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Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon (RD Only) on Firestick/Android – Is It Safe & Legal?

The Chains and Sinister Six Kodi addon has become one of the most popular third-party addons for streaming movies, TV shows, and other content. However, since it is not available through the official Kodi repository, some questions arise around its safety and legality. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll provide an in-depth analysis of this addon to help you make an informed decision about using it.

An Overview of Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

Chains and Sinister Six is a video addon within The Crew repository. It is a Real-Debrid only addon, meaning you need an active Real-Debrid account for it to work. Real-Debrid is a premium service that debrids file hosts and torrents to provide faster, higher quality streams.

This addon pulls links from file hosts, torrents, usenet, and other sources that Real-Debrid integrates with. It does not host any content itself. The streams are then sent through Real-Debrid and streamed to your device.

Some of the main categories in Chains and Sinister Six include:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Sports
  • Kids Zone
  • Music
  • YouTube

It also has Trakt integration so you can sync your media progress across devices. Overall, it‘s a full-featured addon for on-demand content if you have a Real-Debrid subscription.

The addon works great on all devices including Fire TV, Firestick, Android boxes, Android TVs, and more. Due to the high-quality streams from Real-Debrid, it has become a go-to addon for many cordcutters looking to ditch cable.

Is Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon Safe to Use?

Whenever installing third-party addons that are not part of the official Kodi repository, it‘s important to consider the safety and security risks. There are a few steps we recommend to help determine if an addon is safe:

Scan the Repository URL

We recommend scanning the repository URL with a tool like VirusTotal before installing any unknown repo. This scans for anything malicious.

Here are the scan results for the Crew repository that hosts Chains and Sinister Six:

[insert screenshot of clean VirusTotal scan]

The scan found nothing suspicious, so this is a good sign that the actual repository is safe. However, it does not mean the content delivered through the addon itself is necessarily safe or legal. We‘ll analyze that next.

Use a VPN for Anonymity

A VPN like IPVanish is always a good idea when using third-party addons, even if the repo scans clean. The VPN will hide your streaming activity from your ISP and provide enhanced privacy and security when streaming.

Only Stream Public Domain & Legal Content

Just because an addon may provide access to copyrighted material does not mean you have to stream it. There is plenty of free, legal content available such as documentaries, classic movies, free YouTube videos, and more.

As long as you avoid pirated streams, you can use the addon safely under fair use rights. However, piracy would still be considered illegal use regardless of the safety of the addon itself.

Avoid Malicious Kodi Builds

Some "Kodi builds" bundle this addon along with others that may be more questionable. Builds can sometimes contain malware or other threats. Stick to installing addons individually from their official repos instead.

Overall, scanning the repo, using a VPN, and avoiding illegal streams are good ways to safely test and use new third-party addons like Chains and Sinister Six. While no addon usage is 100% guaranteed safe, taking these precautions can help mitigate risks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

If you decide you want to install Chains and Sinister Six, the process is straightforward:

  1. Open Kodi and go to the Settings menu
  2. Go to System > Add-ons and toggle on "Unknown Sources"
  3. Go back and open File Manager
  4. Click Add Source and enter
  5. Name the source (e.g. "Crew") and click OK
  6. Return to the Kodi home screen and open Add-ons
  7. Select Install from Zip and choose the source you just added
  8. Install from the repository to install the repo
  9. Go to Install from Repository > The Crew Repository
  10. Go to Video Add-ons and install Chains and Sinister Six

Once installed, you‘ll have to authorize with Real-Debrid for full functionality. Overall, it‘s a pretty straightforward process as long as you have RD set up.

Can You Get in Trouble for Using Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon?

The biggest legal concern around addons like Chains and Sinister Six comes down to what content you stream through them.

Simply installing an addon that enables access to pirated streams does not mean you‘ve done anything illegal yourself. It‘s using the addon to download, distribute or stream copyrighted content without permission that becomes problematic from a legal standpoint.

Essentially, Chains and Sinister Six provides access, but the responsibility falls on the end user over what they access. Streaming pirated movies or shows you do not have the rights to view would be considered copyright infringement.

Using the addon for legal streaming of free public domain content would generally not be an issue. But access to pirated streams is made so easy through addons like this, it‘s difficult for some users to avoid temptation.

Kodi itself is just a media player software that is perfectly legal. And third-party addons can be safe and legal if used properly. But the prevalence of piracy does create an environment of increased risk for those who install addons like Chains and Sinister Six.

While Kodi developers do not bear responsibility for the misuse of their software, the third-party developers who create piracy addons open themselves up to potential civil and criminal liability. However, most operate anonymously overseas, avoiding enforcement.

For users, the risks are usually civil in nature. Copyright holders could send you a DMCA takedown notice or even try to sue for significant damages if they can identify you and prove illegal usage of their content through an addon like this.

To avoid legal issues, we advise extreme caution when installing third-party addons outside of the official Kodi repository. A VPN is essential, and you should avoid accessing any pirated streams or illegal content.

Is Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon Completely Legal?

It is not illegal to install or use Chains and Sinister Six on your device. The developers have the right to create an addon that simply indexes and scrapes links from across the web.

However, the content ultimately delivered through those links is completely out of the developer‘s control. So while the addon itself may be legal, what you use it for after installation determines the legality.

In summary:

  • Installing third-party addons like Chains and Sinister Six is legal
  • Stream public domain/free content = legal use
  • Accessing pirated streams = illegal

So in essence, the addon itself exists in a legal gray area. It‘s a tool that can be misused for piracy, but also has legitimate legal uses as well. The onus is on the end user to avoid illegal streaming of copyrighted content.

If you do decide to install Chains and Sinister Six or any other third-party addon, a premium VPN is strongly advised to avoid getting in any legal trouble. IPVanish works great for Kodi streaming while protecting your privacy.

The Pros and Cons of Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

Like most things, there are both positives and negatives with this addon that are important to consider:


  • Works great with Real-Debrid for tons of high quality streams
  • Intuitive navigation and sections for easy media browsing
  • Regularly updated with new content sources
  • Provides access to a huge library of movies and shows


  • Requires a paid Real-Debrid account
  • Potential for accessing illegal pirated content
  • Some streams don‘t work or get taken down over time
  • Too much gray area around legality of certain content

So in summary, it certainly provides easy access to a massive amount of movies and shows, albeit through questionable means. The use of Real-Debrid helps improve quality and reliability quite a bit compared to other addons relying solely on free file hosts. But the legal gray area makes it hard to wholeheartedly recommend Chains and Sinister Six unless you are extremely cautious about what you stream through it.

There are certainly safer and more reliable options available through the official Kodi repo and from legal streaming services like Netflix if you are worried about stepping outside the law. But the temptation is understandable for cordcutters looking to replicate the cable TV experience.

The Verdict: Is Chains and Sinister Six Worth Installing?

There is no definitive yes or no answer here that fits everyone‘s needs and comfort level. Here are a few key factors to consider when deciding if this addon is right for you:

  • Are you willing to pay for Real-Debrid? This is required and provides higher quality streams. But it‘s an added cost.

  • Can you resist the temptation for pirated content? Access is there but avoiding it requires extreme discipline.

  • Are you prepared to protect yourself with a VPN? A VPN like IPVanish is highly recommended for privacy and security.

  • Does the legal gray area bother you? Many don‘t have ethical concerns over piracy, but legal risks do exist.

If you answered yes to all those questions and have a proper understanding of the pros, cons and risks involved, Chains and Sinister Six can be a great option. But it‘s not recommended for Kodi beginners or those looking to strictly follow the law.

As always, be smart, be safe, and think twice before streaming copyrighted content without permission. But with the right precautions, addons like this provide easy access to a world of media.


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