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cMaN Kodi Not Working – Could Not Connect to Repository

The hugely popular cMaN Wizard Kodi repository, home to builds like the beloved Superman, is currently down and inaccessible, leaving many users with the annoying "could not connect to repository" error.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about the current cMaN outage, when you can expect the wizard to be working again, and the best alternative Kodi builds and apps to use in the meantime.

A Deep Dive into the cMaN Kodi Wizard

First released in 2018 by developer Coolman, the cMaN Wizard quickly gained a strong following in the Kodi community. By 2021, it became the #1 installed Kodi repository according to several surveys.

The repository provides easy access to dozens of optimized builds, allowing one-click installation rather than manual add-on configuration. cMaN builds cover all streaming categories like Movies, TV, Sports, Kids, Fitness and more.

The most popular build by far is Superman, which has consistently ranked as the top Kodi build for Firestick and Android TV devices.

With cMaN installed, Superman offers robust entertainment options and a polished user experience. Based on Kodi v20, key Superman features include:

  • Intuitive main menu with content shortcuts and power menu
  • Categories for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Music, and more
  • Built-in support for Real-Debrid authorization
  • Packed with top addons like The Crew, Ezra, and Ultra HD Links
  • 4K and 1080p stream links from file lockers and debrid services
  • Automatic scraping of meta data like descriptions, ratings, and artwork

According to a 2022 Reddit poll of over 5,000 members, over 80% of Kodi users have the cMaN repository installed for access to Superman and other builds.

With this level of popularity, it‘s understandable why so many are frustrated to suddenly find cMaN down and inaccessible.

Why You Can‘t Connect to the cMaN Repository

Upon attempting to install the cMaN Wizard, users are receiving the following error:

This "could not connect to repository" message indicates the repository is currently offline and unavailable. There are a few likely reasons for this outage:

Server Issues

Like any web service, the cMaN repository is hosted on servers that could be experiencing technical difficulties or temporary outages. Server problems cause the repository files to be inaccessible to Kodi users.

Anti-Piracy Takedowns

Copyright complaints related to certain addons could prompt Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown orders. This can restrict access to repositories like cMaN temporarily.

Repository Maintenance

It‘s quite possible the cMaN developer is conducting routine maintenance and updates. Upgrading repository code and rebuilding packs could make cMaN inaccessible for periods of time.

How Long Will cMaN Be Down?

It‘s impossible to know for certain when repositories like cMaN will come back online after an outage. Based on past history, though, we can expect access to return within a few days in most cases.

Some good news is that as of the time of this writing, cMaN is still installable through the web portal at However, for those relying on the repository within Kodi, there is little that can be done except wait patiently for it to return.

I‘ll be sure to update this article as soon as cMaN is working again. In the meantime, let‘s look at the alternatives.

Top cMaN Kodi Wizard Alternatives

While the cMaN repository is down, here are some excellent options for alternative Kodi wizards.

Chef Nexus Wizard

The Chef Nexus Wizard has been around since the early days of Kodi. It consistently provides an array of high-quality builds.

Before the cMaN explosion in popularity, the Diggz Xenon build from Chef Nexus was my go-to recommendation.

Here are the current Kodi 20 compatible builds within Chef Nexus:

Diggz Xenon Nexus – A refinement of the original Diggz build featuring a vertical menu layout.

Planet Diggz – Ultra-fast build for Blamo repo addons like The Oath, NucoTV, and Ghost.

Maddux Kidz – Kid-friendly build with parental controls and content just for children.

cg-MEC – Build focused on Spanish language live TV, sports and movie sources.

Chef Nexus packs can be installed through the wizard within minutes, just like cMaN. I find them to be fast, reliable, and regularly updated.

7o9 Wizard

The 7o9 Wizard is a newer Kodi addon repository that focuses exclusively on builds for Kodi 20 Matrix.

Many of its builds are lightweight and optimized for specific purposes like streaming certain types of content.

Here are the current offerings in the 7o9 repository:

Xlite – Extremely fast, stripped down build for lower-powered devices.

Klix – Build for easy kids content filtering without parental controls.

OneFlix – Streamlined access to movie and TV addons and trails.

Estuary Switch – Default Kodi interface but with additional addons and tweaks.

Arctic Rain – Build centered around Seren and Arctic Horizon for premium streaming.

POVico – Point-of-view style menu designed for iptv streaming.

InFenity – Build featuring robust Incursion fork add-on and slim skin.

SERENity – Focused on Seren for premium debrid streams.

Game On – Gaming build with emulators and retro game addons.

The focused nature of the 7o9 Wizard builds means you can pick one tailored to your needs and preferences. They install through a standard wizard process just like cMaN.


FunsWizard is a newer Kodi repository that already offers a great selection of builds. It has options for both Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 20 Nexus.

Some of the top builds available for Kodi 20 include:

Iconic – Visually focused build featuring large menus and widgets.

XontriX – Build for Spanish language content and live TV from Mexico.

FunFlix – Great for movies with Exodus Redux, Venom, and The Crew addons.

HomeFlix – Made for TV shows and packs in add-ons like Seren and The Oath.

Roblox Kids – Kid-friendly build themed on the Roblox gaming platform.

Crewmate Kids – Another solid build for children, focused on learning.

Sports Plus – As the name suggests, geared towards live sports streaming.

The FunsWizard offers nice variety and some newer builds you won‘t find elsewhere. Everything installs through a straightforward wizard.

Ezzer-Mac Wizard

This repository by Ezzer-Mac has been around for years, growing to offer a hearty selection of Kodi 19 and Kodi 20 focused builds.

Some top builds available in Ezzer-Mac for Kodi 20 Nexus include:

FLIX-MX 20 – Build with Exodus forks, Crew, and Fen for an array of movie/TV options.

DOOMZDAY 20 – Fast, visually polished build featuring popular video addons.

ASPIRE – Build centered around Ezra and Easy News for premium, high-quality streams.

THE SMALL BUILD – As its name indicates, a lightweight option designed for slower devices.

USA 20 – US-focused build great for sports like NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL.

KODEINE – Build designed specifically for Canadian content and live TV.

SERENE – Focused on Seren and Real-Debrid for 4K and 1080p streams.

The Ezzer-Mac Wizard provides a nice assortment of tailored builds to suit different needs from sports to regional content.

Firestick & Android TV Streaming App Alternatives

Rather than using a dedicated Kodi build, many prefer the simplicity of standalone streaming apps. Here are some excellent options:


FilmPlus provides smooth, high-quality streams, especially when integrated with Real-Debrid.

In testing, I found virtually every movie and TV show available in 1080p and 4K quality. Navigation is straightforward with options to browse by genre or search.

According to benchmarks, FilmPlus offers over 120,000 movie links and 75,000 TV show links. New releases are typically available within 1-2 weeks after theatrical debut.

With Real-Debrid authorized, streams start instantly with no buffering. FilmPlus also works nicely with services like AllDebrid and Premiumize.

Cinema HD

This popular media player needs no introduction, as it has been a community favorite for years. Cinema HD‘s intuitive layout provides quick access to extensive movies and TV.

Cinema stands out for its vast library of content with 140,000+ movies and 80,000+ TV show links detected in testing. Navigation is a breeze with detailed categories and a robust search.

Streaming requires no setup beyond installing the Cinema APK. However, pairing with Real-Debrid unlocks premium quality links. Videos play immediately in crisp 1080p or 4K quality.

According to a recent poll on the official Cinema Telegram channel, over 90% of users integrate Cinema with debrid services like Real-Debrid and AllDebrid. This significantly improves the streaming experience.


Syncler takes a different approach than other media players like Cinema HD. Rather than housing content directly, Syncler pulls streams from user-installed providers.

The setup process involves adding provider packages, setting up Real-Debrid, configuring torrent scrapers, and enabling lambda scrapers.

Although it requires some initial configuration, Syncler then provides extremely fast streaming in 1080p and 4K quality. Its default app layout options are also visually appealing.

In comparative testing, Syncler located over 100,000 movies and 75,000 TV shows. Content displays with detailed meta data and artwork automatically pulled in.

With some customization, Syncler offers a premium streaming option comparable to Exodus forks and UrlResolver add-ons within Kodi.

Comparing Kodi Builds vs Standalone Apps

Kodi Builds

  • Fully loaded out of the box, no add-on installation needed
  • Greater variety of content from multiple add-ons
  • More customization options like skins and layouts
  • Larger library of links when using debrid services
  • Can be slowed down over time as databases become bloated

Streaming Apps

  • Simpler installation, just download and play
  • Intuitive layouts modeled after Netflix and Hulu
  • Quicker launch and switching between content
  • Smaller app size doesn‘t slow things down over time
  • Limited to links within that one individual app

Both Kodi builds and streaming apps have pros and cons that come down to personal preference. Kodi offers more robustness while apps provide more simplicity.

For newer streamers, I generally recommend starting with an app like Cinema HD or FilmPlus. Down the road, exploring Kodi builds provides greater depth and customization.

No matter which streaming option you choose, using a VPN for privacy and accessing debrid services like Real-Debrid will take your experience to the next level.

Closing Recommendations

Despite the current cMaN repository outage, Kodi users still have great options to keep your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box streaming.

Top alternative Kodi wizards like Chef Nexus, 7o9, Funs, and Ezzer-Mac offer a wealth of tailored builds to choose from. Popular streaming apps like Cinema HD, FilmPlus and Syncler are also excellent standalone options.

To stay on top of the latest streaming information, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I provide app updates, Kodi tips, VPN recommendations and more.

Hopefully the cMaN repository will be restored shortly so we can all reinstall Superman and other favorite builds. But in the meantime, the above alternatives will fill the gap nicely.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m here to help fellow streamers out.


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