNN+ compare to this established competitor?

CNN+ vs Fox Nation table

Both are priced the same at $5.99/month. The major difference is that Fox Nation includes live streaming access to Fox News Channel, while CNN+ remains on-demand only.

Fox Nation has already built an audience over 3 years, while CNN+ is just getting started in 2022. But CNN+ is investing heavily in exclusive shows, while Fox Nation relies more on repurposed content.

Time will tell if CNN+ can successfully play catch up. But CNN‘s global brand recognition gives them a strong starting position to build a streaming news audience.

Next, let‘s go through how to get signed up for CNN+ on your Firestick.

CNN+ Supported Devices

At launch, you can stream CNN+ on the following devices:

  • Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube
  • Apple TV HD & Apple TV 4K
  • iPhone & iPad via CNN iOS app
  • Android phones & tablets via CNN Android app
  • Web:

Unfortunately, two major streaming platforms are not yet supported:

  • Roku – No access currently
  • Chromecast – Can‘t cast streams from mobile apps

Roku and CNN are still negotiating a distribution agreement. Until they reach a deal, Roku owners are out of luck.

Luckily, Fire TV owners can install the CNN app and sign up for CNN+ easily right now.

How to Get CNN+ on Firestick & Fire TV

Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing the CNN app and activating your CNN+ membership on Firestick/Fire TV devices:

Install CNN App on Firestick

From your Firestick or Fire TV home screen:

  1. Select the Search option
  2. Type in "CNN"
  3. Choose the CNN app from the list
  4. Click Download/Get

This will install the CNN app on your home screen.

Install CNN app

Once installed, you‘ll see a "CNN Ready to Launch" message. Go ahead and open the app.

Sign Up for CNN+

Inside the CNN app:

  1. Click on the Settings icon (cog wheel shape)
  2. Choose Log In
  3. Select Start Free Trial
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Input payment details
  6. Click Start Free Trial

Sign up for CNN+

After signing up through the app, check your email inbox for a verification link from CNN. Click to verify your email address.

Once verified, your 7-day free trial of CNN+ will be active.

Watch CNN+ Shows

With your membership set up, you can now watch CNN+ originals and exclusives:

  • Browse the CNN+ and HLN+ tabs
  • Check the homepage rows marked CNN+ and HLN+
  • Search for specific CNN+ shows

Some great shows to start with:

  • Anderson Cooper‘s new interview show
  • The Chris Wallace Interview
  • Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Enjoy unlimited streaming access to all CNN+ has to offer!

Tips for Streaming CNN+ on Fire TV

To ensure the best CNN+ streaming experience on Firestick and Fire TV, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use wired ethernet instead of WiFi if possible for faster speeds.
  • Install a VPN for Firestick to get around geo-restrictions.
  • Check for updates to the CNN app under Settings > Applications.
  • Close unused apps to free up device memory and processing power.
  • Disable auto-play and enable HD streaming in CNN app settings.

Optimizing your Firestick and internet connection will let you stream CNN+ smoothly and take full advantage of the on-demand news content.

Is CNN+ Worth It for Cord Cutters?

For cable TV subscribers, CNN+ doesn‘t provide much extra value beyond what you already get from the cable news channel.

But cord cutters are losing access to networks like CNN when ditching cable. For these streaming-only folks, CNN+ fills a news gap at an affordable $5.99 monthly price.

While it lacks a live newscast stream, the deep CNN+ on-demand catalog provides great documentary and educational programming. The service produces some compelling originals, like Chris Wallace‘s new show.

CNN+ may not pull subscribers away from entertainment services like Netflix or Hulu. But news junkies, especially older viewers used to cable TV, may find CNN+ a worthy inexpensive add-on.

Competitors like Fox Nation do offer live news. But CNN+ focuses more on depth with its exclusive talk shows, investigative documentaries, and historical content. That could differentiate CNN+ and appeal to a different audience than Fox.

We think CNN+ is definitely worth a free trial for any cord cutters missing their cable news fix. See if the on-demand catalog satisfies your news appetite.

Just use the steps above to install the CNN app and activate your 7-day free trial on Firestick or Fire TV.

The Future of Streaming News

CNN+ represents the evolution of TV news into the streaming era. While cable still dominates distribution today, more and more viewers are shifting to streaming-only.

This poses an existential threat for TV news networks used to billions in guaranteed carriage fees from cable companies. Streaming gives consumers choice – so networks need to provide direct value.

Hence CNN and Fox News launching standalone streaming options. They realize future growth depends on building direct relationships with viewers.

We expect to see other networks roll out streaming news services focused on exclusive content. Streaming will become vital to maintaining relevance, especially for younger demographics unlikely to ever subscribe to cable.

The walls around cable bundles are collapsing. Streaming news providers can sidestep cable and deliver content directly to viewers.

For you as a consumer, this competition means more choice, lower prices, and higher quality. It‘s a new golden age of news driven by streaming technology.

So be sure to take advantage of free trials from services like CNN+ and Fox Nation. With more options than ever, you can customize your own personal news bundle for less.

Watch CNN+ on Firestick Today

We hope this guide gave you all the information needed to watch CNN+ on your Firestick or Fire TV.

The streaming news service provides a wealth of exclusive shows, investigative documentaries, and historical content. While it lacks a live feed, CNN+ gives cord cutters a way to access CNN programming without cable.

Take advantage of the free 7-day trial to experience CNN+ for yourself. With the app installed, you can be streaming top-tier news content in just minutes on your Fire TV device.

The future of news is streaming. And CNN+ puts you at the forefront of this digital revolution in journalism. Enjoy!


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